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Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 Reviewed!

G-Man reviews this beautiful looking comic.

Even though I will be flying down to San Diego shortly for Comic-Con and haven't packed yet, I had to post this review.  I don't know much about Hunter-Killer but I've been a Cyberforce fan since they debuted in the 90s.  Throw in the fact that it's written by Mark Waid and drawn by Kenneth Rocafort, there was no way I couldn't post this today.

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Great review this is going to be awesome, Cyberforce is awesome.

Posted by Omg chris

as always great review g-man never read cyberforce before but they sound really cool

Posted by Media_Master

I'll definitely try this one out!

Posted by Beatrix

Hunter-Killer is actually one of my favourite comics, but it was never long enough: I think this will definitely begin to satisfy me… BUT I WANT MORE!

Posted by Nahero

i should have read that

Posted by Press Oblivion

Awesome review!
I have it sitting here in front of me and like  you, G-Man I'm a Cyberforce fan from the beginning. Rocafort's stuff is really amazing!

Posted by Jamiracles

I've heard of neither of these guys but Id be down with giving it a try.

Posted by Mediant

I'm pulling a little thread necromancy here, but I just had to comment. The trade of this just came out a couple weeks ago and I was really torn on whether it'd be one of the four books I got this month (limited by funds). I love Rocafort and Hunter-Killer, but I was undecided on Cyberforce and Mark Waid. This review tipped the scales. I'm so glad these articles/videos stay archived. Quality reviews like this are one of the things I really love about this site.