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Cowboys & Aliens Giveaway Contest

Here's your chance to win a hardcover copy of the original graphic novel.

When I first heard about Cowboys & Aliens, I was surprised that I hadn't read the concept before. Obviously I wasn't the only one that liked the idea since it is going to be a major motion movie this summer. 
The book originally came out in 2006 but it had a limited run and not everyone had a chance to read it. There is a nice new hardcover printing from HarperCollins available. 
This is where the contest part comes in. HarperCollins has sent us five copies to giveaway. That means five winners
Before getting into the nitty gritty of the contest, let me get the bad news out of the way; this contest is only open to those in the United States or Canada. Sorry folks. Nothing personal, that's just how it goes.  
Here's the details on how you can win. 
 == TEASER == 
Because the charm of the story is the meshing of the different genres, that will be the focus of this contest. We want you to match up Cowboys with something else. What else would be an interesting concept to pair up with Cowboys? How do you enter? 

Draw a picture 

One way to enter is to break out the paper and pencil and draw a picture. Put your drawing skills to the test. Let's see some cowboys fighting against whoever or whatever you think would be cool to see. 

Write a short pitch 

Because not everyone has artistic skills, we didn't want you guys to be left out. To win in this category, you need to write up a short pitch. You can't just submit "Cowboys & ____." To make it fair to the artist spending time drawing, in order to win here, you'll have to come up with the pairing and set up how the story would begin. How do these two genres meet and get combined? Let's keep it to one paragraph. 

What about photoshop?

 I know there is some debate whether manipulating an image with photoshop is a fair entry or not. If you have photoshop skillz, let's see what you can come up with. I want to see a complete picture. Background, action, etc. 
There will be two winners in the Drawing category, two in the Short Pitch category and one in the Photoshop category. We will choose our favorites in each category. The contest ends April 11, 2011 at midnight PT. Submit your entries in the comments below. One entry per person (so don't enter all three categories, choose one). Please try to refrain from random comments in this thread to make it easier for us to select the weiners. The winners will be notified here and by pm. Good luck to all!