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Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman Creative Team for SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN

This 2013 book promises a darker version of the wall-crawler.

It's a big week and weekend for announcements with New York Comic Con starting today. Many fans know by now that issue 700 of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will be the last issue of the series. What happens next? Well, according to USA Today, starting in January, 2013, your favorite web-head will be back on the shelves of your LCS in the book SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN fans can rejoice as Ryan Stegman (SCARLET SPIDER cover artist) teams up with ASM writer Dan Slott for this new, darker look at Spider-Man. This book will have rotating artists as well. Fans will see the return of Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli to work on this new Spidey-book.

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Spidey will have a bit of a redesign as well. Here is character sketch to the right, from the USA Today article.

There will be a few changes to the costumes, as you can see, which includes some new colors on the costume to reflect the new attitude and era of the book, including some black leggings.

Many people are saying the events of issue 700 are going to change the way fans look at the character. As we've seen in more recent issues, Spidey has become a bit more short with his villains. He seems to have lost compassion for those who truly are good inside, like his recent run-in with Morbius in the last Lizard story arc.

Could this be what "Superior" means? Does Spider-Man find himself a superior being to all those around him or does he have new powers that make him superior to his former self? Stegman said in the USA Today interview that he will indeed have some new abilities.

Writer Dan Slott gives us a good idea of what we can expect from this new series.

He's not going to be doing things the old Spider-Man way. There will be a new way of doing things...The first story arc is called 'Hero or menace?' I think that pretty much tells you where we're going.

Looks like we'll all be waiting on the edge of our seats until issue 700 hits the shelves in December, then SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN releases in January.

What do you guys think of the new creative team and costume for this new Spider-Man book?

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Posted By Ijan092

At first when i heard about Marvel Now i said "oh please don't end the amazing spider-man to start something that might suck.'' Well seems like they will end it and will start with something weird, I just hope it doesn't suck since spidey is my favorite Marvel character.

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Posted By Tmul501

This is pretty cool. I swear a few years ago I had posted on boards that Peter should be trained in some kind of combat - now he knows Spider-Fu. And I've always loved drawings where the blue in peter's costume is replaced with black. All my dreams are coming true.

That said, i'm a little worried about some of the potential changes here. I hope peter doesn't complete lose his sense of humor, because I think that's a huge part of what makes him great. I understand him losing his patience with his villains, and I think that is a sign of maturity actually (You don't see Cap letting Red Skull's crap fly...amiright?). But he needs to be funny. More importantly, it needs to be Peter. Bendis already killed ultimate Peter, removing him from the title book would really bug (no pun intended) me.

I also hope he doesn't kill anyone. I think that would be kind of wolverine is enough...

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Posted By xblah_blahx

If that website is telling the truth and this really isn't Pete then I think im gonna have to drop Spider-Man. I'm all for change, as long as the main character stays the same. And if I drop SM ill probably drop Scarlet Spider and Venom too. Maybe pick up a few DC titles besides Batman and Nightwing.

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Posted By Shimmy

10 to 1 they pull a clone saga and sub in Kaine as the new Spider-Man.

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Edited By krexxxx4

5$?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'm hoping that's only for the first issue... If not they better have something huge planned for Spidey

It also looks like the claws are to help him climb (judging by the building he's crawling on) maybe he loses his ability to stick to walls...

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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

As a life long Spidey fan I'm pretty excited about this. This book sounds like it has potential to be great. Hopefully it will be.

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Posted By spidey 15

@k4tzm4n said:

Slott + Stegman =


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Edited By butters911

As long as it's not Spidey turning into the Punisher and murdering people, than this could be really good

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Posted By bookerman20

I am for this....

Can't wait

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Edited By iancoderre3
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Posted By IronBat628

Will you people just chill, jeez! every time you turn around, its, "i dont like this" and "i dont like that". how bout you guys let the people WHO GET PAID TO DO THE THINGS THEY ARE DOING just do them and WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT BEFORE YOU SPEW OUT RETARDED ASS NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!

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Posted By evilvegeta74

He's vamped out, Morbius got him, he has claws on his hands and one on each foot. He has ninja feet! Spidey has mutated or something, and this doesn't look good.

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Posted By EscGamer

I can get behind this. I see him as being comical yet serious. A few jokes here and there but going all out. It always seemed to me even back to the early early comics that he held himself back too much, never giving himself credit. He was a nerd so i can see him having low self-esteem to the point where he just doesn't use his full potential. We saw the brain power go full blast now lets see if he can do what a spider can to the max. I'm looking forward to how the rest of the marvel universe will take to this change like Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Iron Fist and all them.

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Posted By ahgunsillyo

So they took out the red bar on his arms that connected his gloves and shoulders so that it'd look more like the dumb Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon? And they put in more angles to show that he's ANGRIER! And they changed the "spider" logo on the back to make it MORE AGGRESSIVE without actually making it look like a spider?

I don't know if I agree with any of this. I admit that I do like the change from blue to black, though I always did enjoy it when Mike McKone drew it as such anyway.

Also, I'm confused by the fact that he apparently needs toe claws and talons, as if he needs them to climb on walls now. So... that's either completely redundant or completely against one of the things about Spider-Man that makes him Spider-Man.

Avatar image for fojtikbt
Posted By fojtikbt

This looks like it will replace ASM nicely. Can't wait!

