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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Event in 2013

This week, the Comic Vine community voted for their favorite big story from 2013. Which one is taking the prize and how'd the rest do? Come see the results.

Well, it's 2014. There's a lot to look forward to this year, but this week, we wanted to reflect on 2013 and all of the big stories it hit us with. We provided 14 options on the poll and the community had 2 days to think it through and cast their votes. Now that all of the votes are in, we've gotta admit, we're pretty surprised by the results. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a TIE! Marvel's INFINITY and DC's FOREVER EVIL both earned a respectable 19%.


One of these earning the victory wouldn't be surprising at all, but both of them? Well played, Comic Vine community. It's understandable why these are being held in such high regard, too. Many big events in recent years have been very hit or miss -- and that's putting it politely. However, the latest efforts by Geoff Johns and Jonathan Hickman have been widely praised, feel grand in scale and many absolutely believe they more than warrant the title of "big event." While INFINITY just wrapped up and opened the door to INHUMANITY, Geoff Johns' FOREVER EVIL is still kicking and it's clearly making a good enough impression where people don't even need to see the conclusion yet to deem it one of their favorite stories of 2013.


Which story earned your vote and why, Viners? Remember, your post could potentially inspire others to give the storyline a read, so feel free to get your elaboration on! Check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new Comic Book Question of the Week. In the meantime, if you have any question ideas, please feel free to share 'em below or send them via Twitter.

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Edited by iaconpoint

I am just loving Zero Year. Wish it was a staring point rather than a flashback story.

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Posted by Wolverine008

A tie, huh? Cool.

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Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Cool, a tie.

Avatar image for azjenco
Posted by Azjenco

Infinity was brilliant, from start to finish. So far Forever Evil has also been solid, just hope the resolution is as strong as its beginning. All in all it was really an exceptional year in comics.

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Posted by Dm225

Who voted for Age of Ultron? Seriously? Did you actually read it?

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Edited by TheAmazingImmortalMan

Trinity War was my Favorite follwed by X-MEN:BotA and Infinity

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Posted by Deranged Midget


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Posted by vandinejd_1991

@dm225 and @saren: I voted for Age of Ultron and actually yes I did read it. In fact out of the 14 events listed in the poll it is the only one I have read. Now whether I'll read any of the others I am not sure about due to insufficient funds although I really want to read Infinity and Death of the Family. However, on the note of Age of Ultron I actually liked the book although I didn't love it. For me there was just too much time travel going on and not enough Ultron. The story would have been so much better if all it consisted of was the all the heroes going into the future to take Ultron down.

Avatar image for wolverine008
Posted by Wolverine008

I'm happy City Fall got some love.

Avatar image for leokearon
Posted by leokearon

No love for More Than Meets the Eye's Remain in Light

Avatar image for xwraith
Posted by Xwraith

I was really hoping City Fall could stay in first.

Moderator Online
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Edited by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Death in the Family, Zero Year, Trinity War and Age of Ultron were all bad. Infinity to me was the best, though I am enjoying FE even though Finch's aren't has been terrible. I guess I'm going to have to check out TMNT City Fall due to all the praise its receiving.

Avatar image for dm225
Posted by Dm225

@vandinejd_1991: I forgive you since it's the only other one you've read lol.

Avatar image for tommythehitman
Posted by TommytheHitman

@saren said:

It is actually quite impressive Age of Ultron managed 1% of the total vote.

I hated that event...

Avatar image for micah007123
Posted by micah007123

Glad to see Cataclysm got some appreciation :)

Avatar image for battle_forum_junkie
Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

A tie, huh? I might have to pick up a trade for each.

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Posted by Mrgreenlantern

Zero year is brilliant!

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Posted by Planet_arium

Age of Ultron was garbage, but it made way for Ultimate Cataclysm, which if it were to pick up soon would be good.

Anyone else think it's unfair that some of these entries aren't even done yet? Forever Evil's barely even begun (but who knows where the hell that's going) and Zero Year still has a lot left in it. That being said, the issue of Zero Year with the re-telling of Batman's first run-in with Joker was one of the best issues of any comic book I've ever read, ever. So I think it deserves this win.

Avatar image for mxyzptlk_cv
Posted by Mxyzptlk_CV

Nice, a tie....I voted for DotF...

I would have picked Infinity but Thanos´s characterization was pretty one-dimensional and the whole ''Builders'' part wasn´t very interesting...

Avatar image for outside_85
Posted by Outside_85

It really does amaze me that so many people actually think Forever Evil is a good event.

Avatar image for flazam
Posted by flazam

@saren said:

It is actually quite impressive Age of Ultron managed 1% of the total vote.


