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Black Canary Fights Crime On 'ARROW' The Hard Way

Actress Katie Cassidy gives fans a closer look at the 'Black Canary' character on the upcoming CW television show.

When we talk about Black Canary, we usually focus on the fact that her screech can knock another character over who might be standing several feet away, or that she packs a pretty powerful high kick. Rarely do we discuss the fact that she's actually a bottle blond (who knew?), or that she once opened up a florist shop as a cover for her superhero identity. Now, as great as florist shops are, they don't exactly contribute to crime-fighting. Unless, of course, you're dealing with Poison Ivy (although in that situation you might unintentionally be fueling a fire). In the latest ARROW clip it seems Dinah Lance is taking on an all-new kind of day job -- she will be playing an attorney . Now that's definitely one way to stop corruption.

The latest ARROW television show clip gives us a peak at 'Laurel Lance' and what makes her character tick. Actress Katie Cassidy who will be playing the role reveals that there is a lot of depth, passion and determination in Lance's character -- she's not afraid to take down corporate scum in the courtroom. In the clip we see a pensive young woman who isn't afraid to take down the bad guy no matter how rich he might be. It also reveals that both she and Oliver Queen (Arrow) share an interesting history and that she isn't exactly so happy to see him. Queen, "the love of [Lance's] life" was involved in a boating accident that left him stranded and killed her sister, so although she might harbor some affections for the chiseled anti-her, she hasn't forgotten that he is the reason she lost one of her best friends. And she certainly doesn't let him forget it.

Although we've seen some of these clips before, it's still nice to get a closer look at a character that will likely help push the story -- not only as a romantic interest to Queen, but also as a possible aid in the fight against crime. Only difference is, she's still doing it the "legal" way. I wonder how long it will take the CW to get the character into a pair of fishnet stockings and depict her kicking butt across the TV screen. It will definitely be interesting to see whether or not this is something that actually happens, or whether the character was just given the name 'Laurel Lance' as an homage to Black Canary's character in the comics. What do you think? Is this something you would like to see? What do you think of Katie Cassidy's portrayal of Lance in the clip above? How would you like to see the character portrayed?

Source: CW