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Comic Book Question of the Week: 02/19/13

Which comic book character would you want to lead your country? Come vote in Comic Vine's first Question of the Week!

Welcome to a brand new Comic Vine weekly segment! Every Tuesday we'll pose a question and provide a poll with various options (some serious, some lighthearted). Voting will remain open until Thursday morning and then later in that day I'll post an update with the results determined by the community.

The weekly question will always be topical -- connecting to a real life event or something big currently taking place in the panels. This week, I thought it would be fun to connect the first question to Presidents' Day (it's a little holiday we have over here in the United States). We've provided you with 10 characters... and one of them will rule your country. Who gets the power, though, is ultimately up to you. Do you think Captain America's confidence and strong sense of morality would be best? Would you rather have Darkseid rule with an iron fist? Or, could Tony Stark make huge improvements to your nation with a focus on clean energy? Click the link below and vote!

Who would you want to lead your country?

Also, who would you want as second-in-command?
Also, who would you want as second-in-command?

Remember, voting is only open until Thursday morning!

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine & IGN Entertainment. Chat with him on Twitter and feel free to suggest new questions and poll options every week!