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Comic Book Question of the Week: Next Batman Animated Movie You Want

'Son of Batman' and 'Assault on Arkham' are coming out this year, but what other Dark Knight stories do you want to see as an animated film?

When it comes to animated comic book movies, it's pretty reasonable to say DC is doing terrific work. They've offered more than a handful of classics and there's plenty that are all kinds of enjoyable, too. We all want to see different characters get their fifteen minutes of fame, but it's understandable that this lesser-known dude called "Batman" tends to get a lot of attention. Seriously, he's one of the most iconic characters in comic book history and he's been the subject of dozens of great stories.

This year, DC Animated will release two more Batman movies: Son of Batman and Assault on Arkham. However, we want to know which Batman storyline you want to see turned into an animated movie. If the story you love isn't on the poll, vote "other" and tell us which one you had in mind and why. Now go vote. It's what Batman would want you to do.



In case you somehow missed it, here's the trailer for Son of Batman.

The poll will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you feel like going the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. What exactly is it about the specific story arc that makes you love it more than the others? If your post is awesome enough and about the poll's winning option, we just may highlight it in the updated feature.

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Edited By HJK

I would love to see a Batman '66 animated movie done in the style and writing of that era with Adam West and Burt Ward doing the voices. THAT would be awesome!

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Posted By micah007123

Night of Owls

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Edited By noj

I want them to continue the Morrison Saga with the intent to eventually get Batman and Robin Reborn on the screen! Dick as Batman and Damian as Robin had one of my favorite character dynamics ever!

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Posted By saoakden

The Batman stories I want to see in this order: Court of Owls, Hush, Death of the Family, The Grant Morrison Run on Batman (The Son of Batman is a great start), Battle of the Cowl after a certain movie, eventually Black Mirror.

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Posted By 2cool4fun

R.I.P. & battle for the cowl would be cool. I really want to see Tim!

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I would love to The Killing Joke and Court of Owls and Death of Family New 52

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Posted By MrMazz

If Warner continues down the path of psuedo new 52 stories night of the owls/court of owls could be interesting but a tough cut at 77-79 minutes.

Non new52 stuff, I'm always partial to Long Halloween a nice slow burn mystery plot

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Posted By MaximumGeyser5

The Next Movie is gonna be Batman: Assault on Arkham, the people that said this weren't wrong abut Son of Batman so that's our next movie

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Posted By jordangons

1. The Killing Joke, 2. Hush, 3. The Long Halloween, 4. Dark Victory, 5. Night of Owls/Court of Owls, 6. The Arrow & The Bat, 7. Death of the Family 8. Batman, Inc.

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Posted By SkullKnight

Wow! A huge grin just covered my face the entire time I watched that trailer. Nothing but excited for this movie!

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Posted By Caladorcp

Something that doesn't look like a freakn' anime.....ugh.....

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Edited By Vitalius

What about Battle of the Crowl?

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Posted By MuyJingo

The underrated war games.

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Edited By Experio

Death of the family

Court of Owls

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Edited By Karev

Court of Owls


No Man's Land

Arkham City

Batman: Earth One

Long Halloween

Battle for the Cowl/Return of Bruce Wayne

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Posted By specialmonkey7

Of course, I'm with the masses that "Killing Joke" needs to be done. However, I would also like to see an animated version of "The Cult" as well. That's an underrated series that influenced a whole lot more than people give it credit (Dark Knight Rises got most of it's third act from it).

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Posted By tigerex78

The Long Halloween, Hush, Court of Owls, No Mans Land

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Posted By Skyhawk1

Earth 2 Batman when that story arc completes. Killing Joke, Court of Owls.

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I was tempted to say Killing Joke or Hush, but I went with Knightfall

...Or anything with Stephanie Brown.

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Posted By LyraFay

HUSH or The Killing Joke, but I wouldn't mind The Long Halloween/Dark Victory being made unless Ben Affleck can direct adaptation of those two (and yes I know The Long Halloween was used in The Dark Knight).

