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Check Out These New Images for Avengers: Age of Ultron

New images for Hawkeye, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and more!

Today, Empire Online released some images from their October issue, which has some Avengers: Age of Ultron info. The sequel to the smash hit Avengers has the team of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye squaring off against Ultron. Empire released three images this week. Let's go through them.

Photo Credit: Empire Online
Photo Credit: Empire Online

In the first image we see director Joss Whedon with Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye in the film. Hawkeye has a new outfit for the film, which includes a jacket that is a mixture of contemporary and medieval.

Credit: Empire Online
Credit: Empire Online

Secondly, here's Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner and Robert Downey Jr, who plays Tony Stark. There's not too much to make of this. It's just a couple of hyper-intelligent guys staring off into the distance.

Credit: Empire Online
Credit: Empire Online

Finally, here's Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver and Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, both of who were in the credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Obviously, there's been tons of destruction in this foreign land.

What do you guys think? Which Quicksilver do you like better, look alone: Age of Ultron or Days of Future Past?

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens up on May 1st, 2015.

Source: Empire Online

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Avatar image for hopesummersforthefuture
Posted By HopesummersFORtheFUTURE

sw and qs do not look like twins. sw looks younger

Avatar image for spiderknightcrawler
Edited By SpiderKnightCrawler

Hm. After googling Elizabeth Olsen and seeing comparisons she looks the part for Scarlet Witch. I need some selling on Quicksilver. Also, how the heck is Quicksilver in BOTH a Marvel AND a Fox movie? I thought the fact he was in DOFP meant Fox probably had a copyright on him.

Avatar image for raw_material
Posted By Raw_Material

Can't wait

Avatar image for SuperStar_sketcher
Posted By SuperStar_sketcher

Why dont they put jeremy in the hawkeye mask? I just wanna see.

Avatar image for jacthripper
Posted By Jacthripper

Like hawkeye

QS seems too big, DOFP looked better

Avatar image for iron_fist_angel
Posted By Iron Fist Angel


Celebrity Heights, (which is usually surprisingly accurate), has him listed at 5'8". There's no freakin' way he's even 5'10".

And man, Taylor-Johnson is a far cry from the beanpole who was in Kick-Ass.

Avatar image for waezi2
Edited By waezi2

Wonder if Wanda's look is inspirit by her X Evolution version.

... God, that show rocked!!!

Avatar image for silverpool
Posted By SilverPool
Avatar image for cascadeking09
Edited By cascadeking09

I hated the Days of future past look, but I'm not feeling either one of these actors as the siblings. Also, if QS was a teenager in Days of Future past back in the 80's, this more than 30 years later. Is there some more bs time paradox crap, or something about his dna like Mystique they're gonna pull to claim he just stayed young looking? Kick-Ass still looks fresh outta highschool.

Avatar image for outside_85
Posted By Outside_85

I am not too much of fan of Scarlet Witch's and Quicksilver's costumes. It looks like they were picked up off the street to help the Avengers. I'd rather SW wear a black bodysuit under her jacket rather than the black skirt.

The matter is that they literally could be that the two escaped from captivity (perhaps during a test of QS by the looks of his flashy shirt) and then had to find something to wear besides the bags they were wearing at the end of Winter Soldier.

It's not clothes that scream superhero, but all in all I approve of them.

Avatar image for mattwing87
Posted By mattwing87

I am not too much of fan of Scarlet Witch's and Quicksilver's costumes. It looks like they were picked up off the street to help the Avengers. I'd rather SW wear a black bodysuit under her jacket rather than the black skirt.

Avatar image for hammer_of_j2
Posted By HAMMER_OF_J2

Bruce Banner like a boss!

lets just hope hulk doesn't look like he did in the Avengers lol

Avatar image for juke
Posted By Juke

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver look horrendous.

Avatar image for the_titan_lord
Edited By The_Titan_Lord


Avatar image for veronicacris
Posted By veronicacris

Hawkeye and scarlet witch looks are very good. But i hope scarlet get a costume for future movies. Quicksilver is hot, but need a better costume

Avatar image for bystander
Posted By Bystander

@punyparker: More! The public want's more!!)

@devilsgrin81: Don't mention Evan Peters! Not on the Age of Ultron Thread!

Avatar image for devilsgrin81
Edited By devilsgrin81

Aaron Johnson looks incredible as Quicksilver. he's certainly not going to be a funny QS... not like Evan Peters... but he's smokin' hot. Those thighs!!!

Avatar image for Elbarto17
Posted By PunyParker
Avatar image for myst1que
Posted By Myst1que

DoFP Quicksilver is better, Quicksilver is supposed to be young, but since this is only a loose copy of the comics, it'll slide.

Avatar image for bystander
Posted By Bystander
Avatar image for Elbarto17
Posted By PunyParker

@punyparker said:

Tony's awesome.

Everybody knows that. Seriously.

No harm done if i pointed out this one more time. ;)

Avatar image for bystander
Posted By Bystander

Tony's awesome.

Everybody knows that. Seriously.

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson


Avatar image for phoenixofthetides
Posted By PhoenixoftheTides

@dernman said:

Quicksilver is too buff.

