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Comic Vine Battle of the Month Results: Sinestro vs. Wonder Woman

The clash between these powerhouses has come to an end and the Comic Vine community has determined a winner. Also, see if you can guess next week's fight!

Can Wonder Woman's skill and impressive physicals allow her to defeat the powerful Sinestro in combat? According to the Comic Vine community, yes, she totally can and would. Out of 413 votes, 53% thought Diana would knock Thaal's lights out. A respectable 41% thought Sinestro would stand victorious and 6% believe the fight is just too close to call.

Despite losing the poll, Sinestro is by no means a character anyone should underestimate. He's recently endured a planet destroying attack and has obliterated Mongul II in an absolutely vicious fight. His power ring offers a wide array of dangerous attacks, too. From blasts to blunt force, there's a massive amount of attacks the alien can unleash during his battle with the amazon. However, Wonder Woman has the raw speed and sheer might to contend and even overcome the wealthy amount of variety Thaal's ring has to offer -- that's not even factoring in her lasso and bracelets either. Sinestro is an incredibly tough fellow and he won't be easy to drop, but it's clear the majority of Viners think she has what it takes to knock him out. Let's check out one standout argument for Diana and see what a Comic Vine staff writer has to say about this one.

Viner Argument of the Week for Wonder Woman is by RazzaTazz

"Wonder Woman might have the best collection of power items in the DC Universe. And while Sinestro is skilled with the power ring, she is equally ingenious with her combat ability and powers. Even without powers she is a hand to hand combatant at par with Batman, and add in the super abilities and she stands almost equal to Superman. I suppose its not really relevant to the discussion, but it is likely that her willpower is even stronger than Sinestro, as she held out against death at the hands of Neron for an unexpectedly long time. What this comes down to is that Wonder Woman only needs to get the lasso around any part of his body and he is done."

Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder, Comic Vine writer

"This is another neck-and-neck match. I mean Wonder Woman sees Sinestro and what's she going to do but charge? But this plays right into Thaal's hands, his mind racing at a mile a minute against this brutish woman and grabbing her in a terrifying, yellow light construct, hurling her into orbit and scoffing.

Sinestro doesn't quite know who he's dealing with, however, this isn't some lumbering, knuckle-dragging oaf, but an Amazon who knows how to reverse direction and charge back at him. Sinestro barely has time to raise a barrier before Wonder Woman collides with him, sending them both packing through the buildings. This is where Diana has an advantage as Sinestro can't and won't sacrifice himself to deal damage, but he still manages to blast her off with a pure power blast. He loses sight of her, though, but she's wounded. He charges his ring and turns just in time to see Wonder Woman smash up through the floor. He hits her with a series of bolts, but she deflects them with her bracers. He conjures the greatest horrors of the cosmos he can imagine, but Diana has faced horrors of mythic proportion that a mortal mind can't imagine and lassos Sinestro in one quick motion.

"Tell me...what do YOU fear?"

" will crushed..."

"It's time you faced it, then."

One punch later, and Sinestro is out, Diana leaving him for Hal to take him to a sciencell."

Last but not least, here's a tease for the next battle. Can you guess who both characters are before it's revealed on Monday? Hint: the left image is obviously Galactus.

First person to accurately guess both characters gets an e-high five! Oooo! Ahhhh! But really, they'll get a mention in Monday's feature.

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Want to suggest a battle? Feel free to comment below or send it to Gregg via Twitter.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

first, and i voted WW

Posted by dondave

New 52 Ollie

Posted by MAZAHS117

Knew Wondy would get the win

Edited by DEGRAAF

Its green arrow vs ?????

Looks like the second character has machine gun gauntlets unless those are close ups on guns in his hands

My guess might be Jason Todd

Edited by AllStarSuperman

@degraaf: i dont think its jason tood they already used him in a fight. it could maybe be Deadshot vs Green Arrow

EDIT: they already used Deadshot as well, idk

Edited by SavageDragon

I would go WW, but in a brutal close fight.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I knew Wonder Woman would take him. I know New 52 Green Arrow, not sure about the other guy. It's almost completely blacked out.

Posted by nickzambuto

The CitizenBane trick says "Clintvsnowayyou." I honestly have no idea who the second character can be, and tbh I feel k4 might be tricking us, because to me that looks more like Green Arrow for whatever reason.

Posted by Saren

It's obviously Green Arrow vs Vague Amorphous Blob.

Posted by jwalser3

It's obviously Green Arrow vs Vague Amorphous Blob.

R.I.P my sides

Posted by DecoyElite

Green Arrow vs Ninjak? I CAN DREAM!

Edited by k4tzm4n

@decoyelite said:

Green Arrow vs Ninjak? I CAN DREAM!

