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Battle of the Week: Deathstroke vs. Taskmaster

The Terminator takes on the Taskmaster! Which mercenary will earn the victory, though? Well, your vote will help determine that!

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Voting for our latest Character of the Month gave the community the chance to choose between 10 mercenaries and assassins. In the end, Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, earned a majority of the votes and took the prize. However, one character always was on his tail: Tony Masters, a.k.a. Taskmaster. As the Character of the Month, Deathstroke's abilities will be tested each and every week against a new challenger. He was able to drop Boba Fett, but he lost against Deadpool and then Hellboy. As each of those battles went down, we kept seeing requests for Deathstroke to fight several characters. Obvious choices like Wolverine, Black Panther, and Captain America appeared from time to time, but Taskmaster's name kept popping up. So, why not give the people what they want, right?

Will the Marvel villain's skill and photographic reflexes allow him to defeat Slade or will the Character of the Month overcome his latest opponent? Go read the rules and then share your thoughts!



Match Rules

  • Combatants are in character.
  • This is a random encounter (aka no prep for either side).
  • They're fighting in a generic downtown city setting. It's unpopulated, at night and all standard city lights remain on. Assume they start roughly 50 feet apart and visible. There's a fair amount of cover in the location (parked vehicles, bus stops and such). The entire area is on limits. This means alleys, rooftops, building interiors, the sewer, etc.
  • Both characters have standard gear.
  • This is pre-The New 52 Deathstroke.
  • Incapacitation, knockout or death all count as elimination. Making a tactical retreat counts as a loss, too.
  • Hey, you know what would be really cool? Treating everyone else in the debate with respect. If you think someone's saying something that just isn't true, go ahead and stick to the facts to point out why. There's no need at all to drop insults just because you disagree with someone. Seriously, this is just talking about a fictional fight, there's no need for immaturity and mudslinging.
  • If you think the poll isn't going how it should, making an informative post about why a character is being underestimated and spreading the word is far more useful than complaining. Just saying.
  • One more thing: you don't need to write an essay to have your post highlighted in Friday's article. Sometimes concise posts can be way more effective than a flood of paragraphs.

Check the homepage this Friday for an updated article with the following:

  • Thoughts from the staff.
  • Viner Arguments for both characters (can't include scans and must be in the poll thread).
  • If we're lucky, blurbs from industry talent.

Keep your eyes on the homepage for more Deathstroke goodness! We've posted his Best Covers, Must Read Stories and Best Battles. Want to suggest a future match for Slade Wilson? Tell us below or suggest it via twitter.

Avatar image for gunswordfist_
Posted By gunswordfist_

I think Deathstroke easily takes this.

Avatar image for wyldsong
Posted By Wyldsong

@k4tzm4n: Personally, I think this is a great battle, so kudos to you on the choices. I do feel that Tasky will lose in the polls, which is sad, as this is a much better fight than I feel people will give it credit for. If I get a free minute, I'll see if I can pull a defense for Tasky.

Avatar image for the_man_with_questions
Posted By The_Man_With_Questions

Deathstroke takes this rather handily. He has the superior skill and gear set as well as overall better feats. And Slade also has body reading or something similar to what Taskmaster has so I don't really think this will factor into the debate but that's just my opinion. Anyway, Deathstroke takes this seven out of ten times.

Avatar image for masterofevil
Edited By MasterOfEvil

It would be good fight, but Deathstroke uses more than 10% of his brain. Taskmaster could fight like him, but I doubt he could think as fast or as far ahead as Slade does. And, if I remember correctly, he heals fast. Tough fight at first, but Deathstroke out-thinks and out-lasts taskmaster and wins.

Avatar image for gnomington
Posted By gnomington

I think Deathstroke will take this one hands down. It will be a good evenly matched fight but in the end Slade will win out.

Avatar image for jwrose5
Posted By jwrose5

Deathstroke and Taskmaster both have photographic memory/reflexes, both are incredibly skilled, and both of them are a challenge for any hero. Taskmaster can replicate other skills from other foes but in the end Deathstroke is gonna win due to his enhanced physical abilities. It won't be in anyway a short battle, but I think Wilson will have the upper hand right from the get-go.

Avatar image for jimmyjlocke
Posted By JimmyJLocke

I know these are comic book characters and their powers don't have to make sense in the real world, but it is a myth that people only use 10% of their brain and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson

I'd say it would be a stalemate, but I would root for Deathstroke

Avatar image for cosmicoldguy
Posted By CosmicOldGuy

I feel bad for Taskmaster, even thought stats wise Slade is higher on the scale, I think Taskmaster is undervalued in this.

Hell, I am going with Taskmaster just cause no one else has thrown their hat in with him!!

