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Captain Marvel in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Check out what the powerful hero looks like in the upcoming fighting game!

The game is still about two months away and there's a lot of spots left in the roster, but we can now say that Captain Marvel is definitely in the game! ComicBookMovie was able to get their hands on a picture taken directly from an issue of @Gamer magazine. According to them, Shazam is indeed a playable character!


Viners, what do you think of the costume? Additionally, what alternate costumes would you like to see for him?

Be sure to check out Billy Batson's Comic Vine bio for more information! Injustice: Gods Among Us will come out April 16th.

Source: ComicBookMovie


Michael (MANofSHAZAM) sent this over to G-Man via Twitter:


This is a GameStop pre-order exclusive. Not sure when it was announced but it's pretty dang cool. Could this game get any better?