Avatar image for redowl_1
Posted By RedOwl_1

I'm ok with this, as long as there's no Emo Parker around

Avatar image for zackattack529
Edited By zackattack529

dumb name, dumb theme, dumb concept, creative team didn't even change? i ask what was the point...not to mention way overpriced! i will not be getting this.

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Posted By SpideyFan113

As long as Peter stays Spider-man and they don't go overboard with his "darker tone", I'll love this. I still want Spidey to make wisecracks, and I want them to treat him like an adult. If he ends up killing every criminal (even if it was something stupid like stealing a pen) just cuz he's "darker". Maybe if they give him less tolerance for murderers/super villians and if they make him kill only when necessary, that would be "darker" without going to far and treating Spidey like the adult that he is. Not the dumb, easily infuenced 15 year old he used to be.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

A darker spiderman? Ok let's all be Batman from now on.

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Posted By NXH

It sucks that Stegman won't be coming back to Scarllet Spider, but I'm glad he's doing this. I hope Scarlet Spider gets a new artist. Khoi Pham doesnt do anything for me. I would love to see someone like Paco Medina.

Avatar image for nxh
Posted By NXH

@AlKusanagi said:

I dunno... A darker, edgier Spidey title? This reeks of the '90s...

Yep and it smells soooo good.

Avatar image for oduck31
Posted By oduck31

As long as Spidey has a good reason to turn dark in 700 ( excluding the other 20 tragedies he's had.) I'm OK with it . Slott has been good so far except the alpha arc.

Avatar image for neiliusprime
Edited By neiliusprime

I don't like the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show, but Spidey's new suit reminds me of it

Avatar image for jmills
Posted By jmills


Avatar image for crazyflashfan11
Posted By crazyflashfan11

Not a fan of that cover.

Avatar image for alkusanagi
Posted By AlKusanagi

I dunno... A darker, edgier Spidey title? This reeks of the '90s...

Avatar image for batwatch
Posted By BatWatch

Let's put this change n the, "Who asked for this?" file.

My shenanigan sense is tingling...

Avatar image for DanialCarroll
Posted By DanialCarroll

So he has claws and a black and red costume... I like it :)

Avatar image for derf_jenkins
Posted By derf_jenkins

How long before we get back Amazing Spider-man? I'm guessing we'll see a run of about 50 issues and then its done being "superior" and we get back the old spidey title.

Avatar image for funrush
Posted By Funrush

So... I wonder what happens in 700 to make everything "darker"... At least we know Peter lives.

Avatar image for video_martian
Posted By Video_Martian

What a terrible name for a Spidey book...

Avatar image for jkz92
Posted By Jkz92

mmmm not too crazy bout the tabi boots and the talon... But it is still very promising

Avatar image for innervenom123
Posted By InnerVenom123

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Avatar image for themess1428
Posted By TheMess1428

Yay back to the original red and black.

Avatar image for bluefox170
Posted By Bluefox170

Im on board.

Avatar image for cavemold
Posted By Cavemold

4.99 price point for how many pages? As of now no thank you.

Avatar image for datnigga

@jesse10022: well yeah

but i mean to the point where the public of marvel U are all on him like they are thor, cap & ironman

Avatar image for jesse10022
Posted By jesse10022

@DATNIGGA: Spiderman is already the greates superhero of all time.

Avatar image for redx9
Posted By RedX9

Slott still on board? I'll pass! I don't like him at all. His run on Amazing Spider-man is extremely mediocre.

Avatar image for chroinkero
Posted By chroinkero

Doesn't the spiderman on the cover of Avengers #3 have a red and blue costume?

Avatar image for imagine_man15
Posted By Imagine_Man15

Not sure how I feel about this. I don't want a dark Spider-Man... don't get me wrong, I love dark stories, but Spider-Man... I don't see it

Avatar image for dark_vengeance_
Posted By Dark_Vengeance_

I like this. very much.

Avatar image for the_mast
Posted By The Mast

What's that sound? It's the sound of Scarlet Spider being cancelled. Why would it ever need to exist if we're getting a darker Spidey with Stegman on art? For God's sake. So tired of this. I get that he's a big seller and a big part of Marvel. I love Spidey, BUT I LOVE OTHERS TOO.

Avatar image for zentzen
Posted By ZenTzen

ok i dont know how to feel about this, but i'm gonna reserve my final thoughts on the issue and relaunch, but as of right now i'm not liking this one bit

Avatar image for smashbrawler
Posted By SmashBrawler

At least I know now the name of the Spider-Man book I was going to pick up.

Avatar image for theblueangel93
Posted By TheBlueAngel93

Not sure how I feel about the new title, but I;'m excited to know that Slott will be continuing his run with our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!!! ^__^

Avatar image for pulseangel666
Posted By pulseangel666

This looks so awsome, i bet Spidey will kill doc ock. But as long it is Peter under the mask I'm happy!

Avatar image for that60sguy
Posted By That60sGuy

@Spidey0528 said:

Sort of holding my breath on this one. I have been reading ASM for more than 30 years. Change is good. Just don't screw it up, Marvel.

This. Although 20 years for me ;)

Avatar image for mucklefluga
Posted By Mucklefluga

Well we all know that Aunt May won't die at the end of ASM #700 now/

Avatar image for screamingghost
Posted By ScreamingGhost

The toe thing looks a bit silly.