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Comic Book Wallpapers for the New iPad

Finding the best wallpapers isn't easy. Here's a bunch and what you need to know to make your own.

I've had my new iPad for less than a month now. And of course I love it. Talking to Norm (from, we came to the realization that there aren't a lot of good comic book wallpapers for the iPad. The main reason is, with the high resolution of the screen, you need to find an extremely large image to work with in order to make a good wallpaper.

Besides finding a large enough image, you also have to find an image that will work when you hold the iPad in a vertical or horizontal image.

== TEASER ==

Above you can see the cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 by Jim Lee. I used this image because I managed to find a large size and the position of Wonder Woman (the focal point here) was centered just right. Take a look when you rotate the iPad.

Now this is set as the 'lock' screen but you can still see that her head doesn't get chopped off when you rotate. You have the option of setting the lock screen and the home screen.

When choosing your home screen, (you could use the same image twice but most likely won't want to), you also need to think about what it's going to look like with the icons on the screen.

It might not be a big deal but could be something to consider. Take, for example this great Watcher and Fantastic Four image I found by Gabriel Hardman.

It looks great but the icons might take a little away from the image. It just depends on how picky you are and, of course, you could always use that image as the lock screen.

Here is an example of what doesn't work. I found a nice large Spider-Man image from the last video game. I thought it'd look great (and this happened to be one of the first I made).

Rotating the iPad results in a big old "FAIL."

What do you need to consider and look for?

I'm not sure where this template came from but Norm passed it along when I set out to begin this quest of creating some great wallpaper.

The image you want to end up with is 2048x2048. That means you'll need to find an image BIGGER than that in order to crop it down (use any image editing software like Photoshop or free services like, which is soon going away).

You don't want any key items in any of the corners (which is why you wont' have to worry about the images below having a Comic Vine watermark because it won't show up when you set the images). The important thing to remember is to have the main image in the center. You don't want to chop off characters' heads.

That's all you really need to look for. Nice big images that have the action or focus in the center. Save your image as a .png for best results.

My examples

Here's what I managed to come up with. I really wanted to come up with some more but my time was limited.

To save, be sure to click/open the image before dragging it to your desktop. Or, right click and open in a new tab. If you simply take the image as it appears here, it won't be the 2048x2048 version. Make sure you have the right size!

Now it's your turn. Let's see what you can come up with. Put them in the comments below.

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Posted by wmwadeii

@dvorak: That's good to know. I personally have a Nook Color so the resolution is 1024x768 so I dont' care about having that high a resolution image. I take the digital comics I get and convert them to a lower resolution apx 1600px and compress them to give me a 5-8 MB file instead of the 20 MB one. Glad to see they are keeping up, wouldn't have thought they had them for the PC yet as to get the resolution on screen that the new iPad has you need a 30" 2560x2048 monitor (yes there are some 20"+ but they are close to$600).

Posted by CaptainKandor

This looks great on my new ipad! Thanks!

Posted by KidSupreme

i want a good live theme for my android

Posted by DEGRAAF

for some reason when i click to enlarge a photo on this thread it grey's the background like the pic popped up but i never see anything

Posted by ilikewallpaper
Posted by captainpojoe

I am dieing for an Ipad2 and this is just making me want one even more!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Raven575

I made this for a friend a couple weeks ago. Would probably look good as wallpaper.

Posted by CtrlAltDesign
Posted by GiveUpNed

@Billy Batson said:


Why not? It's fine when they watermark previews since other sites like CBR do it but why do it on stuff that they don't even own and that can be found in the image galleries or via google.
And the site could get trouble for watermarking it.

ComicVine is the largest comic book site on the internet. I'm pretty sure they got permission from the publishers.

Edited by Transformers1024

We should update this for iOS7

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