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Best Battles in New Comics: 6/20/14

Check out awesome action scenes from the latest issues of BATMAN AND RA'S AL GHUL, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, and TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA.

It's time to celebrate some of this week's best action scenes! We've flipped through most of the new comics and there were a lot of cool brawls in them. From super-powered smackdowns to close quarters combat between skilled characters, there were plenty of great options in the latest issues. It wasn't easy picking just three of them, but we think the following fights are hugely entertaining and offer a nice bit of variety. And hey, if you're not a fan of the ones we picked, we encourage you to praise the fight you have in mind instead of simply posting something like, "why isn't ___ in here?" It just may motivate someone to check out the comic, after all. Also, we have a discussion thread for this segment and check it frequently on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So if there's a fight you like in a new comic, be sure to recommend it in that thread before we write the feature!


Ra's al Ghul has seriously crossed the line this time. Not only has he stolen the body of Damian Wayne, but he brought the fallen hero to a unique Lazarus Pit which will allegedly bring him back to life and erase his memories (Ra's is doing this with Talia's body, too). Batman has been following Ra's trail and he's finally caught up to the foe. After a big battle, he's able to bring his son's body back to his vehicle, but The Demon's Head gives Batman a stern warning. He says the people Wayne cares about will never be safe as long as he's alive and he'll do anything to restore the al Ghul legacy. Now, we all know Batman's against killing, but this twisted threat makes him momentarily swat aside the rule and deliver a stern warning of his own. Batman states he will kill the Ra's if he ever attempts to steal Damian's body again. Usually this would be an idle threat, but Ra's believes the Caped Crusader and then goes on the offensive. Oh yes, it's time for Batman vs. Ra's al ghul!

Take a seat, Ra's.

Well, that was short-lived. We all know Ra's has a crazy amount of experience, but Batman, well, he's Batman and he has an incredible degree of skill. While that was a devastating strike he landed, the leader of the League of Assassins is by no means down for the count just yet. His forces want to attack Wayne, but he tells them to yield and tackles Bruce. Prepare for even more melee goodness.

See! Edna Mode was right about capes!

As these two play tag with their fists and feet, you can't help but appreciate artist Patrick Gleason's work (along with Mick Gray's inks and John Kalisz's colors, of course). Gleason does a terrific job conveying the rage, pain and determination both of these characters are experiencing as they duke it out over the fate of their relative. Anyway, the last we saw was Batman on the ground and Ra's al Ghul was literally stomping him. Let's see what happens next.

Holy onomatopoeias, Batman!

The Justice Leaguer tackles the fiend into the snow and crashes his knuckles against Ra's face a few more times. Then the fight takes a vicious turn: Bruce begins to press his thumbs against Ra's al Ghul's eyes. That's a bit of deja vu for Game of Thrones fans, eh? It's clear Batman will do anything to protect his son, but will he really do something this violent to the bad guy? We suggest reading the issue for all of the proper context!


The Last Days of Midgard concludes with a massive amount of explosive action! Then again, you wouldn't expect anything less from Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's latest story, would you? In the present era, Thor is being pummeled by Ulik and his trolls. Seeing as Dario Agger aka The Minotaur has no honor whatsoever, he joins in on the fun and plows straight into the Son of Odin.

Thor proves he isn't the God of Bull Fighting.

Thor claims the villain hits as hard as the Hulk, and, it may seem odd at first, but this is good news for the hero! That means he can take off the kid gloves and finally give Agger the beating he deserves. With just one punch, the God of Thunder sends the despicable fiend soaring out of the battlefield. It's a glorious moment. Thor then turns his attention to Ulik and then two have at it, but what's going on in Midgard's future? Last we saw, King Thor couldn't topple the mighty Galactus. In fact, this future version of Thor was punched through the Moon and drifted off into deep space. His granddaughters, The Girls of Thunder, did a decent amount of damage to the Devourer of Worlds (thanks to their unique and powerful weapons), but they were also no match for Galen. Thor realizes he needs a game changer, so he's obtained Gorr the God Butcher's tremendous weapon. Now that he's armed with All-Black the Necrosword, Thor is prepared to dish out some major pain.

The mightiest "krakaboom" you'll see all year, folks.

Artist Esad Ribic and colorist Ive Svorcina are absolute titans. Aaron's script is loaded with humongous moments and these two manage to make the scenes feel every bit as epic as they should. What's especially cool is how this final chapter somewhat merges the two big battles together. Usually we'd jump from scene to scene, but in this chapter, some pages flow smoothly from one era to the next. Aaron's managed to deliver an enjoyable contrast in the narrative, so it's nice to see the art team is doing the same.

Thor -- no matter what age he may be -- will always find a way to kick your booty.

King Thor has planted Old Galactus on his butt and modern Thor is finally gaining the edge over his enemies. It seems clear the Asgardian will be victorious, but at what cost? Can he save the place he calls home in both the present and future or is one destined to be destroyed? Oh, and we didn't even show you Roz Solomon taking on the trolls!


