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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Most Anticipated All-New Marvel NOW! Series

Which new Marvel title won over the love and support of the Comic Vine community? It was a close race, but see which upcoming book took the prize!

Marvel's unleashing a flood of new books this year. When the poll for this question was made on Tuesday, over 30 new books were added to the list. Since then, Marvel has announced a new Iron Fist title (get excited, people) and even teased one involving Doop. Needless to say, the publisher's definitely making a big push in 2014. There's A LOT of titles we're anxious to check out, but we wanted to see which one you're all looking forward to the most. Over 300 of you voted and ultimately, this came down to a very close race between two titles: Dan Slott's SILVER SURFER and Warren Ellis' MOON KNIGHT. Cosmic hero or street level hero? Well, it turns out more of you are stoked for the Fist of Khonshu's new book!

It was a very close race and Marc Spector only beat Norrin Radd by 2%. The announcement of a new Moon Knight book really is thrilling. Fans know the hero's had some bad luck as of late. His 2006 run was fantastic, but that was cancelled to make way for VENGEANCE OF MOON KNIGHT. That was short-lived and then replaced by Bendis' limited series and the character has basically been... well, doing not much since then. Sure, he appeared in AGE OF ULTRON and SECRET AVENGERS, but this is a dude who absolutely deserves his own title and the creative team behind it (Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey) is definitely something worth getting excited about. Hopefully this hype and support will translate to good sales as well. We're rooting for ya, Marc. Anyhow, here's the full poll results.

  • Moon Knight 12%
  • Silver Surfer 10%
  • All-New X-Factor 7%
  • All-New Invaders 5%
  • Black Widow 5%
  • Magneto 5%
  • The Punisher 5%
  • Avengers World 4%
  • Deadpool vs. Carnage 4%
  • Daredevil 3%
  • Hulk 3%
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard 3%
  • X-Force 3%
  • Avengers Undercover 2%
  • Captain Marvel 2%
  • Fantastic Four 2%
  • Ghost Rider 2%
  • Iron Patriot 2%
  • Inhuman 2%
  • Ms. Marvel 2%
  • New Warriors 2%
  • She-Hulk 2%
  • Wolverine 2%
  • Other (Specify Below) 2%
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet 1%
  • Elektra 1%
  • Night of the Living Deadpool 1%
  • Revolutionary War 1%
  • Winter Soldier: The Bitter March 1%
  • Wolverine & The X-Men 1%
  • Miracleman 0%
  • Secret Avengers 0%

Viners, what is it about the new MOON KNIGHT book that excites you the most? If you didn't vote for Spector, which title earned your love and why? Don't be shy, speak your mind below!

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Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I'm not surprised.

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I'm pretty exited for the first 7 of the top ranking comics on this list as well as Ghost Rider, Revolutionary War, New Warriors and Ms. Marvel. Dammit Marvel, you'r hooking me.

Posted by PunyParker

Amazing Spider-Man.

Posted by inferiorego


Posted by TobenRacicot


@g_man said:


About freaking time people get excited about a Moon Knight series! I am so excited for this!

Posted by kidchipotle

Good for Moonknight. Can't wait to give it a shot.

Posted by ME24601

I'm disappointed at how low New Warriors is. Love Yost and To, and I'm excited for a follow up to Scarlet Spider.

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So happy you guys are supporting Silver Surfer :D

He's popular enough to have an ongoing series, no doubt will tie into any upcoming cosmic events, and will be a major part of Starlin's upcoming graphic novel, but it's good knowing he'll never be popular enough to be abused and overused like Wolverine :P

Posted by LiveForever

It's too bad about Moon Knight's baby arm on the cover.

Posted by inferiorego

@inferiorego said:


@g_man said:


About freaking time people get excited about a Moon Knight series! I am so excited for this!

I'm excited, every time, right up until they cancel it.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Yay, I'm part of the 0%! :D

Posted by hart7668

Silver surfer is hopefully going to be good. As long as a Skrull doesn't like, switch his consciousness with Norrin or anything.

