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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Wolverine Story

Which Wolverine story do you NEED to read? Come see what the Comic Vine community recommends and why!

This week, Wolverine has an all-new volume by Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman (check out the review here) and the X-Man's in a pretty rough spot. He's suffered a big defeat and, to make matters even worse, he doesn't have his healing factor anymore. Seeing as the dude isn't exactly having the best week ever, we thought we'd reflect on his long history with Marvel and give praise to his "must read" stories and titles where he's had key moments. Well, we made a poll with a bunch of 'em and over 200 Viners have voted. The results are in and one relatively recent story sliced apart the competition: Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's OLD MAN LOGAN!

Released back in 2009, this story is all about a bleak future where the villains have won and Wolverine has lost the will to fight. Having Logan refuse to pop his claws and give in to what the bad guys say is definitely a surprising approach and eventually, the shocking reason behind his new attitude is revealed. However, this book offers so much more than an interesting approach to Logan. The famous X-Man teams up with a now blind Hawkeye and they travel across this twisted and dangerous version of the United States. It's a read you simply won't want to put down. One Viner, specialmonkey7, decided to go above and beyond and made a terrific post explaining why they love Millar and McNiven's story.

"Old Man Logan" is, all things considered, the creme de la creme of Wolverine stories. Sure, the parallels to "The Dark Knight Returns" is there what with an aged main character forced to return to his super hero roots in the midst of a chaotic future but there is personality, there is depth and there is an overall greatness that Mark Millar exudes in his narrative that makes the reader acknowledge the "Dark Knight..." comparisons and still accept Old Man Logan as it's own monster.

We're first given Logan, a broken man, set in his ways, unwilling to fight even in the face of the strictest adversity. Now, from a Wolverine fan's perspective, seeing this character go from "The Best at What he Does" to "Do what you have to do but don't hurt my family" makes the reader realize just how much they don't know about this world. What happened to our berzerker raging canucklehead? Why won't he pop a claw on these freaky mutants?

Next, we're given the foil: Blind man Hawkeye needs Wolverine to accompany him across the wastelands of America with a mystery case to be delivered. So, we have a reluctant hero, the old friend in need, the down on their luck situation (Wolvie's gotta' find rent money before the inbred Hulk family that rents out his land comes a calling), and the general quest that will play out. Here, Mark Millar gives us a look at what kind of world we find ourselves in, where, somehow, the bad guys won and all of the good guys are either dead, retired or, in Hawkeye's case, horribly disabled. We get to see familiar faces, situations and ideas suddenly perverted, changed and utterly re-imagined in this disturbing world without a hero.

The quest alone of Wolverine and Hawkeye could pretty much keep you interested in a story such as this but, at the end of the day, its the realizations that come along about just why Wolverine is the way he is that truly become the crown jewels of the story. One of the main focuses Millar uses is the idea of loss and, in Logan's case, we get to see just how he lost pretty much everything that he was when he was a super hero. We see a man broken to his very core, unable to function in that same mindset being forced to become this peaceful farmer who only daydreams of letting the beast out again.

As I said, the quest to get the case across the broken Americas would be enough for a story but Millar gives us a shocker of an ending, showing that, no matter what you do, no matter how changed you think you may be, in the end, you have to acknowledge the beast within, embrace the monster and, when the world takes everything from you, show once again why you are "the Best at What you Do". That is the genesis of "Old Man Logan" and the genesis of everything that Wolverine is, making this the best Wolverine story ever written."

This storyline takes place in WOLVERINE #66-72 and concludes with WOLVERINE GIANT-SIZE OLD MAN LOGAN. There's also a trade available and, as you can tell, many people strongly recommend reading it. OLD MAN LOGAN took an impressive lead over the competition, but check out how the other stories fared below.

Check back next Tuesday for an all-new Question of the Week. In the meantime, you're welcome to post question ideas below or some them to Gregg via Twitter.

Posted by kid Apollo

Old Man Logan is one of my favorite Wolverine stories ever, and that's saying a lot because I dont really care for him anymore. Its a cool look at what might happen in the Marvel U. One of the best parts is Dwight's Toll, such a good scene.

Edited by StMichalofWilson

Yes! One of my favs!!!

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

I'm surprised Enemy of state, Origin, and Uncanny X-Force didn't get a higher percentage

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Old Man Logan is definitely the best Wolverine story I'v read.

On an unrelated note Wolverine hasn't been cool since he had blue hair.

Posted by samsonthemighty19

Seriously if marvel wasnt under the control of disney and they didnt have to beg for scrap to put violence in their animated films that suck balls now. If marvel made this comic into a two part animated film it would make the dark knight returns look like cow manure

Posted by Wolverine008

Old Man Logan is definitely the best Wolverine story I'v read.

On an unrelated note Wolverine hasn't been cool since he had blue hair.


Edited by Wolverine008

I expected stories like Wolverine and Old Man Logan to dominate the poll, so I put in my vote for Origin. A lot of great stories were voted for I might add. Hope Wolverine can get more of those in upcoming years.

Edited by Master_Thief
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Mucklefluga

Huh, when was this poll posted? :P

Posted by Wolverine008


You can still find artist interpretations with him having somewhat blue hair today. A lot of times in comics you got people with black hair having bluish tints to them.

Posted by k4tzm4n

Huh, when was this poll posted? :P

A new poll is posted every Tuesday.

Posted by longbowhunter

A lot of cool stories. I picked Uncanny X-Force but Old Man Logan and Astonishing X-Men were right up there.

Posted by lmothander

90s Weapon X was one of the best Wolverine stories ever and was much grittier compared with the time period it was released in. A true classic IMHO

Posted by oblivionatm

Sweet, I was looking for some good Wolverine stories. There's so much out there to choose from that I can never seem to pick one to start with.

Posted by cameron83

Old Man Logan is one of the best things that I've ever read in my life.

Posted by ccraft

What? Why did Uncanny X-Men get second? Is there a good arc with Wolverine or something?

Anyways my favorite would have to be 1991 Weapon X Wolverine was an absolute monster.

Edited by micah007123

Loooooove Old Man Logan

Posted by DoctorThomasElliot

I barely even read marvel and I've read Oldman Logan. That story was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Edited by GraniteSoldier

@k4tzm4n: His appearance in Scarlet Spider should have won! This means war!

Posted by k4tzm4n
Edited by JamDamage

WOW my top 3 are actual top 3. just not in the order I would put them. I'd have Uncanny X-Force at 1, Enemy of the State at 2 and Oldman Logan at 3. I figured Oldman would win tho. More people I think read it, even the the praise for Uncanny X-Force was pretty crazy. Oldman was getting a lot of high ratings too, but Uncanny was get legendary talk about it, and it's true. That run was perfect except for the last story, and it was more the art then the story itself that brought it down.

Posted by Pokeysteve

Old Man Logan sucked!!!! Origin was was pretty good and I liked Enemy of the State.

Posted by Teerack

Yet I'm sure the long awaited second part of Old Man Logan probably wont be out in the next 2 years.

Posted by nickxfrye

This is disappointing. Wolverine by Claremont is far and away the best Wolverine story. I wouldn't even put Old Man Logan in the top 10. Why does Millar insist on killing everyone by decapitation? Seriously, like 20 people get decapitated in that story. Also, the whole 'cannibal Hulk' thing is just awful. And in the retelling of why Logan wouldn't pop his claws anymore he talks about how Bullseye lasted the longest when the villains attacked then when Mysterios illusion lifted it turned out to be Jubilee... seriously?! Jubilee lasted the longest against Wolverine?! The story is just a mess. All it has is an interesting premise (I will admit the premise is great) and over-the-top violence.