This issue has a very rough start for Pandora. Fist and foremost, Vandal Savage has -- leave now if you're trade waiting -- killed the man she loves (happens in the very first panel, so that's hardly a big spoiler) and wants to take her out next. Secondly, she's no longer immortal. In the previous issue, Agent Kincaid shot her with a Bosonic Aura Flayer Rifle... or we can simply call it the "Immortal Killer." Yeah, I think we'll go with that name from now on. This means Pandora can no longer heal like she used to and now Savage is ready to attack her. She's outraged over the loss of Marcus, so even though she's now vulnerable, she armors up and prepares to clash with the infamous supervillain. Pandora lands the first volley of attacks, but Vandal is able to quickly recover and then begins swinging those big fists of his right in her direction.

I bet Vandal Savage has "Eye of the Tiger" playing in his head whenever he battles.

Panodra's able to restrain Savage with some magic, but the dude is able to break free after just a few panels. This is when Pandora gets a little bit of unexpected help from S.H.A.D.E.'s Kincaid. The Agent hits the brutal tyrant with a shot from the Immortal Killer, but that just makes him even angrier. And just like with the Hulk, you really wouldn't like Savage when he's angry. Vandal rushes at Kincaid and the agent is unable to escape his grip. Even though Pandora continues to shoot at the immortal villain, he's able to violently snap Kincaid's wings. Once Vandal's finished with the S.H.A.D.E. agent, he sets his sights back on Pandora and dishes out a harsh knee to her gut.

Vandal "Serious Business" Savage is one relentless man.

Vandal Savage is seriously living up to his last name, isn't he? With nothing but hand-to-hand combat, the guy has humiliated both Pandora and a heavily armed S.H.A.D.E. agent. Now that he's taken both of them down, he grabs Kincaid by her broken wings and throws her off the rooftop. See, told you he's savage! However, tossing Kincaid over the edge means he's left his guard down and he's momentarily oblivious to Pandora's actions. As you'll see in a second, she takes full advantage of that and aims to end this fight once and for all.

"And I'm free, I'm free fallin'."

Everyone has endured a lot of damage, and that was before taking that fall. But, believe it or not, the fight goes on! Are these two able to defeat Savage? And if they do, what happens between the two of them? Kincaird firmly believes Pandora needs to be put down, after all. Or is Vandal too tough for them to best? As always, we recommend buying the info for all of the glorious details!

Honorable Mentions

  • ELEKTRA #3
  • UNITY #8
  • BATWOMAN #32
  • TMNT #35

What are your top three fights from this latest round of new comics? Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell us via Twitter. See you next Friday and have a good weekend!

Posted by dagmar_merrill

Vandal Savage is a boss.

Posted by RisingBean

Vandal Savage is a boss.

That he is. Wow.

Great looking fights this week. Thor is about the only thing I'm digging Marvel for, and that Batman fight looks like it is right up my alley.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@risingbean: what happens in the fight between Thor and Galactus?

Edited by HushoftheWind

is it me or did Red Hood had a better showing against Ra's Al Ghul then Batman did?

idk why but every time i see Batman, fight against a non meta, re rarely gadgets. Is that an honor code or something?

Edited by Fallschirmjager


Posted by Army2442

Those are some cool fights, I will keel collecting Thor so that I see those fights.

Edited by Army2442

Those are some cool fights, I will keel collecting Thor so that I see those fights.

Edited by movieartman

i vote for the spider woman vs swordswoman fight from avengers world cus DAT ASS!

Posted by StMichalofWilson

That Batman vs Ra's fight is hardcore

Posted by jayc1324

@jonny_anonymous: Well if you remember last issue Thor got "all black the necro sword" from space so he shows up with that, Galactus is basically like wtf and he acknowledges its power, and says that he will never yield to Thor, so Thor would simply have to kill him. Thor beats him up with the sword, and with the sword and mjolnir blasts the hell out of Galactus. At the end we see Galactus with his face burned out and a corroded helmet with a greatly damaged body and it seems he's done for, but we can't tell until next issue if he is actually dead dead. King Thor definitely won't the fight though, Galactus is done, and thor already started to help the earth grow again.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@jayc1324: He better not be dead because that would retcon the ending to Hickman's FF/F4 run.

Posted by deadpool25mm

@jonny_anonymous: Galactus is part of the universe they cant/wont kill him. he is part of nature. well thats how they put it. still i realy want to read Thor, looks awesome. might get the trade.

Posted by Owie

Sounds like Ra's would have gotten some more support in his battle of the week last week if this issue had come out earlier!

Edited by Experio

Excellent choices.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@owie: Interesting. I wonder how much it could have helped him.

@experio: Thanks!

