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Comic Book Battles We Want to See In 2013

Believe it or not, Wolverine and Batman didn't make the cut. Shocking, I know. Find out which 3 fights we're itching to see!

By now it should come as no surprise that I have a passion for comic book battles. To some degree, it's like Fantasy Football for comics, or at least that's what I enjoy telling my friends that don't share our love for the medium. Just as they'd want to see their favorite athletes go head-to-head, there's a whole plethora of battles that I would be thrilled to see in 2013.

To avoid letting my inner fanboy takeover, I've opted to only pick one fight from Marvel, one from DC, and one from any other publisher. Because there's so much I'd really want to see, I decided to include an honorable mention for each publisher as well. As always, please chime in with your own top 3 once you're done with the read.

Gambit vs Hawkeye

Superhero pissing contests are always amusing.

Now that AvX has come to an end, the likelihood of this happening feels incredibly slim. We saw their egos clash in A+X #3, and if we're lucky, some lovely writer out there will build off the brief and fun event that took place between them.

Gambit's more agile, has better reflexes and his kinetic cards are a pain to avoid, but Clint has an uncanny degree of accuracy and has an absurd amount of variety at his disposal with all of his trick arrows. They've only briefly encountered once before (CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS II) and Gambit seemed to have the upper hand. However, who do you think would win between Clint and Remy? Is Gambit's agility and explosive power too much for the Avenger... or will Gambit be taken down by a trick arrow or two?

Red Hood vs Nightwing

Good luck with that standoff, Grayson.

BATMAN & ROBIN teased us with the tension that still remains between these two, but it's about time we got another classic Jason Todd vs Dick Grayson encounter. Yes, Grayson is more skilled and because of that he'll likely win, but Jason isn't too far behind in that department and usually has plenty of dirty tricks up his sleeve.

A solid fight between members of the Bat-family is always a good dose of popcorn fun, and I would love nothing more than to see something ignite a battle between Robin #1 and Robin #2 once again. I can't be the only one very interested to hear what Scott Lobdell and Kyle Higgins would have to say about this one. Someone shine the DC writers signal!

Bloodshot vs Ninjak

At least not without buying him dinner first.

As you can tell from the above image, this is an encounter that took place pre-Valiant reboot. Now, with Ninjak back in the picture and being a major badass over in the pages of X-O MANOWAR, it seems only fitting that he should once again bump into Valiant's other stellar badass: Bloodshot.

This would be a classic case of skill against power. Ninjak's an absurdly talented assassin and would have no problem slicing into Bloodshot, but the solider's healing factor and brutal nature would be a very tough obstacle to overcome. I'd ultimately favor Ninjak thanks to his insane dodging capabilities and skill with a blade, but this is a fight that would surely be worth the cover price and then some.

Honorable Mentions

What 3 encounters would you love to see this year?

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine & IGN Entertainment. It took all of his willpower to resist his fanboy urge to include Kraven or Bane in this feature.

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Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Captain Marvel vs Supes


Hawkeye vs Gambit

Posted by Azrael66

Red Hood vs. Nightwing I've always wanted to happen.

Posted by nappystr8

Generally seeing heroes battle each other is about as boring to me as a comic can get. That being said, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd has such a rich history, which as of yet, has not been focused on in the New 52, so that I'd like to see.

That and continued battles between the new Charles Xavier School and the Jean Grey School X-Men teams, also seems fun.

Posted by JamesKM716
(Marvel) Scarlet Spider vs Superior Spider-Man

That would be SO awesome

My picks

Marvel: Venom vs Scarlet Spider-Man (or Superior Spider-Man)

DC: Hal vs Kyle

Other: Negan vs Andrea (Walking Dead)

Posted by thespideyguy

Superior Spider-man vs. The Kingpin.

Posted by neiliusprime

definitely would like to see Black Panther vs Namor at some point in New Avengers

Posted by JoeEddie

What issue is the Grayson/Todd standoff from?

Posted by Cavemold

ninjak vs bloodshot would be great.

Posted by Queso6p4

You keep knocking it out of the park man. Two thumbs up.

Posted by spetsnaz_gru
Posted by VampireSelektor

Batman vs. Nightwing.

Posted by k4tzm4n
@Queso6p4 said:

You keep knocking it out of the park man. Two thumbs up.

Much appreciated, sir!
Posted by BCreatures16

Would love to see Gambit get owned by Hawkeye. Gambit is possibly one of the lamest characters in comics.

Captain America vs. Captain Marvel

Antman (Lang) vs. Antman (Pym)

Posted by Queso6p4

@k4tzm4n: :-)

Posted by k4tzm4n

@VampireSelektor said:

Batman vs. Nightwing.


Posted by Nwing77

@k4tzm4n said:

@VampireSelektor said:

Batman vs. Nightwing.


I don't think Snyder's 'I care' sucker-punch done for shock value was the faceoff the poster was hoping for. :)

Edited by VampireSelektor

@Nwing77 said:

@k4tzm4n said:

@VampireSelektor said:

Batman vs. Nightwing.


