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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Who's Your Favorite Robin?

Six Robins entered the poll. Only one is leaving as the winner. Which sidekick did the Comic Vine community declare as its favorite one? Come see which hero took the prize and why!

Batman sure loves to brood and do things by himself, but throughout the years, he's allowed a number of people to stand right by his side. When it comes to the mantle of Robin, there's six characters who usually to come to mind immediately: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, and Carrie Kelley. Sure, there's other Robins from different universes and what not, but these six tend to be the most iconic. Each brings their own qualities to the table and are adored for completely different reasons, but this week, we wanted to see which one you like the most and why. Well, after two days of voting, the Comic Vine community has declared a winner. It looks like your fellow Viners think you just can't go wrong with the original. Congrats, Dick Grayson!

Dick "Sensational" Grayson!

It was a pretty close race, but in the end, the very first boy wonder earned 34% of the votes. Making his debut back in 1940 (DETECTIVE COMICS #38), Dick Grayson was originally described as "an exciting new figure whose gymnastic and athletic feats will astound you... a laughing, fighting, young daredevil who scoffs at danger like the legendary Robin Hood whose name and spirit he has adopted." Not only was Grayson the first Robin to fight side-by-side with the Caped Crusader for so many years, but he also evolved a great deal since putting on the yellow cape. He went on to lead the Teen Titans (as Robin), and, as you all of course know, eventually became Nightwing and even temporarily stepped into Batman's cowl. Let's see what one Viner has to say about Grayson.

Viner Post of the Week for Dick Grayson is by Alak

"Dick Grayson easily gets my vote. To me, he's had more character growth out of any of the robins which is due to the advantage of having the longest publication history. His role as a sidekick is underrated by a lot of readers because they only remember the cheesy puns, but he's actually had a lot of moments where he shined as the boy wonder. Let's also not forget that as Robin, he was a founder of the original Teen Titans, a team whose legacy continues to be very well-known today. As Nightwing, Dick proved that a sidekick was capable of breaking free from the shadows of his mentor. The guy was skilled enough to clean up his own city while continuing helping out in Gotham as well as helping out with the Titans/Justice League. Then there's the fact that he was the obvious choice for becoming Batman after Bruce died, and he did a good job at carrying the mantle even after the latter returned. Team Grayson FTW!"

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Grayson may have snagged the top spot, but he was in relatively close race with Tim and Damian during the two day voting period. Initially, all three were tied and then Tim took the lead. However, more and more voters began to rally for the original Robin and he eventually flipped his way to victory. Sadly, Carrie and Stephanie were left in the dust while Jason received a moderate amount of love. Check out the poll figures below.

  • Dick Grayson 34%
  • Tim Drake 29%
  • Damian Wayne 22%
  • Jason Todd 11%
  • Stephanie Brown 2%
  • Carrie Kelley 2%

Who earned your vote, reader? Feel free to share your favorite image or cover of the character below. Don't be shy, join the discussion.

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