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Best Battles in New Comics: 07/26/13

This week, we're featuring awesome fights from SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP, BATMAN/SUPERMAN and LARFLEEZE.

Welcome back to 'Best Battles!' Sadly, there wasn't a new edition last week because of San Diego Comic-Con, but hopefully this one helps make up for it. This week, I honestly had a pretty tough time selecting the third choice. The first two are super obvious picks, but as you'll see in the honorable mentions section, there's quite a few fights which could have easily taken the third highlight spot, too. One did involve a swarm of sharks, after all -- there's just no overlooking how rad that is. In the end, I dug these three fights the most and hopefully you'll get a kick out of them as well. Be sure to comment with your three favorite fights when your done reading!

Did your favorite melee not get a mention? Well, it's possible we didn't read that issue, so be sure to make suggestions in the official Best Battles Discussion Thread from now on. We review that before writing this weekly feature and do our best to get our hands on the issues suggested!

Superior Spider-Man vs. Various Heroes/Avengers/Hyperion (SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #1)

This issue opens with SpOck assaulting various heroes and we have no idea why. Seriously, the guy just punches Dagger in the face for apparently no reason and that's just the beginning. He keeps having these physical encounters with heroes and we're totally in the dark over why. Superior Otto-Man is a jerk (heck, it says that twice on the opening page), but to randomly attack everyone? That's not exactly his usual strategy. Before we find out, we're treated to a page of SpOck encountering even more heroes and you can't help but want to cheer as Iron Fist's foot crashes into his face. Oh, and this is probably the most Moon Knight you'll see for some time, which is a total shame.

Hey look! Moon Knight still exists!
Hey look! Moon Knight still exists!

Upon hearing about this, Captain America won't stand for these assaults and he assembles the Avengers. The group encounters Spider-Man and like almost all hero vs. hero situations, attacks are thrown before the misunderstanding can be cleared up. To be fair, this can be credited to Spider-Man's stubborn personality. Had he blurted out his reasoning real fast, maybe they would have been more prone to chat instead of the following.

Don't explain yourself to the Avengers? You'll wind up with a shield to the gut.
Don't explain yourself to the Avengers? You'll wind up with a shield to the gut.

In Spider-Man's body, Ock has some solid strength, agility and reflexes, but against the Avengers? The dude has no chance and his best bet would be to bolt. Unfortunately for him, that shield toss to the gut gave Hulk and Thor the opportunity to restrain him. After calling everyone idiots, Spider-Man finally explains that he's been going after heroes who have been infected by Carrion. The bad news is the latest hero infected is freaking Hyperion. The powerful Avenger gives the team massive trouble until he does what every stupid villain does: wastes time babbling. That gives Hulk the perfect opportunity to smash. We all know smashing > villainous babbling.


Once down, Spider-Man uses his technology to make Carrion flee Hyperion's body and yay, all is well. It's all sunshine and flowers... or is it? The ending of this issue has me really stoked and I'm excited to see what Christopher Yost has up his sleeve.

Batman vs. Batman & Superman vs. Superman (BATMAN/SUPERMAN #2)

Still not sure about exactly what happened in the last issue's conclusion? No worries, writer Greg Pak spends the introduction of this issue spelling it out for you. Kaiyo the Trickster has transported the past versions of New 52 Batman and Superman over to Earth 2. We've already seen N52 Superman smack around a peaceful E2 Batman, but this issue let's the characters come face-to-face with their alternate reality counter-parts.

If Batman fights Batman, does Batman always win?
If Batman fights Batman, does Batman always win?

As expected, the encounter between two Bruce Waynes consists of fluid strikes and counters. It's a test of skill and mind as the two are on virtually the same page when it comes to recognizing the moves the other throws as they're surrounded by smoke. Jae Lee does a stellar job illustrating this battle and while it's pretty short, it's a real treat and the ending of their melee is priceless.

One day we'll have a BATMAN/BATMAN book.
One day we'll have a BATMAN/BATMAN book.

As expected, it's not long before the two begin to talk it out. After all, having two great detectives continue to use their fists and feet in a scenario like this would be silly. "You're clearly me. I don't know how or why you're here, but let's fight instead of figuring it out!" While they put their brilliant minds to use, New 52 Superman encounters Earth 2 Superman. N52 Superman is a little more hotheaded and not in the best mood after previously dealing with Earth 2 Batman, so he doesn't exactly greet his alternate version of himself with the best manners. Earth 2 Superman opts to meet the rude character with a hilariously powerful shove.

The most epic
The most epic "talk to the hand" ever.

Don't worry, the Kents step in and stop this fight before anyone gets their neck snapped.

Larfleeze vs. Laord of the Hunt (LARFLEEZE #2)

We're just two issues in and I officially adore this book. A fair portion of this series is dedicated to the selfish Orange Lantern battling a massive threat which comes from the other side of the creation point: Laord of the Hunt. Larfleeze displays some huge power as he takes on the gargantuan, but it's not long before his personality puts him at a disadvantage. After disarming their enemy, I imagine most characters would follow through. Larfleeze? He hugs onto the weapon and declares it as his -- it's hilarious stuff.

