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Big Bang Theory In Super-Hero Drag

Welcome to SexyTown: Population 4

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One of the few sitcoms on television, that is still funny, cranks up the laughmeter (which I made up) once again as the cast of the Big Bang Theory gets in touch with their feminine side the only way they know how: They dressed up like female super heroes.  Photo is from Entertainment Weekly

 Big Bang Theory executive producer Bill Prady wouldn’t reveal why the show’s geek squad ends up in “superheroine drag” in the April 12 episode... but it’s safe to say it involves the return of Sheldon’s arch-nemesis, Evil Wil Wheaton. “I will say this,” Prady adds, “this is not the worst thing that happens to someone in this episode.”

In the past, we've seen and heard many comic book references such as the infamous scene where everyone dressed up as the Flash, but these get-ups have taken the cake. From left to right we have Howard (Simon Helberg) as Batgirl, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as Wonder Woman, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) as Supergirl, and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) as Catwoman from the film with the same name. 
I've watched the whole first season of this show, and I loved it. I have yet to watch the second season, but it really is one of the last funny sitcoms on television. For fans of comic books, science fiction, or anything else considered "nerdy," we all know a friend, or a friend of a friend, like one of these characters. And yes, at times it does make fun of some of our passions and can make a generalization of how many "nerds" are, but who cares? The show is funny, and we get some of the inside nerd jokes that most people wouldn't. So, we win!
This cross dressing episode of The Big Bang Theory, featuring Wil Wheaton, airs Monday, April 12th on CBS. Will you guys watch it?