I don't think Snyder's 'I care' sucker-punch done for shock value was the faceoff the poster was hoping for. :)

:) I walked into that one. Still, I would love to see that fight sometime in the future. It's ironic how Bruce's secrecy put a halt to Dick's philanthropy. Bruce and Dick just went through a rough patch during Night of the Owls. If this trend continues, the two heroes could end up trading blows. The chance to see how Bruce and Dick measure up in the new 52 sounds good.

Posted by roboadmiral

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) vs Thor

Flash (Barry Allen) vs Ironman

Aquaman vs Captain America

I know they're not going to happen, but a guy can dream.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Yeah I'm rotting for Todd vs. Grayson myself...

Posted by Sharkbite

Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men vs Wolverine's X-Men

Or even just, more specifically, Cyclops vs Wolverine round II, this time without a Sentinel looming over them. Something epic and brutal, like how it panned out for Age of Apocalypse.

Suicide Squad vs surviving members of Team 7

It would be great to see Deathstroke, Grifter, and the rest butt heads against the Squad as Waller tries to tie up some loose ends.

For independant comics, boy oh boy I've got a million ideas, but I think I have to settle for:

Krake vs Major Bludd

Bludd recently being taken in by the UN after being ousted from Cobra leaves him primed to join the Joes and lead a move against Krake, and given that Bludd was the initially announced winner of Cobra Civil War set to be the new Cobra Commander before Krake announced that his treachery scored him all of Satori's kills as well, Bludd definately has an axe to grind. Bludd vs Krake in a fight to the death would be grand.

Honorable mention:
Carl Grimes vs Negan in Walking Dead
Shakey vs Groundskeeper Guy in the flashbacks in Crossed: Wish You Were Here
Arcade vs whoever kills Arcade in Avengers Arena

Posted by VictorGrey

Doc Ock vs the back of my hand

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

10) Red Hood vs Nightwing

9) Cassandra Cain vs Lady Shiva

8) Superman vs Captain Atom

5) Superman vs Captain Marvel

4) Captain America vs Midnighter

3) Captain America vs Batman

2) Batman vs Ironman - I am dying for this.

1) Superman vs Thor - This I believe is the Holy Grail of these battle matched.

Posted by Superguy1591

@lifeboy: Batman didn't beat Superman in The Dark Knight Returns, Superman didn't want to hurt him and was holding back. Also, Batman had more than a "little prep time". Batman had been planning that fight since he decided to come out of retirement. Also, he was fighting in his own backyard and had time to prep with Oliver.

Posted by Maikky

Deadpool vs. Cable rematch .

It should also be 50 issues long .

Posted by sinestro_GL

I'd like to see Damian destroy the Joker :)

Posted by WWAJfan

Venom vs Superior Spiderman

Posted by kyrool98

This may be a biased comment, but i do thing gambit would win. been as hawk eye may has a very good aim, as mentioned gambit has brilliant agility and would be jumping around the place evading arrows, and hawkeye only has a limited number of arows where as gambit can carry more of his "Ammo" and can use anything as a weapon.

Posted by Jawshco

YES!!! To all of these. I want to see Hawkeye mop the floor with pretty boy Gambit. That would be a classic battle.

For Nightwing and Redhood's battle, I'd like it be Nightwing winning the fight, but walking away with the bigger injury.

For Kaine vs. Spider-Hockman (or Sp'Ock, LoL!) I'd love to see Kaine to knock Sp'Ock out and take the helm as the best Spider.

Aquaman vs Deathstroke... wow not sure. I kind of want to see Deathstroke win.

TMNT vs KRANG! Ha! Definitely the turtles should win after some awesome butt kicking battles. The ending should have KRANG trapped in a pumpkin!

Posted by jwalser3

@NXH said:

I would love to see Scarlet Spider (Kaine) vs Superior Spider-Man. That would be awesome.

Hell yeah!

Posted by lifeboy

@pspin said:

Supergirl vs Power Girl would be interesting.

Agreed. I ran out of current issues to read so I looked through some of my old back issues. # 6, 7 of 2006 supergirl made a good read. Pg and supergirl team up and go to kandor. They dont fight but there is some conflict between them. #8 is in the arch too but s kind of weak. Then 9 has 3 pages of pg but it is agood stand alone comic. Check them out if you get a chance :-)

Posted by Batmarcus

Superior Spider-Man vs Scarlet Spider,

Superior Spider-Man vs Norman Osborn

Batman vs Punisher

and finally....

DC vs Marvel (again) We all know we want to see it

Posted by Alton

Empowered and My Little Pony.

Posted by k4tzm4n

Wooo! Looks like we'll get Scarlet Spider vs. Wolverine! 

Posted by entropy_aegis

@SandMan_ said:

Well Dick is more agile...But Jason is physically the strongest. Superman vs SHAZAM

Where did you get that from? Dick is stronger,Todd has the better pain tolerance though.

Darkseid vs all of DC

Bane vs Batman

Superman vs Black Adam

Galactus vs Dormammu

Posted by gotwillpower

I would love Ninjak vs Bloodshot! Ninjak needs a solo series already!

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