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DC announces weekly series as counterpart to DC UNIVERSE: ONLINE

DC announces weekly series as counterpart to DC UNIVERSE: ONLINE

 From the announcement of the new upcoming story arc BRIGHTEST DAY  to Gail Simone's Birds of Prey comic relaunching this coming April, it has been a pretty crazy week for DC Comics news! Well guess what? There is more! According to The Source, DC will be releasing a brand new weekly series that will take place in the DC Universe/Sony Universe Online called DC UNIVERSE: LEGENDS. The comic will be released weekly and will be set in the same universe as the massive multiplayer game. Comic books and video games in a perfect marriage? Is this something that sounds like a good read, or just a gimmick to market DC Universe Online? 

DC Comics editor Dan Didio mentioned the all-star cast that was responsible for collaborating on DC Universe Online includes BRIGHTEST DAY writer Geoff Johns and HUSH artist Jim Lee. The project was first unveiled at E3 in 2008, but very little has been discussed regarding the official release of the actual game. Perhaps the release of the upcoming DC UNIVERSE: LEGENDS is DC's way of integrating the comic book universe with the game, setting up a background on the game for readers.

Well there are a number of things that are going to go on. First, we're going to set up the conceit of the universe, how it works and what the rules are. We'll also be trying to work gaming tips and secrets into the body of the book as we move along in the series. You'll see a lot of support material including turnarounds and designs that went into the actual building of the game.

What I think is the most exciting thing is that, if everything is working as well as we hope once we get down the line, characters that players create actually have an opportunity to work their way from the game into the comics themselves.

While not all the creators that are set to work on the comic have been announced, we know for sure that writers Tony Bedard and Dan Jurgens are officially on board, and that there is a good chance that writer Marv Wolfman will be involved in "some way, shape or form," since he too was partly responsible for scripting the online game. Does DC UNIVERSE: LEGENDS sound like a book you will be picking up on a weekly basis? Are you looking forward to DC UNIVERSE ONLINE game? If you missed the panel from this past San Diego Comic Con, check it out here.