Jeremy Renner is 5'10"? I find that hard to believe. He always looks to short. Not that 5'10" is tall.

That Hawkeye jacket is making me feel hot. It's still to hot where I am to look at that jacket.

I agree - and I am a big fan of buff characters, but he's noticeably bigger than some of the characters who should be just as jacked. Plus I think Scarlet Witch looks too Hot Topics. They should have toned down that look a bit.

Avatar image for blueninjapanther
Posted By blueninjapanther

Hawkeye looks awesome with the new outfit. This Quicksilver looks better than the one in Days of Future Past but he's a bit bulkier. I find Quicksilver a little slimmer. But other than that, I can't wait to see more.

Avatar image for feargalr
Edited By feargalr

Ughhh Quicksilver looks soooooooo bad. I hope it's better on screen.

Avatar image for knightsofdarkness2
Posted By Knightsofdarkness2

Hawkeye's new suit is awesome!

Avatar image for battle_forum_junkie
Posted By Battle_Forum_Junkie

Glad that we'll be seeing more of the "science bros".

Avatar image for darkseid_prime
Posted By Darkseid_Prime

Stark appears REACTOR-LESS

Avatar image for zearing
Posted By Zearing

@hexthis said:

@ensabahnurx said:

I kinda love Scarlett witch's costume but I'm a sucker for that style. It's reminiscent of Wanda when she appeared on x-men evolution just less over the top.

Me too, that was my introduction to Wanda as a kid so I've always held a certain fondness for that goth look. I kind of wish they found some way of integrating the design of the headpiece though, Joss said they thought about referencing it with a headband of a similar shape or something. I think if they just had two pointed horn-like shapes on a headband, she would look like a total badass. It's just too iconic for them to ignore.

I'm surprised at the crap quality of these pictures though, some of the paparazzi shots of Aaron and Elizabeth were much more badass.

No Caption Provided

Just what I was going to say, except for the part about X-Men Evolution being an introduction to Wanda. It was Wolverine and the X-Men for me.

Avatar image for goonage
Posted By goonage

Whats up with SW's left hand?

Avatar image for sasquatch888
Edited By sasquatch888

hawkeye looks so short ,,,damn how tall is j. renner? ...that long top he's wearing makes him look like a midget ...everyone thought ironman 2 would be better than 1 but it was't ...but cap 2 was better than cap 1 hopefully avengers two will rock ..well see

Avatar image for jackbensley777
Posted By jackbensley777

quick silvers costume looks low budget and scarlet witch annoys me already, hawkeye looks so cheesy

Avatar image for perfect_10
Edited By Perfect 10

nothing new her save for the hawkeye pic. interested to know the story behind that costume. quicksilver and scarlet witch (the only reason im hyped for this film) look awesome as usual

Avatar image for fallschirmjager
Edited By Fallschirmjager

I think Hawkeye and QS look terrible. Especially QS. It looks like he is wearing a sweater worn by his grandmother.

SW on the other hand looks HOT.

Avatar image for ngrcapyesterday
Edited By ngrcapyesterday

I still like the Days of Future Past Quicksilver more, but this one is still good. :P

Whaaat!? The portrayal of the character was top notch but how can you defend the costume?

Avatar image for blazinasian112
Posted By blazinasian112

@saren: lmao. So have me cracking up

Avatar image for dernman
Posted By Dernman

@dernman: Lol saving face? I could care less about that on a website. xD Far too many self righteous nerds on here.

Keep telling yourself that mister pot and maybe you'll believe it.

Avatar image for darthaznable
Edited By DarthAznable

@dernman: Lol saving face? I could care less about that on a website. xD Far too many self righteous nerds on here.

Avatar image for superior_prime_maybe
Posted By superior_prime_maybe

Wish they had done with the costume for quick silver

Avatar image for grey56
Posted By Grey56

I must be either getting old, or too practical - because Clint's outfit is in no form as combat-able as his previous ones. I don't know if the jacket will carry some tactical explanation or not - but I hope so.

Avatar image for theblueangel93
Posted By TheBlueAngel93

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch look awesome, can't wait to see them join Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Avatar image for dd208
Posted By DD208

Hawkeye looks horrible. The jacket reminds me of some scifi future movie look.

Avatar image for the_scourge
Posted By The_Scourge

Loving Hawkeye's new look and that they're trying to make it more comicbook-y. Quicksilver, I don't mind that he's buff but I ain't feeling that costume at all.

Avatar image for owie
Posted By Owie

Not really a fan of the Hawkeye or Quicksilver looks...Hawkeye's looks too stiff and artificial, and Quicksilver's looks too random and sort of extreme-sportsy for lack of a better word.

Avatar image for _zombie_
Posted By _Zombie_

Hawkeye looks great. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.. eh.

Avatar image for batmannflash
Posted By batmannflash

ehhh I really don't like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's looks but I'm willing to wait for the movie to have my judgements

Avatar image for adamtrmm
Posted By adamTRMM

Not trying to diss, but they really look bad lol

Avatar image for a_a_a
Edited By A_A_A

Just more and more and more pics...enough of pics of AAU

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