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Comic Book Casting Call: Daredevil Netflix Series

We cast the upcoming 2015 Daredevil Netflix show!

It may almost be a year away, but the Daredevil Netflix series is still producing a lot of hype. Showrunners, writers, and producers have been announced, but aside from that, not much else. While it contains 13 episodes, the show is being designed for binge watchers and will be written and produced as one, 13 hour long, movie, much in the same way as other Netflix series are being put together.

No one has been announced as part of the cast yet, but we thought it would be fun to put together a cast with actors we would love to see in the roles of some of these iconic characters. As far as story goes, it'll be hard to say what showrunners plan on using for this new Netflix series. We decided to keep it pretty simple and think about this new series as an introduction to Daredevil and his world. Also, we didn't want to go too crazy with the super-villains and keep it pretty street level and moderately realistic, so we're sad to say, you won't be seeing Stilt-Man or Blackheart in this list.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil - Joesph Gordon-Levitt

Obviously, this is the most important character in this upcoming series, so you really need some one that can pull off a big role and captivate the audience. Normally, casting agents have to think about things like "budgets" and whether or not an actor can commit to a longer project, like Daredevil will eventually turn out to be. Lucky for us, we can do whatever we want and that's why we cast Joesph Gordon-Levitt as Matt Murdock. Yes, we're well aware he's not redheaded, but this is JGL we're talking about. He's going to be in the upcoming, and long-awaited, Sin City sequel, and he's done some fantastic work in Looper, The Dark Knight Rises, and Inception. He could easily be the leading man in this series and truly has the talent to pull it off.

Foggy Nelson - Evan Peters

Foggy Nelson is not only Matt Murdock's best friend, but also his business partner at their law firm. It's a character that is going to be pivotal to the series as the person who is closest to our main character. For a large role like this, you need someone with some great acting chops, and that's why we chose Evan Peters. Forget about the fact he played Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future past. Forget about the fact he played Todd in the first Kick-Ass. Evan Peters is dynamite when it comes to dramatic acting. His work as numerous characters on the various seasons of American Horror Story is unforgettable. He may look a bit young, but if this series focuses on the early Daredevil days, Peters would work well as a lawyer,a few years out of law school, working on his first firm. Sure, he's doesn't have the same body type as Foggy, but without a doubt, this guy has the chops to play the role.

Karen Page - Taylor Schilling

Karen Page, in order to be in this show, would have to have a complete revamp, since the character from the comics is a prime example of Women in Refrigerators. It seems every villain in the Marvel Universe used her to get to Daredevil, including Bullseye, who eventually killer her. For the television series, she should be beefed up and not the helpless character from the past. While her and Murdock end up becoming lovers, maybe the series could take place before that point, while they're still just working together. Make her the paralegal at Foggy and Matt's new law firm. There's no one else better to play her than Taylor Schilling, known for her work in the films Argo and The Lucky One... and that tiny little Netflix show called Orange is the New Black. She has the look for the character and easily has the chops to pull off a supporting character that will no doubt have a ton of screentime.

Battlin' Jack Murdock - Mickey Rourke

Jack Murdock will most likely not have a huge roll in this show. However, he's key to the origin of a young Matt Murdock getting his super-powers. There's lots of actors that could fit this role, but Mickey Rourke seemed to fit best. He's shown us he can play a tough character in both Iron Man 2, as Whiplash, and in The Wrestler. We've even got to see a bit of his caring side when he played Marv in Sin City. What really made Mickey the best pick though was the fact he used to be an amateur and professional boxer and according to his stat-sheet, he was a pretty darn good one at that.

Kingpin - John Goodman

The Kingpin of crime is probably one of the toughest people to cast for this. Not only does the actor have to have a certain look, but he has to be able to pull of the character. Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin was without a doubt the best part of the 2003 Daredevil film. That's a hard role to fill because Duncan did such a great job. However, take John Goodman into consideration. "That guy from that tv show Rosanne?" Yes, that guy. If you've seen The Hangover III, then you know Goodman has the skills to play a ruthless kingpin of crime. It's a bonus that he has the look for the character as well. He may be a little bit older than most people would like to see and someone who may not have the ability to go toe-to-toe with Daredevil, but he's one of the best picks for the job.

