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Comic Vine Battle of the Week Results: Moon Knight vs. Red Hood

The fist of Khonshu dukes it out with the second Robin! It was a close one, but one of the characters BARELY took an edge. Come see who the Comic Vine community sided with!

Man, this was ridiculously close! Every 'Comic Vine Battle of the Week' has had a pretty clear winner so far, but this week, one of the combatants barely edged out a victory. In fact, he only took the lead by 1% and that single percentage point was often shifting back and forth between them during the week. After five days of debate, more than 550 Viners cast their votes and in the end, the people have declared a winner. Taking 47% of the votes, Moon Knight defeats Red Hood!

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Jason definitely gave him trouble before going down for the count, though. The DC character earned 46% of the votes and 7% thought it was too close to call -- and based on the verdict, I can't blame them for thinking such. That said, my vote went to Moon Knight. The two are fairly comparable in a lot of factors (physicals, skill), but ultimately, Moon Knight's pain tolerance should keep him in the game longer than his opponent. Additionally, while they're in a similar level of skill, I do think Marc Spector has better feats under this belt even though Jason receiving training from Batman and many more in The New 52 (including the All Caste and Lady Shiva). But at the end of the day, training doesn't mean everything if you don't have the showings to actually prove you're more talented than your foe. And in this case, I think Marc's showings against a plethora of characters can support giving him a slight edge in that regard.

Viner Argument of the Week for Moon Knight is by CitizenBane

"Moon Knight wins. Jason's skill resume is a bit lacking in comparison to people like Nightwing; he lost to Batman rather rapidly once Bruce took him seriously in the original pre-Flashpoint Under the Hood arc (appeared to have the upper hand in the new 52, but that was one panel and no details were provided so virtually anything could have happened before that), and lost to a blind, disoriented (and gassed, if I remember correctly) Nightwing.

Moon Knight's skill feats are better, and I'm ignoring that nonsense with Taskmaster here; even disregarding the fights while he had powers, he's done well against Deadpool, Swordsman, and as a high showing, against the useless Mac Gargan Venom. Neither of them have ever struck me as especially great marksmen along the lines of a Deadshot or Bullseye, but Spector has accuracy feats with his crescent darts that should match up well with the Hood's.

What really sells it for me is Spector's more impressive damage soak. He's been on the receiving end of several gruesome beatings and continued to fight while bleeding profusely from a half dozen different places. He'll outlast Todd, if nothing else."

Unfortunately, no one from the comic industry was able to chime in this week. However, my fellow Comic Vine staffers were more than happy to share their thoughts.

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring:

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, GREGG?! My two favorite b-list heroes fighting it out?

For me, this all depends on what version of Moon Knight we're dealing with. Is the the original MK that pretended to be a cabby to keep his ear to the streets? Is it the mid-2000s MK that was incredibly insane? Or was it the most recent incarnation of MK that thought he was hanging out with the Avengers, but it was all in his head? After looking at the rules, you picked the pre-Bendis run of MK? The one where Marc Spector tries to talk to his god all the time? The one that had some insanely brutal fights? The one that... wait... didn't he die?

What we have here is two character with incredibly confusing histories. Red Hood has a good amount of training under his belt, as well as a few fights, but I'm going to give the slight edge to Moon Knight simply because the new 52 version of Red Hood is a bit more sane and a tad more tame. How do you stop a crazy person in battle, unless you're a psychiatrist?"

It's okay, you're still a winner to me, Jason.
It's okay, you're still a winner to me, Jason.

Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder:

"Red Hood VS Moon Knight is about as close to "too close to call" as I'm willing to get, and even though I MAY have voted that way (then again, I may not have), upon closer examination: I think Red Hood takes this one by MICROMETERS. Marc Spector, somewhat ironically, has the scion of Batman beat in the gadgets department. Todd has often eschewed the more fancy trappings of his mentor, preferring pistols and hand-to-hand blades (the occasional mini-gun not withstanding), but what Todd lacks in versatility, he makes up for in training and sheer, hellish determination.

