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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Spider-Man Costume

Which suit is superior?! The fans have picked a winner.

Since being introduced to the world way back in 1962, Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, has slipped into a whole variety of costumes. From the classic red and blue to wearing a bag on his head, Spidey's had plenty of memorable looks over the decades. This week, we wanted to know which attire is your favorite one, and, much to our surprise, the poll ended in a tie! We do have to note that the black suit and the symbiote suit were separate options on the poll (because, despite looking the same, they technically are different), but that seemed to confuse some people. To rectify that, we've combined the votes for the black costume and the symbiote, and it adds up to the same amount of love that the classic red and blue received!

The fact this ended in a tie is a pretty big surprise. The costumes that won, though? Not so much of a shocker. The classic red and blue attire is what so many of us immediately think of when it comes to Spider-Man. Its bright colors represent his fun personality and the basics of the design have absolutely stood the test of time. It's simple yet effective. The black suit and/or symbiote is essentially a dark reflection of Spider-Man. When he's wearing that, it's fair to expect the banter to be toned down and the punches to be more frequent. To many it's basically "what if Spider-Man stopped goofing around and used his powers to be ridiculously badass?" It's not shocking these are the community's favorites because both are basic yet manage to speak volumes about who Parker truly is when he's wearing the duds. Let's see what the community had to say about these two looks.


"For me, the classic suit is and always will be the greatest. Although other costumes like "noir" look cool, I don't think of Spider-Man wearing any other outfits and the original fits what kind of superhero Peter is: a friendly neighborhood one. He may go through dark times but he should generally be that nice guy with powers who could talk to you without snarling (Wolverine's already taken this one) or growling (Batman's got this) and this suit represents that."


"Black/Symbiote suit for me! I think it's my all time favorite costume in all fiction! And then the classic red and blue."

442 Viners voted in this latest question. Here's the results.

  • The Classic (red and blue) 17%
  • Black Suit/Symbiote: 17%
  • Superior Spider-Man 13%
  • Scarlet Spider (Blue Hoodie) 8%
  • Future Foundation 7%
  • Noir 6%
  • 2099 6%
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (Morales) 5%
  • Iron Spider Armor 5%
  • Other (Specify below) 4%
  • Ends of the Earth Armor (MK III) 4%
  • Stealth Costume 3%
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (Parker) 3%
  • Bag-Man 2%
  • Spider-Armor (Silver) 1%
  • Cosmic Spidey 0%

We encourage you to make future Question of the Week suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter. Want to continue celebrating Spidey? Two of the hero's villains -- Doctor Octopus and Kraven -- are currently fighting in the Spider-Man Battle of the Week (go vote!!!) and we previously posted his Best Battles and Best Covers. Tomorrow we'll post Spider-Man's Must Read Stories and, for those that are sick of seeing so much of the character, you'll be happy to know voting for the next Character of the Week will begin next Monday!

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I'm a sucker for the classic suit myself, the black one is kinda boring.

Posted by Farkam

Classic. It's iconic, cool and fun to look at.

Posted by LCazT1996

Both are pretty cool.

Posted by TommyJones1945


Edited by amazing_webhead

Damn, I think I missed this one. Kinda expected ASM1 to be its own costume here.

Anyway, my favorite is this concept art:

I love how they really try to make it look homemade

Posted by SWagner017

Still think the Noir costume is pretty cool.

Posted by medulaoblaganda

the future foundation spider man costume is the best imo. lol

Posted by Leave1942

Ben Reilly suit fo sho.

Posted by ftw201

@leave1942 agreed! How can you not love the blue hoodie and giant white eyes?

Edited by PunyParker
Hell Yeah!

Posted by danhimself

pfft the black suit got two options but Ben's Spider-Man suit wasn't even listed

Edited by ccraft

the 2 best Spidey suit

Posted by Kerrigan

Poor Cosmic Spidey suit, 0%? (It is awful, admittedly.)

Posted by TheCannon

Even though I voted for Bag-Man, either of these two deserved to win and are the best suits. I love them both.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

Even though I voted for Bag-Man, either of these two deserved to win and are the best suits. I love them both.

lol I voted bag-man as well, But I figured the Classic Red/Blue would take the win, ant the symbiote is a bada*s costume.

Edited by VeganDiet

Sounds about right. These two are pretty indisputably the best.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

This is awesome. My two favorite suits tied. Lol the black suit and love the classic. But to be fair Spidey has worn some of the best costumes in comics over the years. The Scarlet Spider suit, Ben's blue hoodie, the EotE armor, Future Foundation suit, the noir suit...picking one is so tough.

Posted by RisingBean

My two favorite suits. Good stuff.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Symbiote Spidey is always going to have the top spot in my heart.

Edited by jwalser3

Future Foundation only 7%?!?!

Edited by JTMac005

Edited by jstndmnd

In my opinion the coolest suit.

Scarlet is a close second.

Posted by bigtewell

i think spidey is the only hero who's costume choices have all been great

Posted by Mr_Winchester

Awesome. Voted for the black suit.

Edited by uggiboogie

the next time you make a favorite spider-man costume vote please list ben reilly's spider-man costume too!

can't believe you list bag-man instead..o.O

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Both are pretty great.

Posted by DarkKnightwing
Glad the scarlet spider suit placed.
Posted by micah007123

Superior suit is my favorite

Edited by ravisher

Posted by Extremis

No surprises here

Posted by spidermonkey2099

Love both, though I voted for the classic. Glad it came out a tie between those 2.