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Boom! Studios Teaser: What is This Place?

It's the first of a new series of teasers. What could this be for?

We've seen many comic teasers. They can be fun and we can try to guess what it's about or who is involved. Boom! Studios has released what appears to be the first of a series of teaser.

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The only thing going along with this is the following hashtag: #WhatIsThisPlace

What do you think this could be about. I think we're going to want to pay attention to these. Hopefully we'll see more clues soon.


This will be a series from James Tynion IV (BATMAN ETERNAL, TALON, and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS) and artist Michael Dialynas ((AMALA'S BLADE, SPERA).

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Posted By Fhiz

Given that James Tynion retweeted this and said something last night about staying in tune for something today, I'm guessing he's writing whatever this is.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

@fhiz: hmm could be interesting

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@fhiz: Okay, I added more information.

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boom is bringing the teasers. for som

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Posted By Fhiz

@g_man: paying attention to twitter feeds pays off again!

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@fhiz: I wanted to be sure what I could say with this at this point.

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looks like a kid so maybe a high school coming of age story?