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Comic Vine Twitter Question Results: Who is your least favorite comic book character?

We want to know what comic book characters you don't like.

Welcome back to the Twitter Question of the week! Every Tuesday, we ask our followers on Twitter a question about comic books and take your answers and put them into this nice little package. This week, we wanted to ring in the new year with this question: "Who is your least favorite comic book character and why?" There's one thing we found out this week, you guys have a lot of passion within your hate. Here are a few of our answers.

David also hated 90s rap duo Kid & Play


Sam is on here is because his profile pic matches his comment


Brett isn't a fan of mischief


Susan wants no more lame Scarlet Witch


Louis demands Xavier be shown some honor


What if he had like 5 days prep, Marcus?


Aaron must be a big Superboy-Prime fan now


Ben refuses to hate anything


Well Jade, Lois Lane likes you!


Ken misses the good old days, when Slade would stand outside of a giant "T" shaped building


Here's what the staff of Comic Vine had to say!

T-Bomb isn't a fan of A-Bomb


Why is Gregg so apologetic to the horror that is Romulus?


I'll never like Thor... unless Fabio plays him.


There you have another week of answers about comic books. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Tuesdays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying; otherwise, we'll have no clue you answered!

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Avatar image for xwraith
Posted By Xwraith

Hope Summers.

Moderator Online
Avatar image for rulerofthisuniverse
Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse

Spider-Man for me.

Avatar image for daredevilnut
Edited By Daredevilnut

Jean grey

Avatar image for peppeyhare
Posted By PeppeyHare

@rulerofthisuniverse: Why don't you like Spider-Man? D:

Romulus is definitely the dumbest character ever created

Avatar image for mucklefluga
Edited By Mucklefluga

Thanks Mat ahahaha.

Avatar image for muyjingo
Edited By MuyJingo

Batman can beat anyone with prep. Deal with it.

I think Captain America has become my least favorite largely because of the fans. The guy is far from superhuman, yet based on maybe 10questionable feats he is considered as such by his insane fans.

And he is corny as hell in the movies.

Avatar image for chalkshark
Posted By chalkshark

Jericho, from the New Teen Titans. As a painter, myself, I should have identified with him, but, MAN, did I hate that character.

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Edited By GraniteSoldier

The Flash ever since the whole speed force thing started. Just sort of lost interest in him.

Avatar image for doctorthomaselliot
Posted By DoctorThomasElliot

The entire Youngblood team except for Chapel when he was in Spawn.

Avatar image for colanicole
Posted By ColaNicole
Avatar image for frozenedge
Posted By frozenedge

Hope Summers. Of all the people who's supposed to 'jump-start' the mutant race again, it just so happens to be a Summers member who just so happens to look like Jean Grey. Really Marvel? It couldn't have been somebody outside the bloodline of people with control issues

Avatar image for maddpanda531
Posted By Maddpanda531

The entire New 52 Teen Titans. And I wanted so badly to like them.

Avatar image for DanialCarroll
Posted By DanialCarroll

I like most characters to some degree, but I guess my least-liked A-list character would probably be Cyclops... though I certainly don't "hate" him, just find him boring.

Avatar image for lyrafay
Posted By LyraFay

Captain America (too boy scout for my taste even more than Superman) and Loki, just because I enjoy Norse Mythology, I find his mythological counterpart more terrifying and a clever trickster but I sort blame that on all those Tom Hiddleston fans on tumblr and then those comic fans who do the same with his character.

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Posted By GraniteSoldier

@colanicole: I dont hate him either. I just dont like him. Didn't start until the speed force thing.

Avatar image for 2cool4fun
Posted By 2cool4fun

I agree with Brett Simon & Marcus Kaneshiro ( though unlike them I still like those characters, but there fans make me like them a loooooooooot less then i did )

But i disagree with Ken Godberson III especially now cause of the New 52, Deathstroke probably does not even know who the titans are, or that they even exist, and the things he did in his own comic are so fucking badass!

Avatar image for phalcon05
Edited By Phalcon05

Superman because he is to OP'd. It makes all his conflicts boring IMO unless he is written as villain

Avatar image for moogman13
Edited By IDontLikeBirds

Spider-man (Peter Parker) and Wolverine. Parker just got on my nerves so much and made some horrible decisions. Wolverine is just so over rated and over used.

Avatar image for cap10nate
Edited By Cap10nate

I dislike Deadpool whenever he is written as over the top goofy and breaks the fourth wall. I liked him in Uncanny X-Force and Cable and Deadpool though.

Really aren't too many characters I dislike though since just about every character has had great and poor characterization over the years from different creators.

Avatar image for ostyo
Posted By Ostyo

Green Arrow

Avatar image for spacemanspiff85
Posted By spacemanspiff85

I thought I'd have to think on this one, but I'd have to say Peter Parker, also. I just got tired of so many stories, after decades, being about the "Parker luck" and how rough he had it, when logically someone with his brain and powers should have it made, even with the superheroing. Especially when he was still with Mary Jane, it was like the ultimate nerd wish fulfillment story, yet so much of it was "woe is me".

