DC Nation Animated Short - Wonder Woman

Check out how rad this interpretation of the Amazon is.

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DC Nation Animated Short Preview - Wonder Woman

Seriously, this is pretty dang cool.

Looks like DC Nation is back Saturday mornings with new animated shorts. Beware the Batman is set to debut on Cartoon Network Saturday, July 13 at 10:00 a.m. PT/ET. During the show, in a commercial break, you'll be able to check out the latest short featuring Wonder Woman.

Watch the video above if you haven't already. It's written and directed by Robert Valley. And check out these additional images.

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Who, besides me, wants more of this?

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THEY NEED TO MAKE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Edited By rockajandro

I love it

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Edited By michaelthemighty17


Avatar image for mrfuzzynutz
Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

I need to see more, but I kind of the like the funky,bad asss style there using. I don't know if I would want to see a series of this, but defiantly wouldn't mind a multi part story like they did with Amethyst, or how they handled Animal Man.

But for the record, if you have a custom 66'-69' Camaro, you don't turn it invisible, you drive that sucka like you stole it! She should have been invisible first, THEN revealed the ride while she takes out the bad guys. Just saying, its all about the cars sometimes

Avatar image for dngn4774
Posted By dngn4774

No...just no.

Avatar image for novi_homines
Posted By novi_homines

I WANT!!!!

Avatar image for mfundo
Posted By mfundo

Well this is different in a good way... I guess...

Avatar image for tanet62
Posted By TAneT62

It's funky and different, you either love it or hate it. I loved it.

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Edited By drgnx