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Contenders for a Female-Lead Spider-Man Movie Spinoff

Which lady from the Spider-Man world might we see on the big screen?

Word came out earlier this week that Sony Pictures is looking to expand the Spider-Man movie franchise. It was announced during Comic-Con Sinister Six will be released on November 11, 2016. It's always made sense to try to bring a feature focusing on Spider-Man's villains to the big screen. There are so many good characters and this could be a way to avoid the problem when a superhero movie contains too many villains.

With The Amazing Spider-Man 3 pushed back to 2018, it was reported that Sony was planning on a movie to featuring a female character from the Spider-Man universe to fill the gap in 2017. Apparently there are some characters being considered: "There are several strong possibilities — Silver Sable, Black Cat, Stunner, Firestar and Spider-Woman, to name a few."

Some of these make more sense than others. There are also other female characters in the Spider-Verse that might make more sense.

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy seems like the most logical choice. She's had a big role in Spider-Man's life in the comics and has appeared on animated shows such as Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Spectacular Spider-Man. She's also possibly already appeared on the big screen.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we saw Harry's receptionist was named Felicia, played by Felicia Jones. This could be just a coincidence or perhaps it was Sony's way of planting a seed. Black Cat has a mixed history of being a burglar/villain as well as a hero, of sorts. The question is, would she have enough recognition and appeal to carry a solo film?


She even has "Spider" in her name. What better way to try to cash in on the SPIDER-MAN name and franchise? Jessica Drew has been around since 1977. She has a pretty complex backstory that would give plenty for screenwriters to work with. We even did a 3-Minute Video (seen above) on her history.

The big question is where exactly does Spider-Woman fit? Is she part of the Spider-Man franchise? Her origins aren't directly related to Peter Parker's world and she's been more active in the pages of Avengers comics.

If she's not available to Sony, what about the Ultimate Comics version? It could be possible that a female clone of Peter Parker could carry her own movie. That would definitely change things up a little.

Silver Sable

Silver Sable was mentioned in the original report. She's another character with a bit of a story to her. While she first debuted in 1985, her mercenary background could give Sony a different type of movie to shoot for. If we're making comparisons, many have marveled over Black Widow's big screen portrayal and this could be Sony's way to try to capture that excitement before Marvel Studios gets around to making a solo Black Widow film.

She might be dead currently in the comics but that's never prevented a character from moving on to bigger things.

Stunner and Firestar?

These seem like odd choices. Does anyone care about Stunner? She's definitely not a household name. She had a tie to Doctor Octopus so he'd have to be established first (in Sinister Six). Would Sony want to make a movie focusing on villains and follow it with another movie on a lesser known villain? Probably not.

Firestar got her start in the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends animated series. But she's also a mutant. The question is, where do her rights lie? Is she another ambiguous character that Fox would have to share with another studio?

What about Spider-Gwen?

We'll see this version of Gwen Stacy in September's EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1. People are already Cosplaying as her. It's Gwen Stacy from another universe but it could be a way to get more Emma Stone on screen. Sony could use this as a way to feature Gwen in a third movie. Does this movie have to be tied directly into their Spider-Man movie universe? Maybe they'd be willing to do a movie in an alternate universe. But that could be confusing for some. They could also go the Ultimate Comics route with Carnage's involvement.


She recently made her debut in the new (current) volume of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. It turns out before the spider that bit Peter died, it also bit another. She's been in hiding all these years to avoid really bad things (you should be reading the current series to find out why). Even though she was bitten by the same spider, her abilities are a little different than Peter's. This, again, gives some slight variation so it's not simply a female version of the movies we've just seen.

Someone Else?

There are plenty of other female characters in Spider-Man's world. We've had the future daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane with May "Spider-Girl" Parker. But we'd need Mary Jane introduced first. There's also Anya Corazón. Her story is different enough from Spider-Man's so it doesn't feel like a simple retread over what we've just seen. Or maybe we'd see a movie dealing with all of Spider-Man's past girlfriends and them realizing they don't need him for anything.

What are your thoughts? Which female character do you think could carry a big budget live-action movie?

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Posted by fables87

I always liked Black Cat, but I don't know if she should have her on spin-off movie. As long as it's not like Catwoman.

Posted by dagmar_merrill


Posted by muttput

Jessica Drew and hopefully never with Sony pictures. Best bet would be black cat but maybe they should concentrate on getting Spider man right.

Posted by Rubear

What we need is no damned tears "hnik-hnik" like in Hich Voltage. That part of film was disgusting.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

It will probably be Black Cat and I could care less. Come back to MARVEL SPIDEY!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by nappystr8

Black Cat, Spider-Woman, and Silver Sable would all be great choices for a solo film. Each is certainly better than the baffling idea of a Sinister Six movie.

Posted by Sky_Pirate2

Firestar is indeed an ambiguous character. Like Tony said, she's a mutant, so Fox can use her. She's more linked to New Warriors and Avengers, than X-Men, making her available for Marvel. And Ultimate Firestar is Liz Allan, who is a Spider-Man supporting character, making that incarnation available to Sony.

