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Batman Will Not Appear On 'Arrow'

If you were looking forward to seeing Batman on 'Arrow,' think again.

If you've been keeping up with the CW's 'Arrow' then you have likely seen the slew of DC character appearances since the show first launched on October 10th, 2012. In addition to faces we've already seen like Deadshot, Deathstroke and the Huntress there are plenty more characters we've seen in the comics that have already been confirmed for the show (Roy Harper, for example).


And as nice as it is to know there are plenty of new faces we can expect to catch on 'Arrow,' there are some we won't be seeing; namely, Batman and Wonder Woman. In a recent interview, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that the 'Caped Crusader' won't be making his way to the small screen in a CW series, nor will he be making his way to Starling City.

[In regards to a CW Batman television adaptation] At this time, no. And regarding your next question, regarding is Batman going to make a trip to [Arrow’s] Starling City, they’re not in the same state.

We thought that was a clever way of indicating that these two characters, although they may live in the same cinematic universe, won't be interacting on the small screen. In regards to the Wonder Woman series that has been rumored, both she and Arrow can exist in the same universe, but that doesn't mean they will interact. The producer also confirmed that with the right script and casting choice for Diana, this show will at the very least see a pilot.

If we get the right script and the right casting, we’ll go right forward to pilot.

There is the question of what this means for the rumored Justice League movie. If Diana will appear on the small screen, will her character be incorporated into a big screen production? What do you think of the news? Do you think Batman should have his own CW live-action series, or do you think he should remain off limits? Do you hope to see a Wonder Woman CW series in the future, and if so, who would you cast for the role of Diana? And should she and Arrow interact?

Source: IGN

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And again, Batman not appearing.

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Posted By Herx

Honestly, an i know it's going to get a wee bit ragy for me to say this, but im glad he's not making an appearance. I mean so far in Arrow, and in Smallville previously, we've had the main hero pretty much lecturing other guest-appearance heros over how their methods are dangerous and wrong and how they should act like better people. In smallville it smade some sense (to begine with anyways, you know before it just became Clarks default setting for anyone who went around metropolis in a cape and then it just became insulting, esspecially when those other heros were establishing teams or re-forming temas to save the world) as we were delling with, well Superman (oh im sorry, the blurr............. seriously 10 season?) who's the symbold of what a super-hero is ment to be. If batman were to turn up in Arrow they'd probably make ollie give the same speech to bruce which would make no sense what so ever as Batman's mission of ridding crime is more honest and just than ollies in the show of "getting vengence to everyone on my fathers list, oh and having to get my arm twisted into helping other people". Bats would outshine Ollie and would just raise the question of "wheres batmans series?".

And i was under the impression that Batman didn't turn up in smallville (while it was still on tv. season 11 not counting here) becasue the Chris.Nolan films held the live action rights to the batman character, hence why the CW put green arrow in the show rathern than bruce.

As for WW, it is possible to make a show with her but it would require a damn big budget IMHO and some damn fine actors (and a better wardrobe than the pilot for the failed series... i mean why not just super-empose wondies colourse on greek hoplite armour, then it's both historical, traditional and true to the character....... if you can't tell a tv adaption of wondie has been in my mind for a time with the "hows" for it)

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Posted By monitor_earthprime

I want to see a crossover with Amazon and Arrow. I like the idea that Amazon and Arrow could be in the same universe. It would be like the 70's Shazam/Isis crossover all over again.

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Posted By KZR

Batman should have his own series with all the greatest villains and Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Hood and maybe they can incorporate Damian Wayne along the way. Basically a way cooler Batman TV series than that one from the 60s.

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Posted By JLDoom

@geoff2005 said:

I don't get why people think that if batsman shows up for 1 episode CW will have to change the show to "Gotham" one episode of batsman isn't going to do anything but make the show arrow more popular

Well yeah thats the problem people have, Green Arrow should be popular on his own, not by stealing Batman's characters or riding on Batman's popularity

If you just put Batman in something so it can be more popular, that's just being lazy

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Posted By creole

I hope Amazon, get Green lighted?

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Posted By TwistedBishop

I always thought we already had an excellent Batman TV show in Whedon's Angel series.

Avatar image for assman
Posted By Assman

Does it have to be Batman? Why not just Bruce Wayne?

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Posted By sethysquare

@darkwingdan said:

I'm not at all surprised by this. A better question would have been, "Can we expect to see members of the Batman Family on Arrow?" Not only does that include Bruce, but also Dick, Barbara, Jason, Tim, Steph, Cass and Damian. I am holding out hope to see one of those characters make an appearance.