The fight is every bit as wacky as it looks.
The fight is every bit as wacky as it looks.

It's a bright and hectic space battle and that alone warrants recognition in this feature, but what really makes it shine is the writing from J.M. Dematteis and Keith Giffen. From Larfleeze's remarks during the brawl (my favorite one is below) to Stargrave and Lou observing the fight and having such a casual conversation about it, the entire issue is basically one big laugh and a total blast.

"Eat orange axe" = best line all week.

Laord's a creature with a sense of honor and relishes the hunt, but eventually, the being decides that it wants to call it wraps. It begins to utilize different technology and even calls in Lou to give a helping hand. It's just too bad Larleeze apparently can't count on Stargrave to have his back in a fight. Then again, he'd probably wouldn't want anyone else taking any of the glory. Regardless, Larfleeze continues to give it his all and the only thing more entertaining than the attacks is the nonstop banter.

"I'm going to take your life -- and then take all your shiny stuff!" Priceless.

Does Larfleeze overcome the odds or does Laord actually emerge victorious? If you really want to know, you should buy this book because it's absolutely worth it.

Honorable Mentions

There ya go, Viners. But what were YOUR 3 favorite fights? Give the comments section a piece of your mind.
There ya go, Viners. But what were YOUR 3 favorite fights? Give the comments section a piece of your mind.

Don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell Gregg via Twitter.

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Posted By AllStarSuperman


Avatar image for allstarsuperman
Posted By AllStarSuperman

I can't add anything though. I have yet to read new stuff

Avatar image for flazam
Edited By flazam


Great one

Avatar image for ultimatesmfan
Posted By UltimateSMfan

I was expecting Everyone vs Amanda waller in the honourable mentions but realised that wasn't really a fight. Great pics though bats vs bats and supes vs supes was my fav this week.

Avatar image for arkhamc1tizen
Edited By Arkhamc1tizen

"Wolverine vs a razor"


but really great pics.

Avatar image for docfishstick
Posted By DocFishstick

Batman vs Batman was great. The art is done so well.

Avatar image for cameron83
Posted By cameron83



*Hey everyone,Moon Knight still exists!"

I swear to god that was my thoughts exactly lol

Avatar image for adhd_assassin
Posted By adhd_assassin
Avatar image for saren
Posted By Saren

Remember when "Sorcerer Supreme" used to mean something?

Avatar image for squalleon
Posted By Squalleon

Remember when "Sorcerer Supreme" used to mean something?

I think Carrion couldn't use Dr.Strange's spells since he didn't know them.

Avatar image for drellassassin
Posted By DrellAssassin

The Man of Steel reference at the end of the Batman/Superman segment is hilarious, lol. I would have liked to see pretty much the entire issue of Superior Spiderman, taking down Shadowland was awesome.

Avatar image for thorboy
Posted By ThorBoy

Captain America vs arn Zola! C'mon man that was better than all the ones chosen! Look at that splash page again!

Avatar image for frogdog
Edited By frogdog

Strange, what happen to you?

Avatar image for hawkguy
Posted By Hawkguy

Not even a mention of captain America this week? Pity, that was a great fight.

Good choices here too, I may check out the superior team up after seeing this

Avatar image for foxxfireart
Edited By FoxxFireArt

Luffy vs. Hajrudin

No Caption Provided

Luffy was just having some fun riding on a wild bull that he just tamed and named Moocy in Corrida Colosseum. This is all happening during one of the preliminary matches for the Corrida Colosseum tournament. Suddenly, Luffy, in disguise, is attacked by the giant mercenary, Hajrudin. Luffy was uninjured, but Moocy got really hurt. Luffy got angry, and you can see what became of Hajrudin to the right.

He was KO in one shot.

Avatar image for spinningbirdcake
Posted By spinningbirdcake

Yep. Superior Spider-Man was definitely one of my favorites and has made me fall in love with that book and Spock. I hope this whole "experiment" lasts a long time. The Batman/Superman fight was amazing as well. Nice to see Jae Lee was able to do the entire issue this time around, hopefully he stays on the book for a long time as I'm pretty sure half the reason the fight was so good was because of his art.

Avatar image for Elbarto17
Posted By PunyParker

So.......Dr.Strange didnt understand that this isnt Pete....(?)

Avatar image for k4tzm4n
Posted By k4tzm4n

@hawkguy said:

Not even a mention of captain America this week? Pity, that was a great fight.

Good choices here too, I may check out the superior team up after seeing this

@thorboy said:

Captain America vs arn Zola! C'mon man that was better than all the ones chosen! Look at that splash page again!

Second paragraph ;)

Avatar image for pokergeist
Posted By Pokergeist

Im happy to see the lame New 52 Supes get smacked down by E2 Supes. That was funny.

Avatar image for lvenger
Edited By lvenger

Am I the only one who wanted Strange to uncover SpOck in that issue? Ah well, a fan can dream. Nice picks this week Gregg!

Avatar image for timelordscience
Posted By TimeLordScience

Remember when "Sorcerer Supreme" used to mean something?