Jessica Drew, while the best known Spider-Woman, isn't the only one out there. You have Mattie Franklin, for example (who is more linked to Spider-Man. She was a fan of his, started her career out posing as him and she's the niece of Jameson's late wife). No idea, what the deal is with Julia Carpenter.

And while Mayday is off the table, I could see them going with April (Mayhem). Her origin could be reworked so she's the product of Peter's DNA, combined with some girl's and a piece of the Venom symbiote. All three merged and produced a teenage girl, calling herself "April Parker".

Posted by Master_Thief

If its Silk then that PROVES she was created for the sole purpose of being put into the movies and cartoons like everything else marvel has been doing for years

Edited by Aliltron

I couldn't care less but I'll say my piece anyway. It will most likely be Black Cat, since she's already been introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Spider-Woman has really nothing to do with Spider-Man, the only thing similar is their name. It would be next to impossible to make a decent Spider-Woman movie with Sony because they legally couldn't even mention Hydra, which is where she originated before becoming an Avenger. She belongs with Marvel Studios and the Avengers, she is on their roster in the comics. However, if they decided to use the Ultimate Spider-Woman, that would work, but I don't see that happening. It depends though, I don't think it's very clear who has the rights to Jessica Drew, I'm hoping Marvel Studios does though...

Having said this, I will agree that the rights should go back to Marvel. I'd be more interested in this if this move from Sony didn't seem like a desperate attempt at staying relevant with the comic book movies that are coming out. Seems like with the talk of Marvel getting a Black Widow film or Captain Marvel, and WB getting ready for a Wonder Woman flick, they felt like they had to have their own input or get left behind.

So, I think it'll end up being Black Cat but then again...who really cares? Please just give the rights back to Marvel who will do the characters justice.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Spider-Woman would be a good choice or Black Cat

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

I'm just glad we're getting a female hero, even if it is a C list character. After all, C-listers are often some of the best, even if people don't realize it.

Posted by Spideysense44

Silver Sable or nothing

Posted by charlieboy

I would love to see Spider-Girl.(Mayday) in film. Black Cat or Spider-Woman would be fine too.

Posted by FearTheLiving

Wasn't it already confirmed to be Black Cat? Thought I read that somewhere.

Posted by FearTheLiving

If its Silk then that PROVES she was created for the sole purpose of being put into the movies and cartoons like everything else marvel has been doing for years

Or you know Sony is scraping the barrel into keeping the rights so they'll put anything out there they think will make money. I really doubt Marvel wants to create characters so Sony can keep the rights.

Posted by kgb725

Black cat and Spider-Woman with spider man as a supporting character

Posted by Golden Cod

If they go with Spider-Woman it probably won't be Jessica Drew but Julia Carpenter. Though her origins aren't connected to the Spiderman mythos, she's the current Madame Web and participated in both Grim Hunt and Spider-Island.

Likewise we could also see Anya Corazon appear as Spider-Girl.

I doubt we'll see Black Cat get her own movie - she's too easily mistaken for Catwoman. I remember seeing that happen when people were speculating what Hathaway's costume would look like.

Edited by Teerack

I can't wait for this movie if it's about Jessica or Felicia. Two of my all time favorite characters. :)

Posted by Reisz

Hell, go all out. Super tangentially related Cloak and Dagger movie.

Posted by Darkseid_Prime

I think it's going to be a straight forward Spider-Girl or Spider-Woman (not Jessica Drew) based on Silk's origin but the character herself either. Sony/Marvel and FOX/Marvel have no problem destroying the mythos whereas Disney/Marvel will try not to $#!* on your childhood unless it's necessary.

Posted by Spideysense44

@master_thief said:

If its Silk then that PROVES she was created for the sole purpose of being put into the movies and cartoons like everything else marvel has been doing for years

Or you know Sony is scraping the barrel into keeping the rights so they'll put anything out there they think will make money. I really doubt Marvel wants to create characters so Sony can keep the rights.


Edited by DP812

I'm positive it's going to be Black Cat. I don't think there's any question that the rights to Jessica Drew most-likely lie with Marvel, not Sony. The only connection the two characters have is from Ultimate Spider-Man where a female clone of Peter called herself Jessica Drew, but that's hardly a Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch situation. If Sony tries for a Jessica Drew movie, they'd have a massive uphill battle to prove that she's part of the Spidey rights. Fox would actually have more of a claim to Drew's rights, since she's spent more time in X-Men comics than in Spider-Man.

Julia Carpenter had a slightly stronger connection to Spidey, but that mostly came about later in her career when she became the new Madame Web. The only Spider-Woman Sony could really make an airtight case for is Mattie Franklin, but I doubt they'd want to make a movie about a teenage girl with spider-powers, because that's not enough to differentiate her from Peter.