I would like to see Jason as Roy's bff

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Posted By darkwingdan

@sethysquare: Jason would be very cool indeed.

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Posted By Raw_Material

I would like to see a Green Lantern or Aquaman CW TV Series and keep a Batman Series off-limits to protect the superhero rights and the respect for other directors playing a huge role for the character. I think Wonder Woman would be too tarzan-like, but who doesn't like a hot princess warrior of Themyscira?!

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Posted By Stormbox

@ckuakini said:

I would like to see a Green Lantern CW TV Series

This is the dumbest thing ive heard in awhile

How is a green lantern series supposed to work with a tv budget? Even smallville looked lame during its final seasons

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Edited By tupiaz

@Luzhell said:

I'm not really surprised. If Batman didn't make any appearances in Smallville (one of the few that didn't show in that series) is less likely that he would show a a guest character in the show of his less-awesome copycat.

Seems like you have read a lot of Green Arrow. This message may be subject of sarcasm.

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Posted By tupiaz

@batshrine said:

I'm sorry imo thats crap, if your going to use a lot of his supporting cast, then at least have a cameo appearence. And as far as him not showing up on Smallville, there was a bat embargo going on due to the movies. So that was justified, this is not. I say we get to see Batman at least once, or take away EVERY bat character in the show. And see how well it does...

Why? It doesn't seems to be necessary. Why don't let lesser known characters get some attention maybe that will effect how much the can be used in comics. Seems like you are angry at Green Arrow for getting some attention that Batman isn't getting.

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Posted By lilben42

@Wonderbrezzy: Its alright there were a few episodes that were great but most of them were mostly ok. Deathstroke is cool, and so was this other Green Arrow person. The Huntress could have been better but overall its a good show. I have a feeling the second season will be much better.

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Posted By BlackWind

@Gambit1024 said:

Avatar image for batshrine
Posted By batshrine

@tupiaz: Not angry, well a little. But its not like I wanted Batman to show up right away, in fact I would want him to show up WAY later like past the first 4 seasons if it even goes there. And even at that point make it a cameo appearence. But by saying its not going to happen, I think its unfair (to me) when I would really enjoy a slight nod to MY favorite character. Totally being selfish but its always fun for me to see him or just get an allusion of him ever so slightly. I mean even in Teen Titans, they never showed him nor mentioned him by name. But they totally referenced him twice, and it was just nice to see. And I would want Batman to appear on Arrow way more than Amazons simply cause it makes more sense.

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Posted By tupiaz

Does it make more sense that Batman would appear in Arrow? Yeah. But is it necessary? No. Batman got 3 mayor movies, he doesn't need more appearances let him cool of a bit and not get over used. Let other characters get some exposer as well. Just nice that DC for once don't need to rub Batman in your face (no I'm not a batman hater, I like hime. But he is used to much).

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Posted By sweatboy

I feel like (since Justin Hartley in Smallville) that Green Arrow, at least in TV Universe, is a replacement for Batman. Rich but human, uses fancy gadgets (though Batman's are more practical) using a secret identity and playing bad-cop (Batman's the bad cop and the way i see it how these characters differ is from their attitudes, in how Batman aims to solve crimes and fight the criminals while GA has openly disagreed with laws and is more of a rebel. I'm sure the 2 would disagree in most arguments about how to handle crime) But they look interchangeably similar. Plus, his island transformation and use of the "applied sciences" division in the show are a lot like what happens in Batman Begins. And from the Christmas episode, Diggle even had to play butler to Oliver and pick him up after his fight with the black archer. I think it would be awkward if Batman shows up, cos they have too much in common. So Arrow is essentially a Batman story, except we're not calling it Batman because Batman, the once hipster hero compared to the likes of Superman, is now a little too mainstream

Avatar image for moby
Posted By Moby

That's some crap; that's why marvel is blowing dc out the water. It doesn't make sense to have one hero in one area of the world if they can add huntress and deathstroke why not Batman. He can at least appear as bruce wayne who would that hurt. If I'm not mistaken the justice league movie is coming within a few years would be easier to introduce as many characters as possible

Avatar image for whoohoo789
Posted By whoohoo789

No no no. You're all wrong. The reason Batman wasn't on Smallville was because they were all teens. Bruce wouldn't even be Batman yet

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