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DC & Warner Release Superman Anniversary Logo, Confirm Zack Snyder Animated Short

It's a big year for the Man of Steel. Come find out what's being done to celebrate the occasion.

As you likely know by now, 2013 marks Kal-El's 75th anniversary. It's a big one, and DC and Warner Bros. are aiming to throw him a great party. We already know Clark's getting a brand new title made by the dream team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee (SUPERMAN UNCHAINED comes out June 12) and the famous hero has his own beyond fantastic looking movie on the way, but now Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC have released an official logo for the A-lister's birthday. Expect to see this on all Superman-related products to help remind the world just how awesome Clark truly is.


But that's not all they're doing. Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel, is working on a two-minute animated short all about the Kryptonian. It will allegedly pay respect to the character's extensive history (ranging from original cartoons and artists all the way up to Henry Cavill's take on the character). Also working on the video are Bruce Timm, Geoff Johns, Peter Giraradi, Mike Carlin and Jay Oliva.

Man of Steel will finally break into theaters on June 14. Viners, what is it about Superman that makes him so legendary? Give the Justice Leaguer your love in the comments section below.


USA Today has released a slew of variant covers for SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1!





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