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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: What did you think of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?'

We like the show, but did you also dig it? Come see what the Comic Vine community thinks of the first episode!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally here! The debut was a huge hit for Marvel and ABC, luring in over 12 million viewers. Comic Vine's Editor-in-Chief Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero gave the first episode a positive review, but we also wanted to see how everyone else feels about the premiere. Because of that, we decided to let you all speak your mind in the 'Question of the Week's' latest poll. So, how'd the CV community feel about the show's first effort? Love it? Hate it? A resounding 'meh?' Well, 37% of you dug it and said you'll definitely tune in next week!

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I can understand why most of you voted "pretty good." There was an abundance of Joss Whedon's signature humor, more of the charismatic Clark Gregg is always a good thing, and there was plenty of fan service packed into the episode. But, there certainly were some tropes and two specific characters were hardly well-received. Then again, this is only the first episode, so the show has plenty of room to grow and develop. Hopefully instead of trying to juggle characters equally (an understandable move for the first episode, though) we get can a bigger spotlight on specific individuals in each episode and, of course, focus more on the allegedly big threat S.H.I.E.L.D. is facing. Let's just hope the twist with Agent Coulson surprises us instead of being the super obvious (*cough* LMD *cough*). All in all, it was absolutely a fun debut and just like most of you, I'll definitely check out the next episode.

Here's the full poll results:

  • Pretty good. I'll tune in again. 37%
  • Loved it! I'm hooked! 26%
  • Eh, it was alright. 17%
  • It's still on my DVR. 12%
  • It was kind of disappointing. Not sure yet if I'll watch the second episode. 4%
  • Really didn't like it and I'm not bothering with the next episode. 4%

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Avatar image for avengers_4everxx
Posted By Avengers_4everXX

It didn't blow me away, but I'll give it some time. It took Buffy a season to find it's groove and then it was off like a rocket, so I'm willing to give it a good twelve episodes. I thought the "cheesiness" was a breath of fresh air from the, quite frankly, over-hyped "dark and realistic" TV shows that seem to dominate the air(like a certain show that ended last night who shall not be named). The characters were okay. I'd prefer if Coulson had just been revived like his cover story, because honestly I'm more interested in the back stories of the other agents(especially the asian lady) than the BIG MYSTERY THAT COULSON CAN NEVER KNOW ABOUT. Hopefully it'll improve, and I wouldn't mind seeing some B or C list comic book characters around instead of just all brand new people

Avatar image for kondorr
Edited By Kondorr

I think the "signature" humor was really forced...
The casting was on the level of "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The effects were quite nice and if not for the really bad dialogue, the really wooden characters, and the "signature" humor it might have been quite solid...

Even Coulson was not really likeable...

As it is now I think it was as silly as Spiderman 3...

I liked the inclusion of Extremis though... but it was not enough...

I am going to give this show 2 more episodes... but honestly... I believe that the only good thing Whedon ever did was The Avengers movie... the rest was just lame & overhyped sci-fi TV for a timeslot somewhere around 8 o'clock on a saturday morning!

(so the kids can watch something while the parents finallly get some sleep)

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Edited By Miss_Garrick

LOVED IT!! The flying car was perfect 60's Marvel, and it is still up in the air how Coulson survived, so my fan theory is still workable. YAY!!

Avatar image for kilowog52
Posted By kilowog52

I had been very excited for this show since maybe a year before it premiered. It's comic books, after all. However, I still opted to record this and watch NCIS during the time slot they both aired, since that show's tenth season ending was so exciting. I watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the next day. Its premiere episode really wasn't very good at all. I hope it gets better. I'll probably continue to record it while watching NCIS due to my love of comics and everything comic-related.

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Posted By amazing_webhead

Still mad at Joss for cutting Pym from Ultron's origin, but it was a great show. Can't wait for the next episode!

Avatar image for makkyd
Posted By MakkyD

@novemberx2: 3. I actually noticed that straight away and I actually laughed out loud...

Avatar image for novemberx2
Posted By Novemberx2

3 questions came to mind while watching this:

is this a story that needed to be told? - probably not based on what we've seen so far

who is the real target audience? not sure if aimed at idiots who thought iron man 3 was good (lackluster humour) or comic book fans(endless references to other marvel elements)?

and how is Jeph Loeb still got a job?

Avatar image for ladymastermind
Posted By ladymastermind

It was pretty cool,nice tie in to Iron Man3. I wonder if there going to be any appearances from the Black Widow or Hawkeye. Definitely on my watch list along with Sleepy Hollow and Elementary.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm still giving the show a chance. I just hope that it picks up, and since pilots tend to be boring to begin with, I'm gonna give this show the benefit of the doubt for now.

