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ComicVine presents: Crossover Bingo!

With "Fear Itself" debuting this week, Matt thought it might be fun to play a little game...

Ah, crossover season. A time when the major companies get together and decide how they will irreparably change their universe for the better (or worse.)

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Even though Marvel's Fear Itself event bills itself as the first major crossover of 2011, I can't help but feel a bit of fatigue from the volume of others we've gone through in the last little while. And really, that doesn't even count the large ones! For every "Blackest Night" there's an "Amazons Attack" and for every "Siege" there's a "Thanos Imperative:" smaller events that aren't so company-wide, but instill a sense of importance in their storyline.  

It's gotten to the point that for me, crossovers are becoming predictable and a little bit stale. However, in the interest of keeping things interesting, I've come up with something we can all do while we watch events unfold. == TEASER ==

Ladies and Gentlemen of ComicVine, I present to you:

Yeah. That just happened.

In essence, I will be keeping tabs on every issue of the "Fear Itself" storyline and marking off the card appropriately. I will also be making periodic update posts in order to keep you updated on how the card is going.

In the event that a certain tile happens more than once, I'll be keeping a running count of how many times it happens, along with a quick summary of what happened in which issue. Hopefully (or perhaps not, if Marvel is trying to break away from trends) we'll end up with a full card!

So, how about it guys? Up for a game?