Posted by monsterduc

I'm saddened the Punisher wasn't higher :( , but surprised that Moonie took it over the Surfer. I'm sure if the newly announced Iron Fist was on this list it would have competed for the top :)

Posted by lvenger

I wish Slott wasn't writing that Silver Surfer series. I've lost any trust in his ability to write well for over a year now. Still, nice to see an underrated character like Moon Knight get his dues on the fan voted polls again. I was part of the 3% that voted for Hulk since that's the only all new Marvel Now series I'm getting.

Posted by mickeymayhew

Moon Knight?! well, enjoy it before they cancel it, as they've done the previous 50 billion times. That character is poison!!

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@inferiorego said:


@g_man said:


About freaking time people get excited about a Moon Knight series! I am so excited for this!

I'm excited, every time, right up until they cancel it.

True. True. Well I'll take what I can get.

Posted by Overlander

I take comfort in the fact Silver Surfer came in second.

Posted by MasterBelmont

Ghost Rider got my vote. Glad to see it at least got in the middle. I love that so many lesser heroes are getting their own ongoings this year. Really adds variety and puts other characters in the spotlight. Meanwhile, DC continues to rehash Batman like crazy and not care about anyone else.

Posted by Mezmero

His super power is that he's crazy.

Posted by SynCig

I am pretty excited about a lot of these titles. It is a pretty prosperous time creatively at Marvel right now. I'm more of a DC guy generally but this is awesome to see. Now I want DC to go through a similar creative renaissance.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

Punisher should be higher people

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I really hope Ms. Marvel goes well as that would open doors many others outsider heroes.

I'm curious about Black Widow looks good on the preview.

Posted by oblivionatm

Daredevil and I will take our three percent over here and sulk in the corner.

Posted by terror_shark

No love for Miracle Man, lol. I was thinking about picking it up, but $6 is a bit much. I'm probably gonna pick up Silver Surfer, Ms. Marvel, Magneto, Deadpool vs. Carnage, and Iron Fist. Maybe Moon Knight and New Warriors too, but I'm not sure. I only have so much money and Marvel likes to charge $4 for everything. Wish they had more $3 titles.

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Punisher #1 for me. Moon Knight #2.

Posted by Star_Boy616

Woaw, a lot of love for Moon Knight.

Posted by jwalser3

Not a surprise, but Punisher and Silver Surfer are defiantly my top 2.

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I voted for Inhuman :(

Posted by Darklexeus

Poor Ms. Marvel.

Posted by M3th

So Glad Moon KnigHt and Silver Surfer got tHe most votes. THey really deserve it.

MetH voted for All New GHost Rider because of all the Blaze fangirls.


Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

I will be giving moon knight a shot but I'm more excited for Magneto....

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  • Ghost Rider
  • Hulk
  • Iron Fist
  • Punisher
  • Daredevil

Posted by ScrappyDont27

Hope this love for moon knight translates into sales

Posted by ZbvmX

From the list, here are the ones that I'm most excited about (in no particular order):

Moon Knight (gonna be my 1st MK book), Silver Surfer (Slott + Allredx2 = SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!), Fantastic Four (so excited with Mr. Robinson's plans for the book and *crosses fingers* his eventual return to the podcast) , Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Daredevil (gonna start catching up with issue 36), Elektra,...aaaaaannnnnndddddd

SHE-HULK! *objection smash!*

In celebration of the next wave of Now! titles, I'm getting my Savage She-hulk #1 tomorrow *YEY!*

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Just recently read the first Black Widow and it shuld reaalllllly be higher. Also, congrats to Moon Knight and All New Xfactor :D will def check these out

Posted by HumanRocket

Good for MoonKnight much needed series will for sure pick this up. Like what the characther brought to the Secret Avengers run.

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Enough wolverine comics it's enough he gets five movies and what feels like ten titles.

Posted by Cavemold

I so far like Black Widow.

Posted by dreamfall31

Everytime I flip through the preview books I want all the comics! But realisitcially I'll probably only pick up Moon Knight, Punisher, Daredevil and Black Widow.

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Posted by Bystander

@g_man said:


And please let this be good.

Posted by spideyKK

Silver Surfer and All New Invaders look Awesome! But I don't know much about Moon Knight, I'll probably pick that up as well though.

Posted by Smurfboy

I'm more excited about Wolverine the new series by Paul Corner in Feb. Can't wait.

Posted by blackair9

moon knight is a cool character that is often not written well. Warren Ellis just seems a perfect fit