Bullseye - Alexander Skarsgård

The chances of Bullseye actually making it into the first season of this show is slim to none, but that's just our guess. If he does appear, it would probably be towards the tail end of the show, and if so, someone needs to be cast that can pull off Daredevil's most infamous of villains. Submitted for your approval is Alexander Skarsgård. While he was in the recent Battleship film, most people know him for his role of Eric on True Blood. He's shown he can be a villainous character without remorse. Out of the many people that could play the part, he's our best pick.

While it may be quite a while before we heard any casting news for next year's Daredevil series on Netflix, one can dream of who they'd love to cast. These are just our picks though. We'd love to hear who you would want to play your favorite characters in the upcoming series, even if they aren't characters we picked for this list. Who do you think could play Typhoid Mary, Elektra, or even Ben Urich?

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Posted by BR_Havoc

Why is it for every comic book movie or show it's always JGL?

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Everything about this sounds perfect except Matt.

Posted by PunyParker

I saw Matt and Foggy and oh my God,wrong.

Posted by unpopularkarama

Great casting choices! Love me some Goodman!

Also I think you meant think and not thing under JGL.

Posted by Chaos Burn

nah, not JGL

Edited by Teerack

Joesph Gordon-Levitt as Matt would be insanely good.

John Goodman as Kingpin would be the greatest casting yet.

Posted by Overlander

The thought about John Goodman blew my mind. Inspired cast design. The Kingpin abides.

Everything about this sounds perfect except Matt.


Edited by judasnixon

I always thought Patton Oswalt would play the perfect Foggy Nelson......

Posted by cdw101

Matt Murdoch- I say either Damian Lewis or Michael C Hall,

Im happy with mickey rourke as Battlin jack or maybe Dennis Quaid?

Foggy is a big no! Quite like Goodman And Karen, bullseye I have no idea yet.

Posted by inferiorego

I always thought Patton Oswalt would play the perfect Foggy Nelson......

I completely agree, but I wanted to go with someone a bit younger

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by flameboy298

I like everything except JGL screw that guy

Edited by The Stegman

I would have chosen Matt Bomer as Matt Murdock

But everything else sounds perfect!! Can't wait for this show!!

Edited by thewalkingdeadpool18

How is Mickey Rourke going to play two different characters in the same universe/continuity? You want Quicksilver as Foggy vs the thousands of other actors you could get for the role of Foggy? Why does JGL get nominated for every superhero? JGL is a good actor but other better choices for Matt Murdock. The rest of your casting is ok to good casting but overall no offense pretty bad casting call. The Mickey Rourke thing seriously surprises me your asking someone to play 2 different characters in the same continuity/universe.

Posted by daredevil21134

I saw Matt and Foggy and oh my God,wrong.


Posted by PunyParker
Edited by Captain13

Nahh, JGL is too busy getting ready to play Dream. He doesn't fit the role anyway.

The person who should actually play Daredevil/Matt Murdock is Richard Madden.

@captain13 said:

@daredevil21134: Yup. He pretty much played Matt on Game of Thrones.





American Accent

Posted by ccraft

I like the idea of MCH as DD.

Edited by Spideysense44

Matt Bomer Or Michael C Hall horrible casting btw

Posted by Cuboid

I'm not too big on JGL as Matt. Actually, I'd like to see Jeremy Renner in the role if he weren't already playing Hawkeye.

And I'm with @jonny_anonymous for Sean Astin as Foggy and Ray Liotta as Battlin' Jack. (Though I guess that's going for an older Matt & Foggy)

And I would love to see Alex Skarsgard somewhere in the MCU, but I'm not sure if Bullseye is right for him.

Posted by kalorama

Not really enthused by any of them but . . . John Goodman as the Kingpin? No. Just. No.

Posted by Spideysense44

@kalorama: evan peters as Foggy was the worst casting ever created on this planet

Posted by MrMazz

If he weren't busy being awesome in The Americans Matthew Rhys would be an excellent man without fear.

Edited by Captain13

Goodman doesn't have the physicality for the role of Kingpin; he's too old. Evan Peters could be a good Foggy. Taylor Schilling could be a good Karen, but I'd prefer someone who looks like she could really lose her way. Mickey Rourke is already in the MCU, so no to him. I'm not familiar with Skarsgaard.

Here's who I would cast in the supporting roles--

True Detective and Boardwalk Empire's Glenn Fleshler as Kingpin

Jobs and Frozen's Josh Gad as Foggy Nelson

Never Back Down and Drive Angry's Amber Heard as Karen Page

The 4400 and Human Target's Mark Valley as Battlin' Jack Murdock

Misfits and Game of Thrones's Iwan Rheon as Bullseye

X-Files and Californication's David Duchovny as Ben Urich

Let's Be Cops and The Vampire Diaries's Nina Dobrev as Elektra

Posted by Spideysense44
Posted by RedLantern23
Edited by DD208

This casting was just horrible. And you do realize that Daredevil actually fights the Kingpin from time to time.