Avatar image for jackbensley777
Posted By jackbensley777

captain america, hes a big corny nerd. their is nothing interesting about him besides he got to serve in world war II and fight nazis. Thats the most interesting aspect of the character and i dont think its exploited enough.

Avatar image for theblackhood
Edited By TheBlackHood

Wow, I can't believe I am the first person to say: I hate Wolverine. When he first became a main character in the late seventies and early eighties he was cool because he didn't go "full Wolverine" every issue. Now he is the most overrated, overused, and poorly written character in comics. Any writer can pick up Wolverine and write them however they want because he has no character traits other than saying "bub". Is he a killer, a spy, a crazy rabid animal, an honorable samurai, a teacher, and X-man, an Avenger? He is everything to everyone. This is a character who has a body count as high as Punisher but was allowed to run a school and join the Avengers.

This video is pretty spot with how I feel about the character.

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Avatar image for doctorxander
Posted By DoctorXander

Ye who don't like Batman. Shut up and watch the DCAU.

Hmm. I used to hate Hawkgirl. But Power Girl is just ridiculous fanservice.

Avatar image for shallbecomeabattoo
Edited By Shallbecomeabattoo

Reed Richards. Hate that guy. Only reason that ever made me read F4 was that Hickman wrote them. I kinda like Ben Grimm, though.

OH, and the Hulk! Hate the Hulk. Never got the appeal of him and never will. He was "fun" in the Avengers movie, but that was due to Mark Ruffalo being awesome and wheadon being a genius.

I also HATED Captain America the way he was written in Avengers vs. x-Men. When he is written well he is actually one of my fave Marvel guys.

Avatar image for razzatazz
Posted By RazzaTazz
Avatar image for anjales_ii
Edited By Anjales_II

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Wonder Woman. Never saw the appeal.

Avatar image for mak13131313
Posted By mak13131313

Spider Man.

Avatar image for vampire_batman
Posted By Vampire_Batman

Captain America for his awful tacky costume, esp with the mask. Spiderman just for being boring, never kicked him. Hulk recently, esp in Avengers. Horribly named or costumed characters in general Wonder man, hawk and dove, major maple leaf.

Avatar image for ashr
Posted By Ashr

Captain America. He's an anachronism that isn't very interesting as a modern day superhero.

Avatar image for wavemotioncannon
Posted By WaveMotionCannon

Batman the fan AND writer wanking is ridiculous.

Co-Runners Up: Superman and Capt. America, both are boring as hell to me.

Avatar image for mia26
Edited By Mia26

I hate Hawkeye, because his a rip off of Green Arrow.

I was going to say Batman bacuase of how annoying he is but I really don't hate him, I just feel sorry for him.

Avatar image for mia26
Edited By Mia26

@phalcon05 said:

Superman because he is to OP'd. It makes all his conflicts boring IMO unless he is written as villain

HAHAHA!!! .... That has to be the most idiotic reason. News flash, every damn superhero is OP and despite Superman's "OP" he still makes very interesting stories. You have clearly never read a decent Superman comic. With Superman you need to up the ante, give him epic battles and have him fight foes that are at his level. Of course writing Superman requires a great imagination, which a lot of the writers lack.

Avatar image for kavortino
Posted By Kavortino

No one said Iron Man? If it wasn't for the movie, he would literally be scrapping the bottom of the comic sales barrel

Avatar image for evilpenguin543
Posted By EvilPenguin543

Starfire. Her lack of clothes annoys me.

Avatar image for drthanos91
Posted By DrThanos91

Scarlet witch

Avatar image for cobramorph

1-Batman, 2-WW, & 3-Superman. WW is given more credit, focus & attention than she deserves, because she is NOT on the same level as Bats & Supes. She is on the same level as GL, Flash, or Aquaman. I'm not saying she isnt #3 in DC, someone HAS to be, but there is NO trinity, just like if the fandom were to put, I dunno, GL or Flash up there & call them the quad-ality. It just does NOT exist.

Bats & Supes. They are the big guns, But TDK & MOS movies were nothing special. DC needs to realize that the reason Marvel's movies are so successful, & TBH I think CaptainAmerica1 & both Thor Movies were kinda pointless, you didnt have any religious metaphors in Thor, & HE IS A God.

Avatar image for ceo_of_fresh

Dazzler- I just hate the concept behind her powers and her backstory and it baffles me that now only is she a long standing x-man member but she also has a sizeable fan base.

Avatar image for blayze365
Posted By Blayze365

Definitely Captain america...the dude is massively overrated..especially by those fan boys of his..

One of weakest characters if you ask me.

Avatar image for giovanni_di_guerra
Posted By Giovanni_Di_Guerra

Wolverine - He is EVERYWHERE! Does he have to be in almost every xmen book?

Avatar image for barkley
Posted By Barkley

don't have too positive.....rather talk about my favorites

Avatar image for rebeccajclifton
Edited By RebeccaJClifton

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