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Check Out The Godzilla International Trailer

If you like giant lizards smashing things, this may be right up your alley.

On May 16th, 2014, Godzilla fans will be able to see the newest incarnation of the classic movie monster on the big screen, and today, Warner Bros released an international video on their YouTube page. Check it out!

What do you guys think? Also, did anyone else see what looks like Mothra?

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Posted By AllStarSuperman


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Posted By Colt

Looks more like Rodan to me..

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I am so excited for this film!

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I can't decide who's more pimp, Ken Watanabe or Bryan Cranston.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

come out already!!!

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Posted By laabitres

i totally saw a flying monster

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Posted By darkbeam

Can't wait for this.

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Posted By Protoflash

Yep… thats rodan…. badass

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Jeez, it's still not May? I'm tired of waiting!

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Posted By Skyfire

I would say that was Rodan, not Mothra.

Although it is only supposed to be original monsters fighting the big G

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Posted By Onemoreposter

If Mothera was in this I would legit poop. It would be hard to pull off a modernized badass Mothera, but I bet these guys could do it. The flying monster definitely looks more insectoid to me.

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this song explains me right now

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Posted By Omnicrono
@skyfire said:

I would say that was Rodan, not Mothra.

How can you tell? All I can see is a silhouette with wings.

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

Mothra!!! O_O

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This movie just needs to come out already.

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Posted By LyraFay

OMG!! Those sweeping shots were fantastic. But is it Mothra? Or is it Rodan? Hmm....But I guess Godzilla and co are going to be metaphors for the effect of global warming.

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Posted By Onemoreposter
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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

@onemoreposter: Well they could do the same thing the recent comics did and have them human little girl twins that are telepathically connected to Mothra

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Posted By mak13131313

I am so excited for this!!

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Posted By Black_Claw

Holy crap was that Rodan?

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@skyfire said:

I would say that was Rodan, not Mothra.

How can you tell? All I can see is a silhouette with wings.

Mostly because Mothra has a gigantic head that doesn't match the creature in the trailer, and the shape of the wings just looks more like Rodan's.

Although I doubt it's either of them.

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Posted By comedy_brosUSA

It looks like Rodan, but Mothra is well known too.

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Posted By NorrinBoltagonPrime21


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Godzilla isn't a lizard.

By the way, have we determined if this is a direct sequel to Gojira like all of the other reboots are?

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Posted By Ostyo

Oooooh! Poor dude got owned by Godzilla's back spike! xD

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Posted By Alak

So pumped for this!

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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Can't wait!

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Posted By Fallschirmjager

why are international trailers always better than domestic?

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Posted By cattlebattle

Godzilla isn't a lizard.

By the way, have we determined if this is a direct sequel to Gojira like all of the other reboots are?

I think it is. Ken Watanbe plays a character by the same name as a character in the original 1954 movie, maybe his son. Also, in the american trailer, there seems to be a gigantic skeleton found in what looks like a cave. If you remember, in the original film they defeated the Godzilla with a bomb that disintegrated his flesh. I am thinking the Godzilla of this film is possibly another monster.

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Posted By QuantomMan

I cant wait for this!

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Posted By GrimoireMyst

I really want to see this movie.