Avatar image for shackle
Posted By shackle

Whedon is his own worst enemy when it comes to television. In the comparatively compact story-telling format of film, his humor is succinct, to-the-point, and clever. In the extended, long-term story-telling of the television format, however, he gets far too cute and too enamored with his own cleverness. The numbers are going to plummet for this show.

Avatar image for agentvenom22
Posted By agentvenom22

I thought it was just rediculously cheesy. The ending was so bad I cried myself to sleep.

Avatar image for badmojo7a
Edited By Badmojo7A

It was better than average, but still kind of meh. I am going to give them a break since its the first show so it is usually the weakest because it has to spend time doing character introductions. Still, the characters are kind of two dimensional in action and personality. I think more episodes will iron out the kinks. I do think sky is the weakest character. We already have the genius twins, bio and tech, both seem pretty good with computers, but you would assume the tech guy would know how to hack computers unless you throw in some contrived reason why he could not. Sky the *rebel* hacker(really???) only purpose seems to be to be a cheap reason to add another pretty face to the show and have a character that goes (predictably) against the rules all the time. Hopefully her character will be interesting and not annoying. In the end, needs a few more episodes to get a good feel.

Avatar image for the_tree
Posted By the_tree

The more I think about it, the more I dislike it.

Avatar image for christianrapper
Posted By christianrapper

I think the best character was the special guest character mike peterson. too bad he won't be a regular character. he was awesome. the other characters seem to be kind of stale. i also liked coulson. it's a shame when the guest character out shines the regulars.

Avatar image for ips
Posted By ips

was horrible. far too campy. it has potential but pull back on Coulson's goofball happy approach. inject some gritty into it and then it could work.

it's basically a Marvel verion of NBCs Heroes. but with way more cheese and not enough realism.

Avatar image for mkukie68
Posted By mkukie68

I find the disparity between the movie FX and the show FX kind of funny. The FX in Agents seems to be like the original Spider-man

Avatar image for redhood21
Posted By redhood21

Well, given how heavily tied into the movie universe this is. I really hope Coulson is an LMD and will eventually become Ultron.

Unlikely as that may be.

its obvious hes an LMD...what do you think they meant "he can never know" was about...what else would they never tell coulson? cap used to be johnny storm? lol

i thought it was good i just hope its not too good for the plebs like every show whedon does

Avatar image for final_arrow
Posted By Final Arrow

It was meh, it may go somewhere but so far I have not been impressed, if I had to rate the first episode I would give it a 5/10.
It was just a lot of the same old story, I get that it needs to be like that you know, but throw some curve balls in there, some of the acting was.....questionable, but they also have some awesome actors backing it up and the two scientist types did have me laughing a little. It has potential to be good, but also has the potential to fall on it's face.

My verdict: Undecided

Avatar image for deadpool25mm
Posted By deadpool25mm

@wade_wilson22: Lol thanks for link.
the show is not that great... but its got potential. plus.. Coulson is an LMD..

Avatar image for bigtewell
Edited By bigtewell

i think people should give it a few more episodes before saying its bad. pilots are always a bit slow since they have to establish EVERYONE. once they have their episodes more focused it should be great. i have faith in whedon. i also hope it doesnt get dark since theres way too many shows like that and this should be different. also why are people complaining about a flying car? they have a fucking flying fortress that can cloak itself i think they can have a flying car. it reminded me of nick fury agent of shield. overall i say this has great potential

Avatar image for MadeinBangladesh
Posted By MadeinBangladesh

It was ok. Has a lot of potential but the characters seem cheesy. I give it 7/10 for the pilot.

Avatar image for spartan101
Posted By Spartan101

yeah i was happy with it,not over cooked on marvels big players,sorta see shields other work away from thor,hulk,ironman etc etc etc,,should only get better.

Avatar image for dreamfall31
Edited By dreamfall31

It had the makings of a Whedon production, but was missing the interesting plot element. It was has some fun characters and the dialogue was hands down the most interesting part of it. I'll watch it more as it's pretty much the only show on now to watch, but I hope the plots get more complex than just a "Super Power Mystery of the Week" show! The plane set did give me some Firefly vibes though so I'll stick around for a while!

Avatar image for sinestro_gl
Posted By sinestro_GL

Eh, not bad, not great.

Some characters are a bit campy, but I'll let the show progress before deciding whether I like it or not...