Moon Knight, in the time period we're talking about, is at his most ruthless, but he's also wracked with guilt and a sense of remorse over going too far and haunted by visions from his god, meanwhile Jason has never been more determined and focused. And we're talking about someone who trained under both Batman AND the Talia al Ghul. Spector can throw out all the moon-shaped shurikens he likes, you think Jason doesn't have a million and one ways to counter those after years of working with the Bat?

It will be a pitched and vicious battle, don't get me wrong, but every time Spector hesitates, Todd will be there exploiting the moment. This definitely degenerates into an UGLY slugfest between the two, and in that situation I ultimately see Red Hood taking this with a non-lethal victory."

Last but most definitely not least, here's a tease for next week's battle! Check the homepage on Monday to see who they are!


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Want to suggest a battle? Feel free to comment below or send it to Gregg via Twitter.

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Avatar image for zeeguy91
Posted By Zeeguy91

Deadshot vs. someone I don't know

Avatar image for saren
Posted By Saren

That is one seriously good shop job.

Deadshot vs Grifter?

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

oooh is that a team battle?

Avatar image for thetimestreamer
Posted By theTimeStreamer

man with wrist guns vs man with regular guns. you have liefeld's attention.

Avatar image for nigravirum1
Posted By nigravirum1

I think it might be Deadshot vs. The Punisher is my guess.... and YES MOONKNIGHT FTW!

Avatar image for k4tzm4n
Edited By k4tzm4n

@citizenbane said:

That is one seriously good shop job.

Deadshot vs Grifter?

Thank you. My Microsoft Paint skills are slowly improving.

Avatar image for lvenger
Posted By lvenger

Excellent, glad Moon Knight won. But I can't quite make out who the blacked out figures are.

Avatar image for danhimself
Posted By danhimself

so yeah I don't know much about Moon Knight but can someone explain what kind of training he's had?

Avatar image for lvenger
Posted By lvenger

That is one seriously good shop job.

Deadshot vs Grifter?

It looks like a team battle. Now that you mention it, the first figure on the right does look like Grifter. I think the other one might be Midnighter.

Avatar image for comicace3
Posted By comicace3

Is next week a team battle?

Avatar image for saren
Posted By Saren

Looks like Deadshot and King Shark on the left.

Avatar image for psycho_soldier
Posted By Psycho_Soldier

Deadshot+King Shark VS Punisher+Deadpool (?)

Avatar image for arkhamc1tizen
Edited By Arkhamc1tizen

I agree with the outcome.

Avatar image for alkusanagi
Posted By AlKusanagi

@citizenbane: Yeah, that's who I'd guess. No clue on the other two.

Avatar image for mezmero
Posted By Mezmero

I've been impressed with how close this one came but I think the right dude won. I voted for Moon Knight because he will -eff up anyone if he feels like it. Moon Knight definitely embodies vengeance better than Jason Todd. Red Hood couldn't even avenge his own death because of the goodness instilled by Batman.

Avatar image for shadowx
Posted By ShadowX

The one on the right looks like fantomex to me. But i could be wrong. I have no idea of the one on the left.

Avatar image for theorder14
Edited By Theorder14

ahh Nightwing, why does it feels like the only times he owns his enemies is when he's fighting blind

Avatar image for hushofthewind
Posted By HushoftheWind

wow Thunderbolts vs Secret Six, put me down for Secret Six if thats the case

Avatar image for hushofthewind
Posted By HushoftheWind

On the Red HoodvsMoonKnight debate/battle, i always felt like Jason would a feeling of "Haven't i seen this before?" being that his former mentor is a superior version of Moon Knight(yeah, i said it. that's what make Moon Knight so fun, he's a reckless Batman).

Avatar image for torzone
Posted By torzone

Looks like Punisher vs Deadshot

Avatar image for tobygoodman
Edited By TobyGoodman

Is that Green Hornet and Katoonthe right?

Avatar image for spectrumblur
Posted By SpectrumBlur

Next week, I'm guessing Suicide Squad vs. Thunderbolts.

