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Comic Vine Question of the Week: Favorite Part of Comic Conventions

Why do YOU love going to conventions? Get in here and vote in our latest poll!

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San Diego Comic-Con is only about a week away and the Comic Vine staff is thoroughly excited for the big event. We'll wander the floor, interview talent, and cover many of the noteworthy panels, but this week, we want to know why you enjoy attending these conventions. There's 5 options on our latest poll -- covering everything from cosplay to buying art commissions --and no, "all of the above" isn't on there! That would make your decision far too easy, right? And in the event you don't like going to conventions, well, you're out of luck and should go vote in one of our many other polls. This is the spot for people who love going to these events!


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The poll's staying open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked and all of the votes are in, we'll post an updated article with all of the results. We'll even pick a few posts to highlight in the new article. However, if you do want your post to be considered, please try to restrict it to a few paragraphs at most. Now, it's time to ask yourself why you really love going to these events! Oh, and we'll see you at the convention, Comic Viners!

Check the homepage Thursday for the question results and more. If you want to share a question idea for the segment, feel free to post it below or reach out via Twitter.

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Posted By Ashr
  1. Panels - If moderated & organized, they are informative & entertaining
  2. Artist alley - Talking to creators/buying artwork
  3. Vendors/Comic Publishers - Sideshow Collectibles, DC, Marvel, Image, etc.
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Edited By SpitfirePanda

I love the fact that they look awesome and fun. I hate the fact that I can never afford to go to them :(

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Posted By Mrfuzzynutz

love the Artist Alley, like to getting to talk to the artist. Just a real kick to see what my idols growing up look like and how they are in person. I also like just talking shop with 'little guys' like myself and seeing how they go about their work and what materials they use, challenges they face.

I went to HeroesCon inCharlotte this year a spent a good part of the day just checking out the guest speakers, and asking artist about portfolio work

My kids love the costumes and the swag they can get however lol Deadpool is always a hit with them