Posted by LCazT1996

I always thought Patton Oswalt would play the perfect Foggy Nelson......


Posted by amazing_webhead

I dunno...I kinda liked Kingpin better as a black guy. Y'know, that was Stan's original idea.

Posted by danhimself

John Goodman as anyone is perfect casting bit I'm picturing his part in O' Brother Where Art Thou and if he just went that route then he wood be perfect as the Kingpin

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I respectfully disagree with all of the choices maybe except Bullseye.

Posted by thespideyguy

Chris Pine as Matt Murdock and Kristen Bell as Karen Page.

Posted by Spideysense44

He really tried to make Whiplash DDs dad when they live in the same universe and then tried to make quicksilver who is already building enough controversy for marvel into Foggy Nelson this is laughable

Posted by Loki2u
Posted by Transformers1024

The only one I disagree with is Daredevil. I really want Michael C. Hall to play him. Or the guy who plays Spartacus.

I'm pretty sure Evan Peters will deliver in any role you give him. Never thought of him as Foggy, but I would bet that he would nail the role. Although I do like the idea of him as Quicksilver for a few more movies.

Edited by GrenadeFlow

I'm not a fan of skinny Foggy or any of the castings lol

Posted by Sighburr_Punk

I would have chosen Matt Bomer as Matt Murdock

But everything else sounds perfect!! Can't wait for this show!!

So much agree.

Posted by Skyhawk1
Posted by staypuffed

I'd be all for JGL, but John Goodman as Kingpin? Don't see it.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

He really tried to make Whiplash DDs dad when they live in the same universe and then tried to make quicksilver who is already building enough controversy for marvel into Foggy Nelson this is laughable

Oh calm down, it's only a fancast.

Posted by nappystr8

Evan Peters absolutely has the personality to play Foggy Nelson, but there is nothing worse than when they cast average or overweight characters CW style. I mean, there are plenty of skinny white guys in comic book properties as it is. He is also very young to be a believable lawyer. Not too young, but just young enough that it would seem weird.

15 years ago I think John Goodman would have been a terrific Kingpin. As he is now, he is not as physically imposing as I would like. He certainly can be emotionally imposing, so I wouldn't be upset if they did cast him, but I think there is a better choice out there somewhere. Personally I would like if the next Kingpin was black again.

Surprised that Elektra isn't on the list. Here's another one where 15 years would make a difference. There was a time when Angelina Jolie would have been an excellent Elektra, but she is too old now. Olivia Wilde might be a fitting choice.

Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf

I want Typhoid Mary. And I want Rooney Mara to play her.

Posted by Sveppi

I think these are most, if not all, way too high profile actors for the roles in a Netflix series. Also, makes no sense to cast Rourke again.

Edited by SlamAdams

I always liked Michael C. Hall for Daredevil, but the Richard Madden suggestion is good too.

For Foggy Nelson, definitely Sean Astin, although I suppose you'd have to cast to the age of the guy for Murdock. Astin would make sense with Hall but not Madden

For Bullseye, Ben Foster

For Kingpin, someone like Ray Winstone. Someone who looks like a fat dude but still looks like he could kick some ass. Like Michael Chiklis back when he was on The Shield.

Speaking of The Shield, Jay Karnes for Ben Urich

Posted by cdw101

Hold on a sec, why does it not make sense to cast rourke again? when chris evans can be cast as human torch n then be cast as captain America??

Edited by Sub-Mariner

The only one I disagree with is Daredevil. I really want Michael C. Hall to play him. Or the guy who plays Spartacus.

I hope not. Liam McIntyre is my choice for Namor if a movie happens.

Posted by Darkseid_Prime

...I don't know how I'd feel having a 7 foot Bullseye

Edited by SynCig

The only one of these I wouldn't want is Evan Peters as Foggy. Not because I think he would be bad but more because I'd rather he continue as Quicksilver in the X-Men franchise. Really enjoyed his scenes in DOFP. The rest of the castings are pretty spot on.

Edited by SlamAdams

@cdw101: Chris Evans' Human Torch doesn't exist in the same continuity as Chris Evans' Captain America.

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