Edited by micah007123

My pick was Superman vs Wonder Woman vs Zod

Love the Art

Posted by warlock360
Posted by micah007123
Posted by warlock360
Edited by micah007123
Posted by warlock360
Posted by Owie

@k4tzm4n said:

@owie: Interesting. I wonder how much it could have helped him.

Hard to say but I think people are often swayed by what's currently on their minds; clearly any semi-obscure character makes for less participation in these debates unfortunately, so maybe some more people would have chimed in. And it looks like a brutal battle, so maybe he would have gotten some more respect for his own ability to both dish it out and take it. Incidentally, is next week the last Moon Knight battle, I assume? It's been inspiring me to come up with a fairly lengthy list of MK battles of my own but I want to wait until after you're done so I don't accidentally dupe one of yours.

Posted by mogo1

Thor was awesome. Nuff said

Posted by Queso6p4

@micah: That is an awesome pick.

Mr. Katzman, as my grandmother would say, your captions sure do tickle me sometimes.

Posted by Killemall

The Galactus vs King Thor fight was rather disappointing. So a Necrosword by itself is able to bridge the gap between a recently fed Galactus and a skyfather?

I call hax ..

Edited by GreenScar1990

The Galactus vs King Thor fight was rather disappointing. So a Necrosword by itself is able to bridge the gap between a recently fed Galactus and a skyfather?

I call hax ..

That's what I think. Galactus has survived far worse. It's also up to question if he was actually fully fed. Here's my thoughts on it.

it's presumed that Old King Thor with the Annihiblade/Necrosword killed Galactus. That may or may not be the case, because he's honestly survived much, much worse. He might only be stunned/comatose, which wouldn't be much of a surprise given that I assume he's in a weakened/very hungry state of being... and that it's happened several times in the past.

Plus, you've got to take in to fact that the Necrosword/Annihiblade is a very powerful weapon. Judging by my observations of this weapon, when it is used to kill a god it takes their power/might. Now, given that this weapon has killed billions of gods through the ages, that would mean this weapon has the power of billions of gods life energy, right?

Give a weapon of that power to someone like Old King Thor, who in a regular state can hold his own for a little while against a hungry Galactus. Combine all these factors in with the fact that Galactus was in a malnourished state and it isn't hard to see why he would be toppled.

But I have to wonder... what if Galactus wasn't harmed? Could it be that he's asleep or comatose? Could it be possible that he's feeding on the energies of the Necrosword/Annihiblade? You have to admit that it would make for an interesting twist... one that I think nobody would see coming. It would also be a way for Old King Thor to deal with a weapon that's haunted him for so long in exchange for saving a world that he's loved. Now whether or not such an action may come back to haunt him is up for debate.

Still, I don't think it is possible for Galactus to be dead. He's a Universal Constant. The sibling of Eternity, Infinity, Death and Oblivion. I mean, it is he who will usher in the end/rebirth of the 616-Universe He's forever trapped in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Knowing Galactus, this supposed death won't last very long. Like I said before, he's survived and endured far worse. I mean, even Death herself couldn't stop him from resurrecting himself. Therefore, I would not be surprised if he returns and actually consumes the energies of the Necrosword/Annihiblade.

And I still wonder if Galactus actually feed on the Earth, as it was still there. Most planets he's consumed implode/explode. Add into the fact that Thor's granddaughters actually hurt him with their mystical weapons and attacks, something that would be virtually impossible if Galactus had feed as he would have obtained his immense power for a time until he needed to feed again.

Bottom line: I don't think he's dead. I mean, honestly, Galactus survived the Big Bang. His battles with Tyrant destroyed countless galaxies. He took on an entire race of Proemial Gods, beings of high-end Celestial power that rivaled his own might. Do we actually expect Old King Thor with the Necrosword/Annihiblade to accomplish what none of these vastly powerful cosmic entities could?

It's either a false-death, which is revealed next issue; or possibly major fanboyism/PIS from Jason Aaron. We'll see.

What do you think?

Edited by Killemall

@greenscar1990: Galactus had only fed the in the preceding issue so this was rather a fed Galactus, he remarks that much himself.

Now perhaps he sees Necrosword as a whole lot more powerful i dont know, but its the fact that it looks like he killed Galactus, and given what we have been repeatedly said what would happen if Galactus actually dies, someone like King Thor (with massive cosmic knoweledge and all) even trying to kill Galactus makes very little sense. Why would you kill a guy whose death is supposed to herald the destruction of the whole universe, simply to avenge 1 planet.

But meh.. i will wait to see what happens next.

Posted by christianrapper

@killemall: " Now perhaps he sees Necrosword as a whole lot more powerful i dont know, but its the fact that it looks like he killed Galactus, and given what we have been repeatedly said what would happen if Galactus actually dies, someone like King Thor (with massive cosmic knoweledge and all) even trying to kill Galactus makes very little sense. Why would you kill a guy whose death is supposed to herald the destruction of the whole universe, simply to avenge 1 planet."\

it's a comic book. they can do anything they want to do. they wlll make up some logic behind it.