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Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Captain America Villain

Captain America has hit a lot of people with his shield, but which one of those characters do you like the most? Come help determine Comic Vine's favorite Cap villain!

What good is having the super-soldier serum flowing through you if you don't get the opportunity to punch a whole lot of terrible people in the face, right? And when it comes to villains, Steve Rogers aka Captain America definitely has more than a few that he has to smack around every now and then. From Batroc (THE LEAPER!) to the infamous Red Skull, Captain America has made quite a few enemies over the years. We know at least a handful of his foes will appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- which is finally almost here -- but this week, we want to know which Steve Rogers villain the Comic Vine crowd likes the most. We've added 17 to the list (plus the "other" option) and you've got two days to pick one of these not-so-kind characters.



The poll will remain open until Thursday morning (ET), so that gives you roughly two days to give one of these villains your support. After you cast your vote, please remember to jump into the comments and say why a certain character earned your praise. Make it awesome enough and there's a chance we'll highlight it in Thursday's updated article.

PSA: Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4.

Be sure to check the homepage on Thursday to see which villain comes out on top and whether your post will be highlighted!