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Posted By amazing_webhead

Ever wonder what would happen if Juggernaut charged the Blob? Same principle.

Avatar image for dynamo8
Posted By Dynamo8
Avatar image for regnierofhexter
Posted By RegnierOfHexter

@othympas788: bot much?

Also death stroke due to healing factor, higher strength and is at least as quick and skillful as taskmaster.

Avatar image for ownagepants
Edited By ownagepants

This is how I see it taskmaster is gonna win this IMO I don't think deathstroke would win because he has superior strength . Because honestly DS is not even that strong as super humans go I mean taskmaster has held his own against the likes of Spider-Man. And could no doubt hold his own against deathstroke with a slight disadvantage at the start but after a little while he would be stale mating Deathstroke. And eventually he would be beating him after learning his movements albeit it would take task a while to put him down but unless deathstroke can speed blitz I don't think he wins .

Avatar image for jedi_knut
Posted By Jedi_Knut

This is actually a match-up I want George Perez to draw for me ^_^ Heck it would make an incredible book in and of itself.

Avatar image for dilichi1
Edited By dilichi1

The fact that task master copies moves and different styles of combat does not mean he is actually able to perform them,deathstroke is not a normal human as he had a serum which makes him faster stronger and smarter than most characters.This means that he is able to perform feats to a degree which taskmaster is unable to match so I personally give this round to

deathstroke >.<

Avatar image for medulaoblaganda
Posted By medulaoblaganda
Avatar image for darkday
Edited By DarkDay

@dilichi1 said:

The fact that task master copies moves and different styles of combat does not mean he is actually able to perform them,deathstroke is not a normal human as he had a serum which makes him faster stronger and smarter than most characters.This means that he is able to perform feats to a degree which taskmaster is unable to match so I personally give this round to

deathstroke >.<

Considering that Taskmaster has been able to preform moves from the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America which all have better than human strength, speed, or agility, I feel like this argument is sort of flawed. Deathstroke has better stats, no denying that, but I don't feel like he is something that Tasky hasn't run into before.

Avatar image for graysonightwingrayson
Posted By GraysoNightwinGrayson

@k4tzm4n: deathstroke would destroy taskmaster

Avatar image for blackkitty
Posted By blackkitty

I guess I'm in the minority. Deathstroke can use 10% more of his brain and react extremely quickly I grant you, but Taskmaster's equipment is superior to Deathstroke's. Taskmaster has more skills than Deathstroke, having spent his time mastering different fighting forms, Taskmaster can switch to counter Deathstroke's moves. Taskmaster has encountered people who move faster than him before, be it Spider-man or Quicksilver but he has learned to counter their moves and anticipate their attacks. All in all, I go with Taskmaster in a straight out hand-to-hand attack.

Avatar image for dabee
Posted By Dabee

Deathstroke basically IS DC's answer to Taskmaster.

Avatar image for mortal
Posted By Mortal

This is silly. Deathstroke wins with his eyes closed.

Avatar image for rubear
Posted By Rubear

Deathsroke is superior Taskmaster with enchanced stats. Zero chances of Taskmaster.

Avatar image for darthaznable
Edited By DarthAznable

Deathstroke more skilled than Tasky? The Slade highballing hurts lol so many ignorant comments

Avatar image for swampping
Posted By SwampPing

These two should be in a buddy cop style ongoing series together.

Avatar image for thebluedragon07
Posted By thebluedragon07

The thing about Taskmaster is that he is all about the moves and the acrobats, but lacks strategy. Sure he knows almost every move of every hero/villain in the Marvel world, but they are only good enough to allow him hold his own against them. Not too mention also lack of efficient equipment, for he only has a standard broadsword, a regular shield, a handgun, bow and trick arrows as well as a few other things. However he lacks the ability to think and create a strategy in the middle of combat.

Now Deathstroke on the other hand is a whole different story, even though he has increased strength, stamina, speed, and intellect, he never stays out of shape, for he is always training, and always studying on anything and everything, including his targets and possible opponents. So even though this will be a random encounter, no doubt that he will have studied up on him and become aware of his capabilities. Also he has far better gear and equipment, for one his armor and sword is made of Promethium and Nth metal, which in the DC Universe are two of the strongest metals. Also Deathstroke is a far better tactician and strategist, for even though Taskmaster can be on par with Deathstroke, Deathstroke can out think him in a matter of seconds. Plus Slade has gone up against even tougher opponents (even going up against several members of the Justice League all at once!).

Avatar image for hadesboy24
Posted By Hadesboy24

I do believe that Deathstroke will only win because he has enhanced abilities, Taskmaster is just the greatest male athlete with a photographic memory.