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Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I got tired of the millions of events this year. I liked Infinity but I got bored and quit. After the first issues of Forever and Age of Ultron I quit. I only got a few issues into Zero Year. I didn't even try Trinity War. I did read all of City Fall and Dead of the Family (which was good but had a VERY disappointing ending) but I'm just tired of these money sucking events.

Avatar image for jonny_anonymous
Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

That is really weird that it ended up a tie between these two, since I started two polls, one on the DC forum and one on the Marvel forum asking to rate the event, Forever Evil ranked in at good/OK and Infinity rank in at Great.

Avatar image for al_capown
Posted by Al_capOWN

DC for life!

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Edited by GraniteSoldier

After Age of Ultron I didn't have it in me to try Infinity so I dont have a comment on that one. Forever Evil has been decent so far, but feels like it is taking forever.

I voted City Fall. Never dull and wonderfully done. It got more love than I expected, but not as much as it deserves.

Avatar image for MadeinBangladesh
Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Nice to see tie between Marvel and Dc's events. City Fall was my favorite Event. BATMAN Zero Year has been very disappointing and boring so far IMO.

Avatar image for evilpenguin543
Posted by EvilPenguin543

Harbinger Wars for me. I knew it wouldn't win, but I hoped it would get more votes.

Avatar image for protoflash
Posted by Protoflash

I would have voted for infinity. But there were wayyyy too many big words and, as someone only reading the infinity book (Not avengers or new avengers) I was sooooo lost on all of the main books. Also it had way too many big words in it for me. Just felt like hickman had a thesaurus with him the entire time he was writing the script. But I'm really digging inhumanity so far, even though its only one issue in. I guess I just enjoy fraction way more.

Avatar image for skyfire
Posted by Skyfire

Forever Evil actually surprised me by how good it has turned out to be. Hopefully it ends on a strong note too.

Avatar image for peppeyhare
Posted by PeppeyHare

I think it was a great year for events *shrug*.

Avatar image for cameron83
Posted by cameron83

A tie?


Avatar image for m3th
Posted by M3th

City Fall deserves more love. It sHould Have gotten 3rd place... at least.


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Posted by jackbensley777
Avatar image for the_stegman
Posted by The Stegman

Dayum. DC and Marvel ARE the ultimate rivals.

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Edited by Transformers1024


Ohmygod another Transformer fan on the site

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Posted by TDK_1997

Age of Ultron got a lot of votes.Impressive

Avatar image for savagedragon
Posted by SavageDragon

Infinity all the way

Avatar image for frogdog
Posted by frogdog

@outside_85: I'm more shocked that death of the family is considered good!

Avatar image for vpuik
Posted by vPuik

Only ones I read were Age of Ultron, Battle of the Atom and Death of the Family. Battle of Atom was pretty fun, but not earth shattering. The other two were not that great.

Avatar image for cheesesticks
Posted by CheeseSticks

Harbinger Wars should have won.

Avatar image for zbvmx
Posted by ZbvmX

To the 1% of the vine-peeps who voted for Cataclysm, you guys have good taste :D I didn't get to vote, but I would've for that one. I bet it would've gotten more votes if we already got to see the conclusion.

I really love Zero-Year as well, it really is such a fresh read for a story that is all too familiar to a lot of comic readers. The visuals are quite a trip as well, bravely going where no Batman comic dare thread (the colors on the main book is so psychedelic!)

Avatar image for thetruebarryallen
Posted by TheTrueBarryAllen

Tie? Super cool!!!!

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Edited by Fallschirmjager
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Posted by RedHush1

I dropped DC three months ago but I went back and picked the issues of Forever Evil, Forever Evil: Arkham War, and Forever Evil Suicide Squad tie in issues and I've loved them up. I love the Bizarro/Lex Luthor relationship. Especially when Bizarro was afraid of the dark. I love it. I was really liking Infinity but it ended very poorly

Avatar image for patrat18
Edited by patrat18

They both deserve it.

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Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

I have to say I read all the books on the list except, City Fall, The Valiant books, and City Fall. To me the entire year was average and there wasn't one story that stood out more then the others. But I would have to vote Infinity, as I really did enjoy the Black Order, and the villain banter was pretty fun to read as well

Avatar image for kriminal
Posted by kriminal

as somebody who loves marvel events, was not a good year. city fall and forever evil were cool

Avatar image for masterbelmont
Posted by MasterBelmont

Voted Harbinger Wars, since it was the only one I read. I knew it wouldn't get very high, though. I've been wanting to read Infinity and Forever Evil, and since they both tied for first place, that gives me even more reason to check them out.

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