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DC Comics Remembers Comic Book Creator Jerry Robinson

The publisher pays tribute to one of the most influential creators in comic book history.

The end of 2011 marked the death of one of comics' most influential creators. The man who gave Batman his greatest adversary, Jerry Robinson, passed away on December 7th, 2011. In memoriam to his influence and career, DC Comics held a memorial and tribute last week to the late Jerry Robinson in an effort to remember the man that created both the Joker and Robin. The event was held at the Time Warner Center in New York, according to a report.

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Some of the comic industry's most influential names were present to pay their respects to the late Robinson including DC's Co-Publisher, Dan Didio who recounted the first time he ever met Robinson.

"It truly is a celebration for Jerry Robinson," DiDio said. "We have a lot of people here from DC, family members and friends who know so many wonderful stories about Jerry. And what we like to do at these celebrations is keep the mic open and keep a very free-flowing format so that we can share our stories and experiences of Jerry...I got a chance to first meet Jerry at the 'Dark Knight' premier, and in a situation that big where you're meeting somebody and you're in awe of who they are, it's overwhelming. And Jerry was just pitching me on cartoonists and fun ways to work with DC Comics. I'm sitting there in complete shock that I'm being pitched by him, first of all, and that he was still that active and aware of what the industry was about and also trying to change it."

The event also featured much of Robinson's DETECTIVE COMICS work on display and many people inspired and influenced by Robinson's work were present for the big event. And although the man behind some of the most important and iconic characters and concepts in comic books has died, his legacy and influence will continue to live on in his stead. What do you think of Jerry Robinson's influence on the comic book industry? Which of his creations has been your favorite?

Source: CBR