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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Captain America Villain

Over the years, Steve Rogers has hit countless people with his durable shield. But which one of those punching bags did the Comic Vine crowd vote as their favorite villain? Come see who won and why!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just three weeks away and you can bet we're counting down every second until we get to purchase a ticket. To boost the hype even more, there's been nothing but positive buzz from early screenings and it's of course inspired by Ed Brubaker's exceptional story arc. This week, we wanted to celebrate the upcoming movie and asked the Comic Vine crowd to think about who their favorite Captain America foe is. So, who'd the Comic Vine community pick as their favorite Steve Rogers villain? Well, they went with the obvious answer: Batroc the Red Skull!


Long story short, Red Skull is the polar opposite of Captain America. While Cap stands for doing what's morally right and fighting for freedom, Johann Schmidt is disputably one of the most evil men in the Marvel Universe and wants to oppress -- or even destroy -- those who don't follow him. There's obviously quite a few stories where Red Skull makes a power play and squares off with the super-soldier, but if you want to see where it all began for the bad guy, we recommend checking out Greg Pak and Mirko Colak's limited series, RED SKULL: INCARNATE. And based on the way Captain America: The First Avenger ended, I wouldn't be too surprised if we saw the evil dude appear down the road in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During the two day voting period, dozens of people shared their thoughts on why a certain character earned their top spot. However, Comic Viner DCWarFan73 concisely explains why Johann Schmidt deserved to be the poll's winner.

"I would say Red Skull is the best adversary of Cap. He is the embodiment of pure evil and is unrelenting in his attempt to destroy Cap and all he holds dear."

The Red Skull took a fair majority over the competition, but a few individuals didn't trail too far behind him. Check out the complete poll results below.


Did the Red Skull earn your vote or did another terrible person receive your love? Also, if you did vote for the Red Skull, feel free to share your favorite image or cover of the character. Don't be shy, join the discussion below.

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