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Check Out Zatanna On Smallville

First look from the episode, "Hex."

When word first got out that Zatanna was making an appearance on Smallville, people seemed to be happy about it.  It seems the episode will be airing on March 26 according to  Those that get TV Guide will get a glimpse of Zatanna in the March 2 issue.

Zatanna will be played by Serinda Swan.  Check out the image and caption to see what exactly she'll be up to in the episode.

Posted by Midnightist

God I hope they find some way to have Batman on this

Posted by pixelized

She's really pretty.

Posted by Asymmetrical


I thought it was February I got all excited only to have to wait another month? :O

Posted by Darkchild

Gah tat sucks that we got another week.

Posted by Decept-O

Heeeellloooooo, Nurse!

Posted by King Saturn
Damn... that chick is Hot
Posted by The_Martian

She looks like her.

Posted by danisgod6491

Awesome, one of my favoirte Charcters from DC. I think that girl got the look down even if Zatanna does look like Katy Perry, not saying that that girl bad. No far from that she looks great.

Posted by King Saturn
Nobody said:
"She looks like her.
Indeed She Does
Posted by danhimself

Posted by Chaos Agent

besidesd of the looks I feel confortable with her because aparently she has been reading Zatanna comics for research

Posted by G'bandit
danhimself said:

agreed :P

Posted by gmanfromheck

Here's another pic:

and a bigger one of the original post:

Posted by danhimself
danhimself said:

i say again
Posted by sora_thekey

Honstly this doesn't look promising........ I thought she was good!?

Smallville has let me down in the past but this season has been very very good which makes me wonder if this will make it better or worse!

Posted by Asymmetrical
sora_thekey said:
I thought she was good!?
Zatanna's not necessarily a hero if that's what your saying...