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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 9/27/13

Time to see what covers the Comic Vine staff loved this week!

Welcome to another satisfying week of some of the best comic book covers. Each week, the staff of Comic Vine picks out the most pleasing comic book covers and serves them up to you on a silver platter of justice, much like The Punisher has been doing for years but with far less death and dismemberment. Once again, there will be no DC covers on this list because of the feature going up next week about 3D Cover Month! Let's get right down to it!

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First up, this week, we have an artist that I am a big fan of, and that's Leinil Francis Yu with PUNISHER: TRIAL OF THE PUNISHER #1. It's pretty cool to see Punisher is the Lady Justice stance, and Yu's art style is always really captivating. We don't get to see Yu do covers very often, but when he doesn, they're a real treat.

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One of the industry's best books has a best cover this week! Here we have SAGA #14 by the fantastic artist Fiona Staples. The cover features Slave Girl AKA Sophie and one of the newer stand-out characters, Gwendolyn, hanging out in some tall grass. Staples' color work on this cover is great and quite different from what she does on the interior. Not only is this cover great, the issue is as well.

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We also have the cover for FF #12 by Mike & Laura Allred. The staff here are all fans of the Allred's work because it has this great mixture of classic and contemporary comic book styles. What we thought was really cool about this issue in particular was that the focal point is Antman and from there it moves out to She Hulk and Ms Thing. Composition wise, this is a really cool cover.

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Next up, we have the cover to


by artist

Yuko Shimizu

. This is part four to the crossover with FABLES, and this cover is really, well, pink. Yuko has done some amazingly eye-catching covers for this series. They're interesting, but at times, really surreal.

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Lastly, we have a cover that I'm sure a ton of you guys loved this week. It's SCARLET SPIDER #22 by Ryan Stegman & Edgar Delgado. What's really eyecatching here is the perspective this art team used. We don't see things straight on or from any character's perspective. It almost feels like you're a third party watching Kraven declare a win over Kaine.

There you have it. Another thrilling week of comic book covers! Got something you loved that didn't make it on our list? Then make sure to put it in the comments below! Also, make sure to check out the DC Villains Month Cover Wrap-Up next week!

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