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Comic Creators Mark Waid, Mike Allred, Chris Samnee and Paolo Rivera Talk DAREDEVIL

The creators behind the book discuss the upcoming changes in the series' creative team, and look ahead at what's in store for our hero.

Earlier today the DAREDEVIL creative team got together to discuss the direction of their book, and to give readers a peek at some of the interior pages of the series' July issue, DAREDEVIL #15 and #17. Mark Waid, Mike Allred, Chris Samnee and Paolo Rivera started the discussion by reveling in the success of the series thus far. DAREDEVIL has become one of Marvel's most popular titles, and one that has been incredibly (and consistently) well received by critics.

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`"It's great," Waid said, adding that he's never had this level of critical acclaim in his career. "It is really gratifying, and it makes it much easier to sit at the keyboard every day."

And although Waid and Rivera are both extremely happy with the overall reception, that doesn't mean they weren't the least bit intimidated about coming onto the title.

`Waid says he was intimidated by what Kevin Smith did in Daredevil back in the late '90s, and since then it's been a succession of great talent in the book. Waid says he was tempted to say no at first, but was convinced in that Marvel wanted it to be more of a superhero book, while keeping street-level elements.

And while Waid has had a great time working on the title with Rivera, he's also definitely looking forward to working with artist Chris Samnee on the book. Samnee, who will be taking over for Rivera, is also excited about working on the series and his approach will be very different to that of Rivera's. As for Rivera, he'll still be illustrating covers for DAREDEVIL but he "may try some creator owned projects."

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Black Cat, according to Waid, won't be appearing in DAREDEVIL any time soon; so anyone looking for a long term relationship sprouting between her character and DD may have to sit tight. She is, however according to Waid, "definitely due for a return visit."

In recent issues, Foggy has been obviously concerned for Matt's mental health and overall well-being. Waid reveals that these "suspicions" of Foggy's may be "redeemed in the near future."

Artist Mike Allred, who will be joining Waid as the cover artist for DAREDEVIL #17 indicated that he received the gig thanks to a fan letter he submitted to Marvel. According to Allred, he's "been a Daredevil fan since he was hanging from monkey bars in elementary school."

Waid revealed that Stilt-Man will be the villain for Allred's issue; one that Waid feels is "perfect" for Allred to draw.

What do you think of the three interior pages of DAREDEVIL #15 by Chris Samnee? Are you looking forward to seeing Allred's work on DAREDEVIL #17? You can check out the full interview transcript here for anything we may have missed.

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