Saving Ninjak for when he has more feats. Hopefully he'll get a decent amount in Unity. Characters like Bloodshot and X-O can appear at any time, though...

Moderator Online
Edited by DecoyElite

@k4tzm4n said:

@decoyelite said:

Green Arrow vs Ninjak? I CAN DREAM!

Saving Ninjak for when he has more feats. Hopefully he'll get a decent amount in Unity. Characters like Bloodshot and X-O can appear at any time, though...

Hopefully he'll be rocking out in Unity. Really want him to get his own series especially after I checked out the awesome classic one.

Posted by lvenger

New 52 Green Arrow vs...I have no idea who it is. But this week's battle was a nice turn out I thought.

Posted by Vaeternus

I think WW would win, like Razza said. She's gone toe to toe with Superman, which not many can do lol. Sinestro is just an dark Hal Jordan at the end of the day(not literally but you know what I mean), he can be broken.

Posted by TheTrueBarryAllen

It's obviously Green Arrow vs Vague Amorphous Blob.

I'm dying. This is hilarious.

Posted by hulk_post_absolute_power

Hawkeye vs ???? Not sure

Edited by JamDamage

I don't agree with this win being WW not Sinestro. I always thought the Lanterns are watered down in terms of powers. They basically have a wish granting ring. They can make anything think of. Plus, couldn't Sinestro just grab Wonder Woman and fly into space at a speed to quick for her to react to and just dump her in space where she can't breathe? Sure it's not reality, but in reality wouldn't a good enough Green Lantern or Sinestro Corp member be to beat just about anyone??? IT'S MAKES ANYTHING YOU THINK OF!!!!

Posted by Black_Claw

Next battle is Galactus vs Unicron!

Edited by knightofthechronicle

Yo @k4tzm4n, it's Green Arrow Vs. Punisher

Posted by viin

ooo next week should be interesting...if I only I knew the second one

Edited by i_like_swords

@k4tzm4n said:

@decoyelite said:

Green Arrow vs Ninjak? I CAN DREAM!

Saving Ninjak for when he has more feats. Hopefully he'll get a decent amount in Unity. Characters like Bloodshot and X-O can appear at any time, though...

Hopefully he'll be rocking out in Unity. Really want him to get his own series especially after I checked out the awesome classic one.

He is getting his own series, but it's been pushed back. One day...

Posted by Owie

k4tz, it wasn't totally clear to me where you stand on this fight. I assume you agree with the poll?

Posted by fingernail9

Hands down Wondy girl, but she'd lose an arm.

Posted by EvilPenguin543

I don't know why, but I have a feeling the character on the right is Rocket Raccoon. So I'm gonna say Green Arrow vs. Rocket Raccoon.

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Woohoo wtg Wonder Woman!

Posted by patrat18

Arrow vs ?

Posted by LordRequiem

Of course if it based on current events then Sinestro would wipe the floor with her, but we shan't go into that.

Posted by mewmdude77

Green Arrow versus Batman

Posted by GrimoireMyst

WW would take the win imo. Glad I voted for her.

Edited by WaveMotionCannon

Sinestro should have won this. He's the best lantern period. His versatility should allow him to create something to defeat WW.

Posted by kcvic

Edited by CrazyScarecrow

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

Deathstroke vs. Deadpool

The Flash vs. Quicksilver

The Joker vs. Green Goblin

Catwoman vs. Black Cat

Alan Scott vs. Jay Garrick

Aquaman vs. Namor

Dog Welder vs. Squirrel Girl

Also the picture looks like Green Arrow and either Cyborg or Rocket Raccoon

Edited by GothamRed

Green arrow vs what appears to be a darkened alley.

Posted by The Stegman

It's obviously Green Arrow vs Vague Amorphous Blob.

It all comes down to if Vague Amorphous Blob gets prep time or not. Cause we know what VAB can do with prep.

Posted by XImpossibruX

Vague Amorphous Blob should become a thing.

Edited by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

I knew it was going to be Wonder Woman.

Edited by Patera_All
Posted by KINGSLEYinc
Posted by ravisher

Green arrow vs ink splatter

Edited by Bystander

Hey, what happened to the Venom & Kaine VS Heroes for Hire?

Posted by sniktbub100

Green Arrow vs Buckwaker

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by Crimsonlord53

Green Arrow Vs The Darkness (top cow).

Posted by MonsterStomp

Glad Dianna won. It just seemed like the logical choice. Starting distance was way too close for Sinestro.

Edited by Wolverine08

Lol, at that black blob.

Edited by OreoAssassin
Posted by sesquipedalophobe

Green Arrow versus Alf.

Posted by Bystander
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