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Death of Archie Variant Covers

See how the gang from Riverdale reacts to Archie's death.

Earlier today we reported the upcoming death of Archie. I told my daughter the news and she said, "That's a horrible idea. He's just a teenager." The good news is it's happening in the future stories in the LIFE WITH ARCHIE series. What that means is we'll get some compelling stories seeing how his loved ones deal with the news. Death is never easy in real life. With the way Archie Comics has been handling real life issues from time to time, you know they're going to tell a great story here.

Archie Comics has sent over the variants covers for the story. Check them all out.

Adam Hughes
Fiona Staples
Francesco Francavilla
Mike Allred
Ramon Perez
Alex Ross
Cliff Chiang
Jill Thompson
Tommy Lee Edwards
Walt Simonson
Graphic novel cover

Posted by fables87

Great collection of artist!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

It's pretty cool that they've started to tell more mature Archie stories now

Posted by SmashBrawler

That Alex Ross cover is f**king scary.

Posted by gmanfromheck

@jonny_anonymous: Exactly. People often dismiss Archie comics but there's more to them than they realize. Especially if they're not reading.

Edited by Nahuel

The Fiona Staples and Jill Thompson's ones are really emotional. But overall, really great job in most of the covers, I feel like crying.

And Adam Hughes really takes his tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@g_man: Yea Zack from the Big Bang Theory was right all along.

Posted by judasnixon

Mat Elfring murdered Archie over a turkey sandwich..... He's a monster.

Edited by Spideyfan3160

@G_Man are you guys reviewing iron fist and nightcrawler today?

Posted by Moonie

I always thought that Alex Ross attempting to make something like Archie in his realistic style would be life-scarringly terrifying. And I was half-right.

Posted by Darkmount1
Posted by kalorama

Great collection of art from some unexpected sources.

The Simonson and Edwards are especially good. That Alex Ross cover is a bit disturbing.

Posted by InkInk

Nice covers for such a moronic idea that is sure to have ever comic solicitor that not so slowly murders this industry fly from the wood works to snatch these up in hopes they will be worth money one day. Way to go Archie comics you and DC should do a team up and truly kill the comic industry with terrible 90's gimmicks once and for all.

Posted by BR_Havoc

I love me some Mike Allred art but this is just sad that Archie comics thinks they have to go this direction.

Edited by ZbvmX

Gonna pre-order the Francavilla cover :D

Posted by Saberback

We all know he'll get a magic amulet and be good as new in no time.

Edited by NightFang3

@fables87 said:

Great collection of artist!


Posted by Akindoodle

That Tommy Lee Edwards though... Fiona Staples... ALL OF THEM. I haven't read Archie in YEARS and I'm starting to feel REALLY sad looking at this awesome art

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

Wow this seems like it will be very serious,emotional,iconic and amazing end to much you wanna bet they retcon it somehow and therefore ruin this death of Archie thing forever and overall ruin the character for alla Death of Superman syndrome.

Posted by firecracker22

My God, is that Alex Ross cover terrifying. Damn.

Other than that, alot of really beautiful covers from damn good artists.