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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 11/08/13

The Comic Vine staff lets you know what covers were the coolest this week!

Welcome back to another edition of Best Comic Vook Covers of the Week where the Comic Vine staff argues, over a seven course meal, what covers from the past week were simply the coolest and swellest looking covers on the shelf at your local comic shop. This week, we got some nifty ones. Let's take a look!

ARMY OF DARKNESS VS HACK/SLASH #3 (Subscription Variant) by Ken Haeser

First on our menu of delicious covers features Cassie Hack and Ash about to get eaten by an adorable bear on the cover of ARMY OF DARKNESS VS HACK/SLASH #3. This variant cover is only available to subscribers of the series and was adorably drawn by Ken Haeser. There were a few variant covers this week, but this one just beat out the Ben Templesmith cover because the art style is just so not what we're used to for these characters. Great use of colors as well.

SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #4 (New 52 Variant) by Rags Morales & Andrew Dalhouse

The award for "most awesome variants for a single issue" this week goes to SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #4. Each month, there's numerous variants that represent time throughout the 75 years of Superman being a beloved character, and this month, they were all pretty dang awesome. However, this New 52 variant is what we settled on. Artist Rags Morales, along with colorist Andrew Dalhouse, put together one beautiful cover, especially in the color department.


Next on our list is the cover to MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #2 by artist Marco Rudy. Obviously, there isn't a lot to this cover, since half of it is the title of the book and the creative team that worked on it, but that's what we found so cool about the overall piece. It's very different, and the more simplistic art at the top has a very cool look to it.

Normally, we'd keep the list rolling, but there was a weird trend in comics this week. Numerous comics were coming out that all looked cool, but they all had the same exact set-up. So, we present to you a new section:

Cool Covers That All Look Eerily Similar!

BATMAN BLACK & WHITE #3 by Olly Moss

Before you start really looking at all the similarities here, take a look at BATMAN BLACK & WHITE #3 by Olly Moss. This is the stand out of the bunch. The limited use of color here makes is a real treat to look at and one smaller, but very cool feature is that Batman actually doesn't have the logo on his chest. It's actually the underside of Penguin's umbrella.

ACTION COMICS #25 by Aaron Kuder

Notice a trend? Next up is ACTION COMICS #25 by artist Aaron Kuder. Out of all the covers with this same theme, this one has the most going on and is probably out favorite of the lot. On the surface, it's just Superman overlooking a city. However, it's the subtleties in this piece that make is amazing. The Superman emblem meets at the horizon, with all the water. His shoulders and body blend in with the clouds of the storm, but if you'll notice, there's a gap between him and the emblem, where the lightning storm is happening. Super cool cover here.

DETECTIVE COMICS #25 by Jason Fabok

Now do you see a trend? This one may not be outright like the rest, but it still fits into our theme. Here we have DETECTIVE COMICS #25 by interior artist Jason Fabok. This Zero Year tie-in is a combination of our current theme, with Gordon standing in the shadows. Fabok's art is great here, and the addition of Batman, standing over "his" city, makes this entire piece quite the treat to look at.

SHADOW NOW #2 by Tim Bradstreet

Finally, the last cover on our list, which is also part of our theme, "Giant, Shadowed Superhero," is the cover to THE SHADOW NOW #2 by artist Tim Bradstreet. The cover has this very classic, pulpy feel to it, like this could be the cover of a crime thriller from the 50s. The limited use of red is very cool here as well. It's a very visually appealing cover.

Well, there you have it. Another week of awesome covers. Do you have a cover that you love that you think we missed out on? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below! See you folks next week!

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

superman unchained and action comics

Posted by Kal'smahboi

Action Comics? Really? I hated that cover. The Superman foreground ruins it for me.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

The Shadow easily

Posted by longbowhunter

That Batman B&W is really great. I do believe Graphitti Designs has that t shirt on their site.

Posted by Mandrewgora

whoops, I forgot to pick up Batman B&W.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Love the Spider-Man cover!

Posted by NightCrawler358

Commissioner Gordon looks like Leon from Resident Evil 4 in that cover, but it is a really cool cover! Not really impressed this week, but (of course) I love the simple Amazing X-Men cover (just to see Nightcrawler again) and the variants of it I saw at the shop were pretty nice.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

Love the simple design from the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man cover. Rudy is killing that book, J.H. Williams level stuff people!

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Great week! Batman B&W, Superman Unchained, Detective Comics, and Action Comics were all great.

Edited by ComicKitten

My favorite was the Batman Black and White, Action Comics, The Shadow and the Detective Comic!

Posted by RaggedScarecrow

How could they leave out the latest Suicide Risk cover?

That thing is gorgeous!

Posted by DonFelipe

The adorable bear looks a lot like Ted!

Posted by staypuffed

Detective Comics is the best one there. The others are pretty crap.

Edited by Perfect 10

alex + ada

Edited by Perfect 10
Posted by MadeinBangladesh

meh these covers are alright. Batman B&W and Shadow are the best

Posted by ScreamingGhost

Superman's torso shouldn't twist that way >_>

Edited by HeraldofGanthet

That Detective Comics cover's got Commissioner Gordon looking like a BAUS!!

Posted by Hanson724

That Action cover was by far my favorite this week . The line work in those clouds and the lightIning storm at the horizon look awesome!

Posted by eagerbuttermilk

@falong2: you have 7 post hmmm i think this is a scam

Posted by CoffeeWithBagels

Any cover that uses Penguin's sweet umbrella/ over sized Swiss army knife is a-OK in my books; i also enjoyed The Shadow cover this week with his ghostly skeleton buddy in the background.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

The Batman Black and White was brilliant with the umbrella!