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Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Moon Knight Villain

Who will become the top Moon Knight foe? Come root for your favorite fiend!

Praise Khonshu, it's time for more Moon Knight Month goodness! For our latest question, we want you to reflect on the anti-hero's foes. Moon Knight's encountered a lot of not-so-kind people over the decades, but which one do you like the most? Will Bushman be the obvious winner or will a lesser-known race ahead and take the victory? You can help determine the verdict, so think it through and then select a favorite.


You're a dirty liar, Bushman.
You're a dirty liar, Bushman.

Voting is open until Thursday morning (ET), so you have more than enough time to do some research before picking a villain. Obviously, many of these options aren't exactly A-listers, so if you love one of these characters and think others should as well, go ahead and drop an elaborate post. Tell us why the character is worthy of your focus and, if you're feeling up to it, share an awesome picture of them, too. Make the post excellent enough and we just may highlight it in the updated feature.


Feel free to make future 'Question of the Week' suggestions in the comments below or via Twitter! Want to continue celebrating Moon Knight? He's currently fighting Green Arrow (vote here!!!) and his 'Best Cover' will be posted on Friday.