A Mayday Spider-Girl movie is also unlikely since Sony wants to build its own little universe, and doing a movie set in the future wouldn't really work with that. That also means we won't be seeing any Spider-Gwen movies set in an alternate universe.

The Anya Corazon Spider-Girl is more likely than Mayday, but once again there's the problem with a movie based on Mattie Franklin—not really enough there to differentiate her from Spider-Man. The mystic background of her powers would help, but I doubt Sony wants to go down that route.

This makes Black Cat the most likely candidate. Sony knows they've already got the rights. They've already had Felicity Jones play a pre-BC Felicia in ASM2 so the casting is done, and this allows it to tie into ASM2. A Black Cat movie could also be potentially cheaper to produce than a Spider-Woman/Spider-Girl picture, plus she's got enough to differentiate herself from Spidey. Black Cat for the win, IMO.

Posted by scavengerFist

Let Marvel have all the rights back, from Spidey to the X-men to the FF. Then we can do all this "solo female movie" stuff. That way mythos won't clash and crash.

Edited by SoA

out of these i think a silver sable movie could work , bunch of merc running around blowing up stuff ? sure why not !

Posted by KyreCat

Should be Black Cat. We need a good female feline movie. Previous "catwomen" were awful. Anne Hathaway's was best, but not as good as the character should have been.

Posted by Dernman

Honestly not interested in any of these characters. I'm hoping for other options.

Posted by PunyParker

Unfortunatelly it's gonna be Black Cat......unfortunatelly,for the company that's handling her,not for the character.

Posted by Ostyo

Spider Gwen! Because...she looks awesome?

Posted by HuiZe

These characters can't carry their own movies.

Posted by spidershamrock

Now way Sony has the rights to Jessica Drew

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Black Cat and Silver Sable would be great solo choices.

Spider-Gwen and Silk would probably need to be introduced or hinted to in a Spidey film.

Posted by The_Scourge

Yeah I'm pretty sure Spider-Woman is Marvel Studios owned. Black Cat is probably the best choice for a film since they might want to make it before DC ever tries another Catwoman film.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Edited by brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, or nothing.

Black Cat is a terrible choice obviously, since she's literally just Catwoman.

Edited by NixNightbird

Spider-Woman is, to the best of my knowledge, NOT part of the Spider-Man film rights. Thank goodness, because Sony's Spider-Man movies have been utter garbage that has ZERO respect for the characters or the audience.

Posted by Uncanny_XFactor

I saw this elsewhere, it's definitely going to be Black Cat. An executive confirmed it.

Posted by TyranniumOpus

Well, I don't think it's going to be Spider-Gwen, since from what we see, the Spidey Cinematic Universe wants to show classic Friends and Foes. Based on that premise, my bet is on either Black Cat or Silver Sable.

Or maybe Sony wants to take the risk and introduce Silk earlier. But if this is so, then there is no guarantee that it won't be Spider-Gwen's movies. But still, they have to announce Spider-Verse first.

Then again, sometimes we can't really guess who's going to be in the films lately.

Posted by BlueXRam

I'll guarantee right now the movie will bomb.

Posted by Lee_Everett

I hope Sony realizes that they suck and sells their rights back to Marvel/Disney. Even though I know it won't happen. ;(

Edited by GraniteSoldier

Felicia is the only real choice in my mind. She's the only one with any notoriety, and she's a very independent character who has been given plenty of spotlight in the Spidey comics.

Second best choice is probably Spider-Woman. She's relatively unknown, but that gives writers more flexibility with her origin and overall story in my opinion than it does with more well known characters like Captain America or Spidey. Perhaps she would be a logical choice with her new ongoing launching soon, and launch both a film and book.

Edited by fred9101

No doubt.

Posted by chaos911

I don't think they'll do spider woman because I think kids would be really confused about it

Posted by ComicKing7

What if they brought Gwen back like in Ultimate Spider-man. That way they can explain her spider powers through the Carnage symbiote.

Posted by Teerack

I just realized this could finally be what Cat needs to get her own Solo book that's not a mini :O

Posted by amazing_webhead

Black Cat. My theory is that she was already a thief, she was just using the job as a cover while she hacks OsCorp's bank accounts.

@chaos911 said:

I don't think they'll do spider woman because I think kids would be really confused about it

Marvel in a nutshell these days.

Posted by chaos911
Posted by amazing_webhead
Posted by lukehero

None of these characters are interesting enough to carry their own movies. How about trying to get Spiderman right, before being bold enough to make a Spiderman universe. Even though I am excited about a sinister six film, I question it, because The Amazing Spiderman 2 was only a B- at best. At worst, it was a C-.

Posted by ScouterV

Would it be at all possible for Sony to create a new character for the franchise? Or do they have to wait for Marvel to create the characters, and if they fall at least somewhat close to the realm of Spider-Relations, (like the Scarlet Spiders,) then they get to use them, or do they have free reign over it, as long as they don't take from Marvel/Fox/Disney?

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