Avatar image for gothamred
Edited By GothamRed
Avatar image for super_soldierxii
Posted By Super_SoldierXII

Average, predictable, lackluster and run of the mill come to mind.

It's just more of the same really.

I'll stick with Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad and their ilk for my T.V fix. The lines of demarcation in quality, realism, drama, action, storytelling and character development, should we dare to compare, are all too apparent.

Regardless, the comic book fanboy in me might tune into an episode here and there mind you.

Avatar image for fullmetalquach
Posted By fullmetalquach

There are A list comic books characters like Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, and other commonly known heroes/teams. Then there are B list comic books characters like Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, etc. This show is like taking a bunch of C list original characters and putting them together. Its using a lot of references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is fine as long as they tone it down because that will get old fast. They have to establish themselves as being in the same universe, but as a separate entity and not just ride the coat tails of The Avengers' success. If the first season is like the first episode, I'll probably drop it. Never really like Colby Smulders as Maria Hill and the SHIELD only parts of the Avengers (mostly the beginning) seemed kind of off and awkward to me. This show is carrying that awkwardness around with it in my opinion and Coulson's charm is best used as comic relief than as a highlight of a main character in the show. Still wanna see the twist about him, but if the show is bad I have no problem reading spoilers about it on the internet.

Avatar image for _stretch_
Posted By _Stretch_

@xwraith: He seems to just be the most prominent human anchor in a world of super heroes.

Avatar image for xwraith
Posted By Xwraith

@the_rumor: I liked Avengers, but I don't see what the big deal about Agent Coulson is.

Avatar image for _stretch_
Edited By _Stretch_

@xwraith: A few laughs, some references to the cinematic universe. If you enjoyed Avengers, or Coulson? Then yeah, check it out :)

Avatar image for fallschirmjager
Edited By Fallschirmjager

@xwraith said:

I didn't see it. Should I have?

Meh. Not really.

Avatar image for mega_spidey01
Posted By Mega_spidey01

i thought it was great !

Avatar image for xwraith
Posted By Xwraith

I didn't see it. Should I have?

Avatar image for joec_mommy
Edited By JoeC_Mommy

I listened to a podcast review of the pilot in which someone stated that Marvel's Agents of SHIELD reminded him of the lighthearted action-adventure series of his childhood (think The A Team or MacGyver). I liked that. Why not have an hourlong television series that isn't so dark and gritty that you question the decline of humanity and society overall (which is how I sometimes felt after certain critically acclaimed cable series and crime procedurals)?

Avatar image for spidershamrock
Posted By spidershamrock

It was good, fairly cheesy and the some dialogue needs improvement but all in all i enjoyed it

Avatar image for jorgeareizaga
Posted By jorgeareizaga


Avatar image for dark_cloud_
Posted By Dark Cloud™

I was excited about the show before I ever watched the pilot episode. And I'm still looking forward to the next episode. Though it retained Coulson's humor from the movies, I feel it was a tad dry at moments, but otherwise enjoyable. I'm kind of hoping that Michael becomes an active member of the cast, part of the team. Having someone like him would bring a lot of diversity and physical power.

Avatar image for millennium
Posted By millennium

the show felt forced to me like for example the jokes, the characters (expect coulson) and the over all the plot hopefully the second episode wont be as bad as the first but im not holding my breath on that

Avatar image for wade_wilson22
Posted By wade_wilson22
No Caption Provided

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Avatar image for MadFacedKid
Posted By MadFacedKid

Hoping it gets better my expectations were probably a bit high. I felt like they tried to make so many unnecessary jokes or moments in the show funny. I liked Agent Coulson better before the Avengers now they try to make him to comedic, but I will continue to watch it.

Avatar image for saoakden
Posted By saoakden

I like the show. I'll be watching the series. This is the second Joss Whedon show that I like and probably the third I've seen. I really liked Angel, don't care that much for Buffy, and I'm liking Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It might turn into my favorite Marvel show at this rate. Still need to check out some of the shows Marvel is putting out right now.

Avatar image for sentryman555
Posted By sentryman555

I liked it enough where I'll tune in again but my problem with the show is besides Coulson I just don't care about any of the characters. Maybe fitts and simmons....maybe. I feel Sky is just there to be the hot girl.

Avatar image for mucklefluga
Posted By Mucklefluga

You probably should have asked this after it aired in the UK.

Avatar image for themanintheshoe
Posted By TheManInTheShoe

Didn't get the chance to vote, but I really liked. I loved The Avengers and I could feel the tone of the movie in the show. And though some would say the jokes were lame I found them very amusing.

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