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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 11/16/12

Check out some of our favorite comic book covers from this week's new releases.

It seems this week is all about guts, gore and monsters -- that is until you get to the last cover we've picked. There are some really gorgeous covers this week, and below are some of our favorites.


COURTNEY CRUMRIN #7 Written and illustrated by Ted Naifeh. The cover of this issue is really beautiful; it captures both innocence and the creepy. The detail in the image and the decision to stick to just green and grey hues was a good one I think. The linework really accentuates the details in the image, too.

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THE CREEP #3 cover by artist Tonci Zonic looks like an oil painting. The image draws you in and makes you want to pick up the issue. It's really creepy and mysterious and I love the use of light and dark in the picture.


One of the things that makes SAGA so fantastic is the breathtaking art of artist Fiona Staples, which is why we couldn't help but put the cover to SAGA #7 on the list. The image is a little bit gruesome but still really intricate and well done.


We don't normally spotlight hardcovers because they often reuse covers from previous issues, but when we saw the cover to THE STRAIN volume one we couldn't resist pointing it out. This cover by artist E.M. Gist is incredibly well done. Don't get us wrong, we think it's disgusting but it's so gross that it's beautiful.


Artist Ryan Ottley and colorist John Rauch really outdid himself with this month's INVINCIBLE #97 cover. I love the way the main character in this series is staring at his own reflection on a blood stained wall -- if you read the issue, you know it's actually a pretty symbolic image. It's just really creative and well executed.


It was pretty difficult to choose between all of Skottie Young's Marvel NOW! variant covers, yet our favorite of the bunch might be the absolutely adorable variant cover to ALL-NEW X-MEN #1. The image depicts the original X-Men team as little babies in the shadow of Wolverine. Oh, and poor Bobby Drake.

Yet, even after having chosen one to show off, we couldn't help but spotlight all of Skottie Young's variant covers to the Marvel NOW! Check them out below.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Obviously there are plenty of great looking comic covers that we missed, so be sure to let us know if there is one that particularly struck you and post them in the thread below!