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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: What the New Deathstroke Ongoing Needs

There's a new Deathstroke series on the horizon and here's what the Comic Vine community really wants to see in it!

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It's a great time to be a fan of Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, the Terminator. Not only has he been appearing in plenty of video games and TV shows, but he's also our latest Character of the Month and he has a new ongoing series that'll begin in October. The new volume will be written and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel (spectacular artwork has been provided below) and, obviously, many Slade fans are anxious to see what the first chapter will have to offer.

Will it bust out of the gate with a bunch of crazy action? Will it be the beginning of a great plot? Will it offer an impressive amount of insight into who Slade Wilson truly is? Could Slade Wilson's complex family life step front and center? Or maybe it'll thrill us by bringing in a familiar face or two? We gave the Comic Vine community two days to think about this and the majority has spoken! In the end, it's not ridiculously fun action they want to see in a Deathstroke book -- it's a compelling plot!

Now THAT'S a cliffhanger!

We've seen plenty of Deathstroke being a bonafide badass, but when it comes to truly memorable storylines, the character doesn't have too many in his fairly long history of appearances. Yes, we've been given a great look at who he is, what's going on with his family, and we've watched him take on various heroes and villains, but the Comic Vine voters want to see a narrative that'll keep them engaged. They want to be hit with a cliffhanger that'll leave them guessing and counting down the days until they can pick up the next issue. Slade's a tactical and sharp man, so to have his intellect put to the test and constantly challenged would be thrilling. We know he can slug it out with almost anyone, but what happens when his enemy is a step ahead of him? Will the upcoming story deliver that? Only time will tell, but it's safe to say most of us are hoping for the best!

Are you curious about the final results of the poll? Here you go!

  • A compelling plot 43%
  • A solid insight into Slade Wilson 18%
  • More interaction with other DC heroes and villains 17%
  • Amazing action 12%
  • A focus on Slade's relationship with his family 8%

Now, let's see what some Viners had to say about our latest Question of the Week.


"I always thought the most entertaining thing about deathstroke was that he had a family, I mean how many assassins do you know have a family? It would be really cool if they touched on that at one point or another."


"Insight into the character. Character>Plot.

Stories with great characterization tend to be the most compelling."


"All of these are great options though I think the most important ingredient that we'll need at this point is a compelling plot. We already know Tony Daniels is going to deliver on the eye candy and now we just need a story that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Deathstroke needs obstacles to overcome all while showcasing his tactical prowess. We need to see Slade thinking ahead of his enemies and surprising the audience with the tricks up his sleeves.

Aside from that he needs a compelling antagonist. The closest we came to Deathstroke having a recurring enemy in the previous run was the mercenary "Legacy" who continued to resurface due to particular reasons I won't spoil. Pin Slade up against someone people will remember, someone that will make Slade a better mercenary for the experience of shedding their blood.

Have him interact with more heroes and villains. The possibilities are endless when you have such a gray character like Slade.

Give him a fair sized interesting supporting cast. It can be like Green Arrow's 2 or 3 people behind the scenes. I think that was one of the main things the previous run suffered from. Deathstroke was always on his own and occasionally interacted with Peabody who dropped off the face of the earth entirely once Liefeld and Jordan stepped up to the plate. We need Slade to bounce off of someone and not clutter the pages with thought boxes.

Lastly, we need to get away from entire arcs finishing with 'It was Slade's kid A,B, or C the whole time! You know, because they hate him!'"


"I think what Deathstroke really needs to have a successful run is to provide more insight into who he is, why he does what he does, does he have regrets, does he keep trophys, more on his history when he first got into the assassin gig. Maybe some first encounters with other heroes/villains, how he was trained. Honestly it couldn't hurt (for lack of imagination here) to have a Deathstroke year 1 type of thing.

Right now it kinda feels like they push the Clint Eastwood angle for Deathstroke. A man of few words but tons of butt kicking. Well that works for a two hour movie. But that character and his actions quickly become vapid with enough exposure. If he's not going to talk out loud, then readers need to see what he is thinking.

Deathstroke needs roots. Readers need to better understand what he cares about, so we can decide if this is a character we can relate or take prolonged interest in. Just my opinion."

That's it for this week's question, Viners! Which option earned your vote and why do you think it's an important quality? Don't be shy, continue the discussion below! Again, Deathstroke's new series will go on sale this October.

Want to continue celebrating Deathstroke? He's currently fighting Deadpool (click here to vote!). Two TV shows he's appeared in -- Arrow and Young Justice -- are featured in the latest edition of Favorite TV Shows (click here to vote!). We've also posted his best covers and we'll share his must read stories this Friday.

We'll attempt to focus another Question of the Week or two on Slade Wilson, so if you have an idea for a good one, feel free to share it below or via Twitter.

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no Rob Liefeld

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Posted by The Impersonator

I can't wait to see him back in Arrow.

Posted by Maddpanda531

no Rob Liefeld

This guy knows where it's at (Or should I say "Not at"?)

Posted by BruceWayne19

All you need is a couple things to make this book great. You already have a great character so don't try to hard to make everyone love him. Make him edgy. Give him a solid origin story. And last he needs to go up against the big boys in the dc universe. Batman, green arrow, flash etc... Those huge brawls are what people love death stroke for. Make it simple and people will love this series

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Wait! Wasn't the poll supposed to stay open until tomorrow morning?

Posted by amazing_webhead

Well, they're all important parts of a comic.

Posted by k4tzm4n

Wait! Wasn't the poll supposed to stay open until tomorrow morning?

Question of the Week is always Tuesday-Thursday.

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Posted by Dedpool

It really needs all of those things to be a good book. It can tell stories involving other DCU characters, tell stories focusing on his family, and tell stories that are just badass. But it has to be well written. I actually liked what they had started doing with his New 52 book, but then the writing kinda fell apart. Slade should be like the book everyone wants to write. Write him as a hero in one story, a villain in another, but always have him stick to his code. I want the same thing for a Taskmaster comic!

Posted by StMichalofWilson

A compelling plot is good, but want to see more interaction with DC heroes and villains

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no Rob Liefeld

I laughed loudly when I saw this - let alone that it was the first comment.