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Brian Buccellato's FOSTER #1 Limited Edition Sells Out

Direct edition #1 and a limited edition for #2 are coming next.

Brian Buccellato is currently best known for co-writing THE FLASH and be an amazing colorist (on THE FLASH and other books). He soon will be known for his creator-owned comic series, FOSTER. Back in December we spoke to Brian about his new project and you can read a review for the first issue here.

The first issue was available as a limited edition and has now sold out. A regular direct market edition for issue #1 and a limited edition for issue #2 will be available on February 22, just in time for his appearance at IMAGE EXPO in Oakland, CA.

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Brian had this to say:

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I completely sold out of the limited edition first issue, through direct sales from my website, signings and Arizona Comic Con. The remaining copies were purchased by retailers directly and are now available for sale at their stores while supplies last.

FOSTER is the story of Eddie Foster, a recovering alcoholic, trying to make his way through life in VINTAGE CITY. His drab life suddenly takes a turn when he has to face off against the DWELLERS--monsters of legend that creep in the shadows. The series is "an auteur piece set in the world of the early 1970s."

Even though the limited edition wasn't distributed through the direct market, the series, with art by Noel Tuazon (ELK'S RUN) did catch the eye from us, IGN and several other comic sites. When the direct market edition for the first issue is solicited, it will ship with a $3.99 cover price and there will be a one-in-five variant cover by Joe Benetiz (LADY MECHANIKA).

The second issue will be released in a similar fashion. There will be a limited run of 500 signed and numbered with a sketch cover on the back.

I’m printing the regular edition of issue 1 without having solid numbers back from the Direct Market, but I’m confident I’ll sell out. It’s a gamble, but this entire project has been a gamble for me, so why not push my chips into the middle and go all in?

For more info and where to pick up FOSTER or to find out Brian's upcoming appearances, check out or send an email to