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Posted By M1cAL

@caladorcp: besides the eyes, what makes it look like an anime??

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Edited By .Longshot.

That one where Batman had a goatee and used a bow and everybody called him "Green Arrow".

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Edited By MadFacedKid

Battle for the Cowl

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Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse


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Posted By jackbensley777

They couldnt do something like hush with a serial killer, to graphic for kids id think too restricting of a market same for killing joke you cant paralyze and shoot batgirl, and theirs not enough that happens in the story, batman rip supposeddly kills batman they dont want that. court of Owls would be great

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Edited By stu630

battle for the cowl !!!!

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Edited By mak13131313

The Killing Joke would be cool. Then the Court of Owls, Battle for The Cowl, Death of The Family, Long Halloween.

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Posted By Caladorcp

@m1cal said:

@caladorcp: besides the eyes, what makes it look like an anime??

Not much. But it's the eye's that are a problem for me. That's one of the prominent differences between anime and other styles of animation, the face. That's what annoy's me. I just don't care for it.

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Posted By Twentyfive

Something with the Outsiders please. DC, show us that you have more than 5 characters.

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Edited By NightFang3

1. The Killing Joke

2. Death of the Family

3. Hush

4. No Man's Land

5. Knightfall

6. The Long Halloween.

In that order.

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Edited By jayc1324

The killing joke is number one. Definitely want that, but only if hamill is joker. Only bad part is it isnt long. After that I want knightfall, animated to look identical to the comics, Battle for the cowl, batman incorporated, court of owls, and no mans land. The long halloween , hush, and a lonely place of dying would be cool too. And the resurrection of Ra's al ghul. But I'm very happy with the two being put out this year.

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Edited By JamDamage

I already got DKR and Year One done pretty damn well too. Now I just need Killing Joke and Old Man Logan. Oh wait. That's Wolverine. SO WHAT!! I WANT OLD MAN LOGAN AND I WANT THE DC ANIMATORS TO DO IT. Marvel Animation pretty much just sucks.

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Posted By JamDamage

Part one court of owls, part 2 night of owls.

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Posted By VanderSEXXX

I would say the Killing Joke but I guess Alan Moore will reiterate again that his works are "un-filmable", so Hush or Court of Owls should do.

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Posted By TheManInTheShoe

Maybe, something else than Batman?

If there are two films coming out this year, maybe there should be one about someone else.

But if I have to choose, Court of Owls with a super bat-family cast

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Posted By VanderSEXXX

It just occurred to me (and I'm sure many wondered this too) why can't they just make animated movies like this? I'm sure they have the budget to make it happen.

Loading Video...

And I'm ok if they decide to make the next Superman/Batman movie like this!

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Posted By bloggerboy

1. The Killing Joke, 2. Hush, 3. The Long Halloween, 4. Dark Victory

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Posted By Blackdog2009

@twentyfive: they did that a long time ago... they called it JLU ;)

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Posted By ThomasElliot

I'm a Batman fan... but enough Batman/Superman cartoons!


  • Blackest Night, or any of the other Johns GL arcs
  • Kingdom Come
  • something Wonder Woman (maybe the new series? I love the stuff w/ Olympians)
  • The Justice League meets the Justice Society
  • Armageddon (ok, this one's a stretch... but how about the cartoon reinstates the original ending where Captain Atom is Monarch?)
  • Justice League Dark
  • Justice League International (!)

etc etc.

Just think there's so much more than Batman and Superman stories.

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Edited By Anthonior

A Batman movie...

Heart of Hush.

Any other movie?

Kingdom Come, JL Villian's Journey, Throne of Atlantis, Superman/Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman vs the first born.

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Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

I don't want to focus too much on Batman, there are plenty of other characters who could use some spotlight.

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Posted By Jean199999

I don't want to focus too much on Batman, there are plenty of other characters who could use some spotlight.