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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Teaser Trailer Teaser

Yes, it's a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer. But it's pretty dang cool.

Let's be honest, teaser trailers for teaser trailers are pretty ridiculous. But when the tiny bits they show are really really cool, you simply can't ignore them.

Tomorrow the new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuts on iTunes. Marvel has released a teaser for the teaser.

If you haven't already watched those seventeen ten seconds over and over, let's take a moment to highlight and talk about the really cool stuff.

The Helicarrier

No Caption Provided

Nick Fury

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Winter Soldier (Bucky)

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Black Widow

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Cap smashing someone or thing

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Posted By Smurfboy


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Posted By Mellow_Hype
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Posted By Veshark

JJJYEEEAHHHHHH.....damn, can't wait for tomorrow.

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Posted By BoyWander

@lordrequiem said:

Helmet is still gay.

How is his helmet homosexual. Correctness aside, I think the helmet makes sense. It's cool. I'd much rather a helmet on my head if I'm fighting the Winter Soldier. or aliens. or nazi's. really anyone. While this isn't Caps' traditional look, it's still really cool. I don't think a design from the 1940's really holds up today and the fact that they can still make it resemble the traditional design and be functional is great.

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Posted By WarBlade539

I really hope they use the black widow and winter soldier relationship in this movie! Don't sweep it under the rug just because she has some kind of history with hawkeye!

There is a kissing scene between Cap and Widow. I guess they're taking a different route.

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Posted By sentryman555

@darkazrael999: That's a little disappointing to hear. I don't really want a love triangle happening. It's really hard to make those work in movies, in my opinion.

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