I agree, it's pretty ridiculous for the writer to include him, he should be way too powerful for Spidey. It should have been street levelers only or something.

Avatar image for frozenedge
Posted By frozenedge

@timelordscience: Except it was probably Carrion in Strange's body and he probably didn't know how to use any of Strange's spells. SpOck did say he'd been chasing Carrion from superhero to superhero for a while

Avatar image for timelordscience
Posted By TimeLordScience

@frozenedge: Even then, the question becomes: should a no name Spider-Man villain be able to possess Doctor Strange?

Avatar image for tdk_1997
Edited By TDK_1997

Cool picks!

Avatar image for medulaoblaganda
Posted By medulaoblaganda

i love the way hulk took down Hyperion haha. ( don't tempt me)

Avatar image for thorboy
Posted By ThorBoy


Who doesn't read captain America? It's CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Avatar image for barkley
Edited By Barkley

Superior Spider-man sucks...... ...this so wrong feel like ive been betrayed....

Avatar image for datnigga

@barkley: does it suck because you feel the actual writing and the overall book sucks? or because you just don't like the idea of ock taking peters body?

I was pissed first time i herd about it too. but in my honest opinion Superior spiderman is an amazing book and in some ways ock does spiderman better than actual peter does

Avatar image for sandman_
Posted By SandMan_

Don't worry, the Kents step in and stop this fight before anyone gets their neck snapped.


Avatar image for queso6p4
Posted By Queso6p4

Very nice picks. I definitely dug the Batman/Superman one.

Avatar image for drgnx
Edited By drgnx

Have not gotten to my marvel reads yet, but absolutely agree with the fights you've posted for DC. I am not a fan of the Superman/batman art though ... wow it just isn't for me, if the story wasn't so explosive, I would skip it (not to dis the artist, that just isn't an appealing style to me). Oddly enough I love the current Thor art. which ins't that far off, but I digress ... The fight was great!

Larfleeze is awesome, agree with that fight 100%

Avatar image for spartan101
Edited By Spartan101

dr strange once went toe to toe with the LT,,,now well,,,,,,er,,,,er.........

Avatar image for barkley
Edited By Barkley


I don't buy the premise....why does ock what to be Superhero after being a villain for so long just because he took trip thur peter's life he is murderer and terrorist thru out Spider-man's history and supposed to root or care for him? I wont I like peter parker because I WAS him. without peter this very bland book all mean Spider-man and no heart the book has lost his heart....and heroes heart is most important trait....

Avatar image for akindoodle
Edited By Akindoodle
No Caption Provided

Alright, I don't evem read the book but this was amazing. Older Supes rocks! ("Language")

Avatar image for w0nd
Posted By w0nd

Superman is such a d*ckhead lol.....people complain the MOS one was bad...this one is an actual jerk.

Avatar image for frozenedge
Posted By frozenedge

@timelordscience: Strange might just have protection spells against magical possession of the sort so it could be a way to possess him. Or Carrion just took him by surprise before he could realize what was happening

Avatar image for kaine8
Posted By Kaine8

Wolverine vs a razor... not funny!

How can that webbing hold Cage? Even if he couldn't break the web he could rip it out of the concrete wall.

Captain Marvel knocking Hyperion on his back was cool.

My favorite battle of the week is honorable mention Kaine and Wolverine vs The Red Death.

Avatar image for kaine8
Posted By Kaine8

@k4tzm4n: Awesome av. Great minds snip alike.

Avatar image for mezmero
Posted By Mezmero

Mmmmm orange axe. Sounds like a new flavor of slurpee or axe-shaped sour candies.

Avatar image for _marc_74
Posted By _Marc_74

Superman batman is just shocking. Bad

Avatar image for king_namor
Edited By King_Namor

Constantine vs Mop Mop was excellent. Especially since he just got the power of Shazam from Billy and used it like he was a pro. That issue made me wanna read Constantine more.

Avatar image for xwraith
Edited By Xwraith

Does anyone else not like the art in Batman/Superman?

Moderator Online
Avatar image for _marc_74
Posted By _Marc_74

Horrible and I'm hearing the plot is a mess also

Avatar image for zeeguy91
Posted By Zeeguy91

This makes me wanna get both Superior Spider-Man Team Up and Larfleeze. Awesome!!

Avatar image for vaizd
Posted By VaizD

I really dig the weird surreal atmosphere of Batman/Superman's art, but the way Jae Lee draws faces is just... weird. I don't like that so much.

Avatar image for lyrafay
Posted By LyraFay

What about the whole Batman/Batman fight's start where Catwoman is clearly enjoying having another younger Batman around. That was hilarious!! But I'm loving the Batman/Superman art especially the way Jae Lee draws the female characters and the silhouettes.

Avatar image for granitesoldier
Posted By GraniteSoldier

"Batman's Name vs Social Media" haha...Got to love Injustice.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Haha Earth 2 Supes telling Earth 0 Superman "language"...that is PRICELESS!

Avatar image for killemall
Edited By Killemall

No Thor vs Sentry from Uncanny Avengers # 10?

I thought that was pretty cool, at least a honorarily mention

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