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DC Announces New ACTION COMICS Creative Team

After speculation and rumors, we finally get some answers.

Superman has been a topic of much debate since the New 52 started. Having Superman wear a t-shirt, jeans and boots in ACTION COMICS seemed weird at first but Grant Morrison quickly took the title to great places. When he made the announcement that issue #16 would be his last one, many began to worry.

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After a lot of speculation and rumors, DC is finally ready to reveal who the creative team will be to take over the series. It won't be with issue #17 though. The action will begin in issue #18 next Spring.

DC has announced on their blog, beginning with issue #18, Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS, GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE) will be the writer and Tony Daniel (DETECTIVE COMICS, JUSTICE LEAGUE) will be the artist.

Here's what Andy Diggle had to say:

I’ve always had a positive experience working with DC Comics, and it’s amazing to be welcomed back into the fold in such fine style. Even in an industry dominated by superheroes, Superman is THE superhero – the original and best - and I’m flattered, daunted and inspired in equal measure at being given the opportunity to build on such an incredible and historic legacy. The word ‘iconic’ is bandied around a lot in comics, but Superman defines the term. I’m excited to be working with Tony Daniel, whose artistic and storytelling skills will be bringing the world(s) of Superman to stunning visual life. Together we’ll be carving out spectacular new adventures that respect the past while redefining the future of the Man of Steel.

Here are Tony Daniel's thoughts on taking over the art duties:

First, let me say that I am really excited to be working with Andy Diggle on ACTION COMICS. Superman is a character I've wanted to work on for quite a while now and I'm now very fortunate to be given this tremendous opportunity to work with such an iconic character. I look forward to drawing each and every character in Superman's universe. I anticipate this being a fun ride for me and hopefully for Superman fans as well. I can't wait to get Andy's first script and sharpening my pencils! Thank you everyone for your support of my work on BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS over the years. I already miss the Dark Knight, but I look forward to starting anew with the Man of Steel in ACTION COMICS. I hope to see you all in Metropolis!

ACTION COMICS #18 goes on sale in March.