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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 9/5/13

What covers did the CV staff love this week? Prepare to learn!

It was another week of awesome books and some really awesome covers, especially all those 3D covers from DC, which ended up, in person, looking really awesome. However, there was quite a few really cool looking covers that were in "boring" old 2D as well this week. Let's take a look at what the Comic Vine staff picked as their favorite covers this week.

This week, the very first comic we're looking at is by far my favorite of the week. It's the variant cover to SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #17. This stunning cover was drawn by artist J.G. Jones. While many of us are trying to set our Spider-man 2099 fanboy bias aside, this is just a great looking cover. The background work with the webbing and light blue shading is the perfect compliment to this seriously awesome cover.

This may not be one everyone at Comic Vine agreed on, but I thought it was super-awesome. Here we have the cover to CHEW #36. Artist Rob Guillory put this piece together. Who doesn't love the Looney Tunes? And who doesn't love CHEW? While I may be a trade-waiter (so this cover is a spoiler to me), this fun cover is a relief to long-time CHEW readers. In addition, Rob's art is just awesome. Every panel this guy draws screams "I'm going to make you love this."

When you have a seriously funny book, you'll need a seriously funny cover to get that point across to the people in their local comic shops, looking for something to buy. Luckily, artist Ryan Sook put together this incredible looking cover for QUANTUM & WOODY #3. Nothing says "buy me" than a character cowering a fear on the cover, right?

And the award for saddest cover of the week goes to X-FACTOR #262 by David Yardin. While it's a HUGE bummer that this series is coming to an end, Yardin's cover really does the issue some justice. We love the look on Madrox's face as he flips the sign from open to close. The way everything is framed up here makes this cover go from awesome to amazing.

Back on the ridiculous side of things, here we have SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #3 by Michael Del Mundo. This artist makes our list quite a bit, but mainly for his work on the covers for X-MEN LEGACY. He always has these very weird and off-beat ideas for covers that end up looking amazing, and this cover in particular really captures the essence of the book entirely.

Artist David Marquez and colorist Frank D'Armata put the cover together this month for AVENGERS A.I. #3. What really sets this cover apart from the others are numerous elements. There's a great feeling of movement here because of the lines dashing across the page, which also makes it look like Vision is being erased from time. D'Armata's colors are wonderful and vibrant here as well.

Lastly, this incredibly detailed cover to BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE #1 was crafted by artist Marc Silvestri. The composition of Batman kneeling in front of his mother's pearls, with the skeletons behind him is incredibly cool, but that "wow" factor comes in when you see how much line work Silvestri put into this piece. Even though it's all in black and white, each element really stands on its own well.

Well, that's it for another round of best comic book covers of the week. Got some covers you guys loved? Throw them into the comment section below!

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Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

Great covers this week.

Posted by thespideyguy


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Batman: Black and White #1 of course...because Silvestri rules!

Posted by Overlander

I have no complaints with these choices, and particularly love the SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN cover.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Superior Spider-Man had a gorgeous cover this week! I really digged Battle of the Atom as well!

Posted by DecoyElite

Pretty sure that Superior cover is box art for a game.

Fitting that none of the villain month issues made it here given how samey they were, although I thought The Ventriloquist stood among the bunch.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Excellent choices this week, that Batman Black and White cover is amazing. I might have added the Shadowman cover.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by nappystr8

I really wish I didn't know that Spider-Man 2099 variant exists. It's just great and I can't have it. The Quantum & Woody is also terrific. Interesting none of the 3D Villains month covers didn't make the cut. Not that they should, but it's interesting.

Edited by DocFishstick

man i love the covers this week. The Batman Black and White is so great.

Edited by DecoyElite

@jonny_anonymous: Ah, I remember a version with his whole upper body though...Hmm...

Edited by EvilPenguin543

Superior Spider-Man cover=awesome.

Posted by jwalser3

Justice League 23.1

IN 3-D!

Posted by dondave
Posted by GrandHarrier

Are these covers picked for the content or because they come from books that someone likes, because I must say, some of the choices seem to come from the current darling books, even if the images themselves are fairly boring.

Posted by JakeN7

Green Arrow #23.1 (Count Vertigo #1) was my favorite this week. It came out so well in 3D, and utilized the lenticular covers the best out of the whole bunch, in my opinion.

Edited by Smart_Dork_Dude

OH YEAH!!! Spidey 2099!!!!!!

Posted by SavageDragon

the 3d Darkseid cover was so cool.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Edited by Samuel_Simmons

Great picks

Posted by DecoyElite
Posted by longbowhunter

I thought the covers for Sheltered and Trillium were pretty great. Maybe I'm just being bias because I love those two books.

Edited by Wilbertus

Wow, the Superior Spiderman cover takes it this week. By a long shot. And that's coming from a Batman fan.

Oh and the Deadshot one was pretty awesome too.

Edited by Queso6p4
Posted by sanityisoverrated

If those are Spider-Clowns on that one cover, I understand why that hero is cowering in fear. Great, like I don't have enough issues with clowns already. Also, I really love and I am saddened every time I see that X-Factor cover. It reminds me of like, the last episode of your favorite show, its always sad, and I really love Maddox, he is a great character.

Edited by Cavemold

Agreed 100%

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I like this cover as it's reminds me of the story line from the 80's when the Vision went inside all the major computers of the world. The proto-cyberspace realm that Vision "traveled" thru was drawn a bit similar to this. Probably not a deliberate Shout Out, but an interesting coincidence.

Posted by _Marc_74

batman b&w has been my note 2 wallpaper for 2months, its great

cancelled my dc villains months stuff

Edited by Armaghetto

While I haven't been a fan of Spidey for quite a while (we really have to believe the Horizon think tank can't place Pete as Spidey?? He was swinging right in front of Modell!) I couldn't resist some 2099. Awesome cover

Posted by Jake Fury

451 wins. 451 always wins ;)

Posted by Teerack

I'm going to be really annoying if the entirety of the 2099 universe is insulted by Doc Ock being better at science than Meguil.

Posted by Ukerupp

That Batman Black and White cover is haunting! Also, the X-Factor cover is perfect for the series to end on. If anyone else is curious, there is another comic site which recently started up. We also have a best covers of the week article. You can find us at

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

The SPiderman 2099 cover is the best. Others are allright.

Posted by IrishX

G.I. Joe: Cobra Files #6 by Antonio Fuso

The Owl #3 Variant Cover by Ardian Syaf

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

Spawn #235

Edited by JamDamage

S.M. is cool. Vision is sick. Bats B and W is crazy, and because it's the end of X-Factor it's cool because it's catchy. Emotional funny. The Chew, Woody, and Superior are garbage

Posted by JamDamage

A few of the comicvine posters posted some great covers. The, what looks like Metron, on a pile of Iron Man helmets is cool. I don't think I've ever seen Silvestri do a Batman before tho. I was looking at it going, "I know that art. Who is it?" Then I read it was Silvestri. That's what thru me off.

Posted by snarkybits

Great choices!

Posted by The_jackolantern

Someone gave chew a shout makes my day better now

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Superior Spidey cover is sick.

Posted by Mahzian

3D covers dominated for me, was really surprised at how well they turned out, especially the logos, I really like the Poison Ivy cover

Posted by katayev

Why does X-Factor guy look like Constantine?

Posted by MrMiyagii

Loving the Superior Spiderman cover.