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Death of the Endless to appear in DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #2

This may not be good for the Boys.

Way back when we first saw the Dead Boy Detectives in SANDMAN, Death was there to take them to the next part of their journey. When Charles refused, she said she'd be back. When we interviewed Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham, we asked about Death coming back. Buckingham replied,

We won't say anything more than the fact that yes, the potential that Death may be good to her word and one day come back to get them still hangs over them. It may or may not be relevant at some point in the future. Certainly that fear of her return is going to be something that will definitely be very much dealt with in the next few issues alongside all the other adventures they're having. I'm not going to give away anything as to whether or not we will be seeing her reappearing soon.

Now it appears she's turning up sooner than we thought. This week, DEAD BOY DETECTIVES #2 is on sale.

What will this mean for Charles and the Dead Boy Detectives? We'll have to pick up the issue this Wednesday, January 29, to find out.

Source: Vertigo

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I love Death.... er

Edited by Mucklefluga

Already? Okay.

Posted by fables87

DEATH! One of my HUGE favorites.

Edited by G_Money_Christmas

I wonder if Morpheus will be in it. I know he wasn't in their particular story but I'd love to see some Dream more than once every 3 months. I hope Death is a recurring character. I always liked her, just a laid-back girl in her twenties who happens to escort the dead away from the land of the living.

This preview doesn't really give us much more information than she is going to be in Charles' memory. That's a recap, we won't know until we read it.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I'm looking forward to 2nd issue

Posted by Transformers1024

Is this a spinoff series of The Sandman??

Posted by The Poet

oh cool

Posted by G_Money_Christmas
Posted by Transformers1024 it looks like I HAVE to put this on my pull list now since I love The Sandman.

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Posted by JonSmith

Can we get a Death ongoing? Pretty please?

Posted by Al_capOWN

is she sandman's sister?

Edited by dreamfall31

Hm...was already interested in picking this series I will definately!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by PATTX

wait a second this is something I can't figure out The Sandman is supposed to be part of the DCU so why is it published by Vertigo ( now it's only used for creator-owned series) after the New 52...I know The Sandman and other DC series rarely refer to each other but it was still in the same universe and is now separate?

Posted by SmoothJammin

Death of the Endless! I love her.

Posted by Buffalo

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