Avatar image for goddamnironman
Edited By GodDamnIronMan

Deadshot vs ???

Avatar image for daredevil21134
Posted By daredevil21134

Awsome picture

Avatar image for docluthorvondoom
Edited By DocLuthorVonDoom

Wow, so MK won by 1%? I think this is the closest one I've seen.

Avatar image for jloneblackheart
Posted By jloneblackheart

Deadshot & Catman vs Punisher & Bullseye?

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Posted By GraniteSoldier

Was out doing field training so I didn't get to vote on this one. Looks like it was a great matchup. I think I would've sided Moon Knight, otherwise too close to call.

Avatar image for ultrastarkiller
Posted By ULTRAstarkiller

That picture is badass

Avatar image for strider1992
Edited By Strider1992

Damn I can't guess who the two on the right are and the one on the left (aside Deadshot ofc). Time to start thinking like K4tz!

Thats Deadshot so it stands to reason that whoever is teamed up with him has some kind of history. Now I can see a big gauntlet on the right and a small blade on the left. At first I thought it was Batman but that seemed to obvious.

I'm going to say thats Deadshot and Scandal from Secret Six

On the right I can see a guy holding what looks like a throwing knife and a guy with a pair of guns. the only guy I can deducted from that is Bullseye and if thats Bullseye then going by the team thing it must be someone he's worked with and who could give scandal a tussle.

I'm going to say its Bullseye and Nuke/Scourge from Thunderbolts.

Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted By LordRequiem

Moon Knight would be a great Marvel movie.

Avatar image for jwalser3
Edited By jwalser3


Avatar image for dj1107
Edited By DJ1107

So next battle appears to be Suicide Squad vs Thunderbolts. Can we try to make it a tie since both teams just plain sucked

Avatar image for bull_iod
Posted By Bull_iod

Love that Batman / Moon Knight mix up image

Avatar image for joygirl
Posted By Joygirl

Deadpool vs. Punisher.

Avatar image for dscythe
Edited By dscythe

Glad to see some moonie support...maybe he does have enough of an audience for a new series :p

Avatar image for tdk_1997
Posted By TDK_1997

On the left there;s Deadshot and probably Batman or King Shark but on the right I have no idea.I can see a guy with guns and a mask,probably a hockey mask.

Avatar image for slade_wilson
Edited By slade_wilson
Avatar image for jamdamage
Posted By JamDamage

Im going Deadshot vs Punisher just beause the Punisher looking pic is a guy without a mask. It's not Grifter because this is DC vs Marvel. That said. It's another to close to call. Deadshot is the better shot, but Punishers hand to hand will be destroying Deadshot all day long. Wait.............we can't vot yet. What ever. I CAN'T BELIEVE MOON KNIGHT WON!!! I I figured Red Hood would win by popular vote. Good for Moon Knight. Glad he won. He deserves it.

Avatar image for thelightprince
Posted By Thelightprince

@slade_wilson: its impresive you found the exact image the silhouettes came from. iiiiiiimpressive.

Avatar image for slade_wilson
Posted By slade_wilson
Avatar image for strider1992
Edited By Strider1992

@slade_wilson: Nice job at finding the images. (well I got 2 out of 4 right lol). Who's the guy with Bullseye?

Avatar image for lone_wolf_and_cub
Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub
Avatar image for slade_wilson
Edited By slade_wilson
Avatar image for thatonekidwholikescomics
Posted By ThatOneKidWhoLikesComics
Avatar image for arw1985
Posted By arw1985

On the left, it looks like Deadshot and Catman. I don't know who that is on the right though.

Avatar image for redhood21
Posted By redhood21


Avatar image for onemoreposter
Posted By Onemoreposter

I'm going to side with Catman because the Secret Six version was awesome! Dude runs around with Lions, all other arguments are invalid.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Nice! Kinda figured it would go this way :)

Avatar image for supermanjohnathankentjr
Posted By SupermanJohnathanKentJr
Avatar image for veshark
Posted By Veshark

Whoo! So happy MK won, and rightfully so, too.

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