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Comic Book Predictions This Week: 1/23/13

What's going to happen in tomorrow's big comics? We take a few guesses!

Greetings, Viners, and welcome to the latest 'Comic Book Predictions!' This is the place to be if you want to speculate about what'll take place in tomorrow's new comics. I've picked 3 books to briefly discuss and also provided a few additional (and lighthearted) predictions. You, however, are free to discuss any of the new issues!

Now, let the speculation begin!


Believe it or not, they're all on one surfboard.

Can one truly predict what writer Jonathan Hickman has in store for us? The next issue has the build up of a simplistic good vs evil encounter on the Red Planet, but knowing him, this is probably also creating about 32,071 different plot points.

The solicitation indicates that the Avengers and the Garden's battle will reach an end on Mars, but defeating the likes of Ex Nihilo and this new Adam certainly won't conclude the story arc. After all, seeds have been sent to Earth and are already swarming various locations. One thing is for sure -- there's going to be a fight with the Hulk! Mark Waid is delivering awesome Hulk action over in INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, but some extra smashing each month can never be a bad thing -- especially if it's directed at his peers.

Justice League #16

That's what they get for making yet another unoriginal fish joke at him.

Despite being The New 52's A team title, I really wasn't feeling the past few stories in this book. However, Geoff Johns is quickly winning me over with 'Throne of Atlantis.' The build up has been jaw-dropping and now the water is really going to hit the fan.

We know Arthur will clash with his allies in an attempt to stop the war, but let's be real, that's not going to work. It seems clear his brother is beyond negotiation, especially taking into account that the US Government is absolutely going to respond to this massive attack on its coast. I think we'll get a bit of Aquaman vs Justice League, but ultimately he'll be back in their good graces by the end of this one. To me, this war seems inevitable now. The country has suffered far too many causalities for this to now turn into a civil discussion. Not to mention the Trench are about to make matters a whole lot worse.


Aric is always upset because he can't scratch his nose.

PLANET DEATH IS HERE! As you can tell by the name, this isn't going to be a stroll through the park with butterflies and sunshine. This is going to be a super pissed off X-O Manowar vs. The Vine. It has been said that someone from his past will return and it'll motivate Aric to bring the fight to the aliens. The most obvious choice is his wife and her death would definitely set the warrior into beast mode. I feel bad for the Vine... a whole lot of pain is heading their way. You're finally reading this book, right? If not, this is the time to get on board.

Extra Predictions

Deadpool #4 - Zombie Lincoln is totally talking a bullet to the brain.

TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan #2 - I'll give it a 5/5.

Harbinger #8 - Torque will bring "bro" to a whole new level.

Uncanny X-Force #1 - No matter how good it is, I'll be crying on the inside over the loss of Remender's run.

Nightwing #16 - Dick Grayson will do at least one flip. Two if we're extra lucky.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

So looking forward to TMNT: SHotFC #2. #1 was great. Come on, Nightwing is gonna be flipping like crazy in #16.

Posted by Sloucher

Can't wait for avengers.

Posted by BatteredArmor
Posted by RedOwl_1
Posted by dondave

Nice predictions

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Hmm... Avengers..I will say...Whose That?! at least 3 times and scout comicvine for clues to mysterious Avengers. Predicting Cannonball and Sunspot will save the day somehow lol

JL- Batman will pull out ultrasonic gadget from his utility belt, that would effect Aquaman's brain dropping the Sea King to his knees and he will say "What are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think your trying to choke out??...I am the goddamn Batman!"

BOOM...called it


Posted by Smurfboy

I really dig that artwork of Captain America, Hulk and Wolverine. Very nice.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

awesome. funny predictions for the EXTRAS

Posted by Raw_Material

Nice predictions Gregg! There's no doubt the war between the Atlanteans and the Justice League has begun; but will there be a force that's able to stop the battle from continuing, so no further harm is done to innocent people of the surface world? The next issue of 'TMNT' will definitely be a 5/5 if it's a continuity from the pages of the first issue. With the first one having more flashbacks rather than showing a more present timeline, I think the next issue released will consist of more current events. As for Deadpool, Lincoln and the other presidents are in for a nice surprise; having Deadpool being equipped with a magic sword created by the hands of Doctor Strange, specifically designed to take out undead ghosts.

For anyone who wants to share there predictions on what will happen in the 'Throne of Atlantis' crossover, click here!

Posted by StMichalofWilson
Posted by secondfallen616

So looking forward to X-O, recently picked up the trade and the other 4 issues and absolutely love it. Wish his armor had a diff color scheme but its so good ill gladly deal with it.

Avengers is good and plan on picking #3 up but, sorry Sara, i'm not much of a fan of Hickman. I know im an idiot and all manner of derogatory names that im sure to be called for saying that, maybe i read his only bad issue.

If anyone can suggest an arc or specific issue that shows where all the adoration comes from, i would really appreciate it, otherwise my tepid feelings for his writing will continue.......

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Good predictions. Especially interesting in those for Aric!

Posted by entropy_aegis

JL Prediction:Batman gets owned

Nightwing prediction: Nightwing gets owned


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So did the predictions column get combined with the must-read feature this week? Most of these books are excellent!

What I'm buying on Comixology in the my underwear:
- Justice League: according to the preview, expect Bats to get pwned in another comic by Johns.
- Nightwing: I loved the flip prediction, Katz. Expect to see another page showing Joker with the dinner plate.
- Deadpool: It's been decent, but I hope this first zombie arc is over after this one.
- FF: No idea what will happen. Something quirky and hip no doubt.
- XO-Manowar: Perhaps the person from the past will be an old ally who can fight beside Aric. I'd like them to save the wife for further down the road.

Posted by johnqestion

Of course Batman should get owned. It's called Throne of Atlantis, not Batgod of Atlantis. But maybe if there was a horse to kick...

Posted by CaptainMexico

Ha! Aquaman just backhanded Superman. And considering how much Batman sucks in Justice League comics, he's next.

Posted by KnightRise
Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I decided to cut Avengers out of my pull list. I've got too many books and I felt it was sub-par. Of course, I have to replace it with TMNT, we'll see how much I like that.

Posted by JDevil
Posted by brandonbonito

Out of those I am only reading Deadpool, but they already made a Lincoln assassination joke. When Lincoln shot Deadpool he said, "So that is what that feels like." Then again that would be the most epic way to finish off zombie Lincoln.

Posted by KZR

@JDevil: Very accurate predictions.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

It's time for the death of a planet

Posted by GothamRed

Huh, Avengers and JL in the same week

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